The war begins
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Austin v Santa Anna. The War Begins. 11.1. Battle of Gonzales:. The first conflict erupted in Gonzales because Santa Anna refused the Constitution of 1824. This increased tensions between Texans and the Mexican Government.

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The war begins

Austin v Santa Anna

The War Begins


Battle of gonzales
Battle of Gonzales:

  • The first conflict erupted in Gonzales because Santa Anna refused the Constitution of 1824. This increased tensions between Texans and the Mexican Government.

  • The battle of Gonzales was over a cannon, which the Mexican government wanted to take from the U.S. settlers.

  • The settlers antagonized the Mexican troops by placing a flag on the cannon chanting “Come and Take It.”

  • The fighting in Gonzales was brief as 140 Texas rebels attacked 100 Mexican soldiers, ending up victorious.

Conflict at goliad
Conflict at Goliad:

Ben Milam

  • General Martin Perfecto de Cos brought 300 Mexican soldiers to Gonzales, which was immediately after Mexican troops backed down in Gonzales.

  • Veteran Ben Milam, who assisted the U.S. rebels, led a volunteer army to attack a small amount of Mexican troops at Goliad.

  • This was a surprise to the Mexican garrison (army), so they quickly surrendered.

  • Now the Texas rebels had two victories, and were beginning to grow quite confident.

General Martin Perfecto de Cos

The march on san antonio
The March on San Antonio:

  • After the victory at Goliad, many volunteers joined the rebel army. By capturing Goliad, the rebels had cut off the Mexican army’s supply route.

  • In October, Stephen F. Austin led a march from Gonzales to San Antonio.

  • Even Tejanos like Juan Seguin joined the Texas rebel army.

  • Although Austin’s army had grown to over 600 infantry (foot soldiers), the Mexican army had a much more dominant cavalry (soldiers on horseback).

I am Juan Seguin

Mexican attack at concepcion
Mexican attack at Concepcion:

  • As Jim Bowie was choosing a holding ground for Austin and his troops, 400 Mexican soldiers attacked Bowie at Mission Concepcion.

  • Bowie however, camped behind a riverbank, which provided great protection from the Mexican troops.

  • The Mexican brigade quickly grew discouraged, and retreated.

  • This boosted Austin’s army, causing them to want to attack San Antonio immediately.

I’m Jim Bowie and this is my knife!!!

The grass fight
The Grass Fight:

  • After the fight at Concepcion, Austin relocated his troops to Old Mill, which was just north of San Antonio.

  • This was a great location because it again crossed another one of the Mexicans supply routes.

  • Austin and his men were growing tired and sick, so Edward Burleson came in took over Austin’s command.

  • Erastus “Deaf” Smith, one of Burleson’s men, rode into camp claiming that the Mexican’s resupply was coming on horseback with silver.

  • This excited the rebel army, causing them to strike. It turned out that the silver was non-existent, and the resupply was actually full of grass and hay for the livestock of the Mexican army.

Erastus “Deaf”Smith

Capturing san antonio
Capturing San Antonio:

  • After capturing the Mexican’s resupply, Colonel Ben Milam led 300 rebel troops in to San Antonio.

  • From December 5th-9th, Milam and his men cleared out all the Mexican troops in San Antonio.

  • General Cos and the Mexican army soon surrendered, and left Texas.

  • This victory led the rebels to think that the Constitution of 1824 had been achieved, but Santa Anna had different plans.

  • Ben Milam statue

Who will go with Old Ben Milam???