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Corporate Overview Analytical Services Program

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Corporate Overview Analytical Services Program. George E. Detsis Manager, Analytical Services Program Office of Health, Safety and Security Corporate Safety Programs, HS-23 ASP 2012 Workshop Idaho Falls, Idaho September 17-20, 2012. Programmatic Mission.

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corporate overview analytical services program
Corporate Overview Analytical Services Program

George E. Detsis

Manager, Analytical Services Program

Office of Health, Safety and Security

Corporate Safety Programs, HS-23

ASP 2012 Workshop

Idaho Falls, Idaho

September 17-20, 2012

programmatic mission
Programmatic Mission
  • Reduce DOE’s risks and liabilities
  • Foster performance improvements
    • reduce environmental data uncertainty
    • ensure accountability/proper radiological and hazardous waste disposition
docap overview
  • DOECAP DOES NOT certify, accredit nor provide approval
  • Consolidated audits provide information to DOE program line/field managers who hold contractual agreements for laboratory and waste vendor services
asp doecap managers roles responsibilities
ASP/DOECAP Managers Roles & Responsibilities
  • Ensure Program quality and consistency
    • extent of condition
  • Provide Program implementation direction/guidance
  • Provide Corporate oversight
  • Audit reports/corrective action plans are Departmental Corporate documents
so what did we learn tsdf
So What Did We Learn?TSDF
  • Reductions in waste inventories due to fewer field project activities
  • Waste generators improvement needs:
    • waste characterization
    • packaging and transportation compliance
    • ensure waste acceptance criteria are understood/complied
  • Discrepancies in DOE contract language regarding NOV notification
so what did we learn laboratories
So What Did We Learn?Laboratories
  • Continuing SOP conformance issues
  • Employee chemical exposure monitoring/documentation
  • Employee training completion/documentation
  • Daily instrumentation calibration checks/ documentation
opportunities for auditor improvement
Opportunities for Auditor Improvement
  • Audit preparation
  • Review DOE site contractual agreement provisions with commercial vendor
  • Audit scope expansion by discipline
    • review historical DOECAP findings/observations for possible trends/patterns
lead auditor improvement opportunities
Lead Auditor Improvement Opportunities
  • Team leaders need to encourage auditors to:
    • Review previous DOECAP report(s), CAP(s), QA Plan, Waste Management Plan, pertinent SOPs, other documents
    • Provide evening debriefs based on facts
    • No recommendations for fixes
    • Provide guidance for substantive cross-cut reviews
      • supporting evidence for findings
      • consistency in report write-ups
      • not just editorial of your own write-up
mapep overview
MAPEP Overview
  • Test and evaluate environmental laboratory performance through specific analytes/matrices
  • Semi-annual testing
  • Radionuclides, inorganic metals and organics in water, soil, vegetation and air filter matrices
  • Only DOE reference laboratory
    • International Certifications
      • ISO 17025 - Competency of testing and calibration
      • ISO 17043 - PT provider
      • ISO Guide 34 - Certified reference materials producing laboratory
mapep overview1
MAPEP Overview





mapep overview2
MAPEP Overview

DOE identified Iodine-129 testing in

waters important for laboratories’

analytical performance

  • Important long lived isotope to monitor
  • Highly mobile in groundwater
  • Health hazard – concentrates in thyroid
  • No other PT program includes testing for I-129

First testing session 25 shows

laboratories relatively poor

performance with improved

performance in test session 26

pt initiatives and trends
PT Initiatives and Trends
  • “Export control” domestic laboratory participation
    • U-226/U-238 pipe scaling RMCC laboratories
    • 5 laboratories responded to inquiry
  • Issues Reporting Results at or near the Detection Limit
    • Co-60 reporting
    • 53 acceptable/24 not acceptable (31% not acceptable)
  • Reporting Depleted Uranium vs. Natural Uranium
    • Series 25 - natural uranium, 1 lab. unacceptable/Series 26 – depleted uranium, 5 labs. Unacceptable
spadat visual sample planning overview
SPADAT Visual Sample Planning Overview
  • Improves quality of field and facility sampling strategies
    • linkage to data quality objectives
  • Minimizes number of samples (cost effective)
  • Reduces data uncertainty
vsp fy2012 projects
VSP FY2012 Projects
  • Spatial Plume/contamination mapping capabilities
  • Piles and subsurface volume 3-D sampling
  • Training at Portsmouth/Paducah
program initiatives
Program Initiatives
  • Federal Agency Partnering -- DOE/DOD quality systems manual
  • DOECAP laboratories supporting Japan’s Fukushima Environmental Monitoring
  • Continual improvements in field data query information to identify DOE contract holders/volume of use
  • Inputs into development of National Consensus Standard Accreditation provisions
    • radiochemistry, PT, auditing practices/procedures, LOD/LOQ, causal effects, etc.
asp program contact information
ASP Program Contact Information

George E. Detsis, Analytical Services Program (ASP) Manager -- HQ

Phone: (301) 903-1488 E-mail:

Jorge Ferrer - DOECAP Manager, DOE -- Oak Ridge

Phone: (865) 576-6638 E-mail:

Guy Marlette, MAPEP Coordinator, DOE -- Idaho

Phone: (208) 526-2532


Brent Pulsipher, VSP Coordinator, PNNL -- Hanford

Phone: (509) 375-3989