early andrew jackson and the election of 1828 n.
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Early Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828 PowerPoint Presentation
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Early Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828

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Early Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Early Andrew Jackson and the Election of 1828. Sasso US I. The Election of 1828. Unlike the election of 1824, which featured four “favorite son” candidates, 1828 would only have two candidates John Quincy Adams Andrew Jackson. John Quincy Adams. Massachusetts Incumbent President

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the election of 1828
The Election of 1828
  • Unlike the election of 1824, which featured four “favorite son” candidates, 1828 would only have two candidates
  • John Quincy Adams
  • Andrew Jackson
john quincy adams
John Quincy Adams
  • Massachusetts
  • Incumbent President
  • National Republican
  • Highly qualified for the job
  • Many clouds of suspicion
  • “Corrupt bargain” with Henry Clay
  • Many feel that he had stolen the presidency from Jackson
andrew jackson
Andrew Jackson
  • Tennessee
  • Democratic Republican
  • Not formally educated
  • EXTREMELY popular
  • He is a big example of the growing political power in the West
the campaign
The Campaign
  • The main political issues are the same as the previous election: public land, I.I., tariffs, slavery
  • Neither Adams nor Jackson want to lose political support, so they don’t talk about the issues
  • The campaign becomes all about “mudslinging”
  • All the candidates seem to want to do is insult each other
the campaign1
The Campaign
  • Each candidate and his party look to slander one another
  • Democratic attacks on JQA: corrupt, only favors the wealthy, wants to keep political power in the Northeast, improperly uses federal money
  • None of these attacks were justified, particularly the last charge
  • JQA was accused of using federal funds to put “gaming tables” in the White House
  • In actuality, he purchased a pool table for the White House, with his own money, that he planned to leave there
the campaign2
The Campaign
  • The Republican attacks on Jackson were much more vicious and much more personal
  • Stupid, murderer, barbarian, butcher, savage, adulterer, evil, high probability of him destroying the country, likely to strip away people’s personal liberties
  • The adultery charge was particularly harsh
  • There were some bizarre circumstances surrounding Jackson’s marital status
the election
The Election
  • Whereas the Election of 1824 had only 25% of the voter turnout, the election of 1828 had nearly 75% of the voter turnout
  • Aristocracy vs. Democracy
  • The election turns into a blowout win for Jackson, 178-83
  • JQA’s support was only in New England (MA, NH, CT, RI, ME)
  • Jackson carried nearly the entire South and West as well as the large states of NY and PA
  • Big win for the “common man”
  • VP will be John C. Calhoun (SC)
  • Jackson’s wife Rachel dies shortly after the election
a new era
A New Era
  • This a totally different ballgame for Washington, D.C.
  • Jackson is viewed as the first “people’s president”
  • He is truly seen as the common man, somebody with whom everyday people can relate
  • His parents were Scotch-Irish immigrants
  • Harbored a deep hatred of the British
  • Served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution at the age of 13
  • Became an orphan at the age of 14
  • Never had any formal education, but began studying law on his own in his late teens, ultimately became a successful lawyer
  • Plantations, military career, congressional career
  • He will always seek revenge on those that he feels wronged him
the inauguration
The Inauguration
  • The inauguration is a pretty good indicator of how things are going to go
  • Jackson idolized Thomas Jefferson; tried to handle his inauguration in a similar fashion
  • Thousands of people traveled to Washington just to see him inaugurated
  • It essentially turned into a riot
looking to the future
Looking to the Future
  • 62 years old when he becomes President
  • Health is not great
  • Holds huge grudges against his political opponents
  • Doesn’t always see a need for the other branches of government
  • His administration is going to be quite different from all those before it