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Welcome to Valley View

Welcome to Valley View. September 5, 2013. What is Continuous Classroom Improvement (CCI). 3 rd Grade Math Improvement Wall. 3 rd Grade Math Standards I can………………………. I can ………………………. I can ………………………. 4 th Period Math Learning Goal

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Welcome to Valley View

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  1. Welcome to Valley View September 5, 2013

  2. What is Continuous Classroom Improvement (CCI)

  3. 3rdGrade Math Improvement Wall 3rd Grade Math Standards I can………………………. I can ………………………. I can ………………………. 4thPeriod Math Learning Goal By the end of the school year, 100% of us will meet or exceed 6th grade math standards as measured by a score of 75% or better on the District Math Benchmark Test and the State Math Assessment that we will take in May. I. SETTING AND COMMUNICATING DIRECTION The mission of the members of the 4th period math class is to work together as a team to grow and learn as problem solvers so that we will be prepared for the future.

  4. PLAN Our learning target for this week: • Our learning target for this week: • Understand congruence and similarity using • physical models, transparencies, or geometry • software. Our measure of proficiency: A score of 80 or better out of 100 points on Friday’s Quick Quiz means we understand congruence and similarity. DO Strategy of the Week: - Learning Teams Miss. B... • Demonstrate using models. •  Give us several examples. • Let us work in teams. Students... • Sort/classify numbers in scientific notation with those in standardnotation. • Create a Frayer Model for scientific notation. • Create a team ACE to check forunderstanding of scientific notation. II. ENGAGING STUDENTS IN REGULAR AND FREQUENT EVALUATION AND IMPROVEMENT OF LEARNING PROCESSES OUR ACTION PLAN We studied our results for 9/1 to 9/5. __We improved. ____ We did not improve. In the next learning cycle our teacher will: • Let us work with her to develop a rubric for good learning team work. • Keep her explanations short, sweet, simple and to the point! • Give us another chance at the Frayer Model. In the next learning cycle students will: • Ask questions when we don’t understand something • Use the team rubric.

  5. OUR CLASS MISSION PROGRESS TOWARD OUR CLASS GOALS OUR CLASS LEARNING GOAL OUR LEARNING REQUIREMENTS REGULAR AND FREQUENT CYCLES OF LEARNING PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Last week This week… Next week PLAN What’s our learning target? What do we plan to learn in this cycle that will get us closer to achieving our learning goal? DO What will we do to learn it? What high-yield strategies and supporting activities will we use? ACT What actions or adjustments did the study of our results suggest that we need to take in what we do to learn next “week’s” target? STUDY What does the study of our end-of-cycle results tell us about how well our strategies worked?

  6. Continuous Classroom Improvement • clarity • engagement • communication • continuous improvement

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