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VV P arent & T eacher A ssociation

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VV P arent & T eacher A ssociation
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  1. Venetia Valley PTA Venetia Valley PTA VV Parent & Teacher Association October 2, 2013 General Meeting


  3. What’s Middle School all about?VV Middle School Presi STEM, Science Fair and Science Night, Health and Sports, Drama, Mathletes, Music

  4. Marin County Sherriff – Cyber Safety Domenick M. Yazzolino Marin County Sheriff’s Office School Resource Officer

  5. Bullying: Let’s stop Bullying before it starts! From Bystanders to Positive Change Agents

  6. Objectives • Greater Understanding of the Bullying Dynamic as it Relates to the By-stander Effect • Greater Understanding of Liabilities and Weaknesses of Current By-stander Strategies • Increased Knowledge and Skills in Youth Development Approaches • Ability to Implement Youth Development Approaches at Your School Site

  7. Risk Factors • Family • School • Community • Peer Group • Personal

  8. Media Influence • Children spend 6.5 hours each day with some type of media • Video Games in 65% of US Homes • 86% With Males • 8th grade boys play 23 hours per week • 8th grade girls play 12 hours per week • 59% of 4th grade girls and 73% of 4th grade males favorite games are violent • 61% of youth 8-17 have TV’s in their rooms • At 18 years old they witness 200,000 acts of violence including 40,000 acts of murder

  9. WHY Bullying Is Not Reported • Fear of Retaliation • Not Wanting to Be a Snitch • Not Wanting to Worry Parents • Shame • Fear of Losing Friends • Hard to Prove • Confidentiality • Fear of What Parents Might Say

  10. Critical Question Why Don’t Most Bystanders Take Action?

  11. Factors for Non-Intervention • Fear of Retaliation • Fear of Becoming a Target • Belief That Target Deserved What They Got • Lack of Skills • Lack of Instruction on Strategies • Feels it Won’t Make a Difference • Acceptance of Bullying Being Normal • Not Cool to Intervene Westhills High School Students, 2006

  12. Traditional Approaches for Bystanders • Bystander Talks Directly to Bully • Bystander Tries to Pull Target Away • Bystander Tries to Distract: • Humor • Tries to engage the bully or target in other conversation • Bystander Tells an Adult

  13. Peer Group Approach • Informal Approach • Strengthen the Peer Groups/Cliques • Identify Peer Groups/Cliques • Select a Minimum of Two Leaders From Each Group/Clique • Provide for Skill Development of the Group • Empower the Group • Provide for Follow-up/Booster Sessions

  14. Session Structure • Eat Lunch and Informal Meeting • Classroom Meeting/Discussion • Topic/Skill Development • Small Group Discussions/Work • Round Table: Issues and Answers

  15. Bullying…In the Social Media World Internet • Facebook • My Space • Blogs • Chat Rooms Cell Phones • Snap Chat • Text Messages • Instagram • Etc…

  16. http://www.forbetterlife.org/


  18. Changing Peer Group Norms Rumor Control Pro-Social Responses to Disrespect (Friends) Instigating Violence Getting Youth Involved in Safety Increasing Positive Interactions Between Cliques Reducing Exclusion Reducing Tensions and Negative Conflicts GOALS

  19. High School Students as “Teachers”/Facilitators Develop Their Own Curriculum Develop Posters With Slogans Develop PSA’s on Video Tape Posters and Videos Played at Target School Prior to Curriculum Classroom Presentations Cross-Age Mentoring Peer Educator Model

  20. Fostering Empathy • Teachable Moments • Classroom Meetings on Empathy/Kindness • Intervene Early • Focus on Behaviors not the Student • Recognize Empathetic Behaviors • Have Students Share How They Have Helped • Role Modeling • Role Playing • Role Reversal • Point-Counter Point • Class Discussions • Literature • Movies • Perspectives of ALL Characters

  21. Crime Prevention Triangle Location/Time Perpetrator Victim

  22. http://www.stopbullyingnow.com/ • http://www.lfcc.on.ca/bully.htm • http://www.police.govt.nz/service/yes/nobully/ • http://www.clemson.edu/olweus/ • http://www.cyberbully.org/

  23. All That is Needed for Evil to Run Rampant is for Good People to Do Nothing

  24. Resources/Bibliography • Aggression Replacement Training, Goldstein, Arnold P., Glick, Barry, et al Research Press (800) 519-2702 www.researchpress.com • Steps to Respect: A Bullying Prevention Program, Committee for Children, 2001. (800) 634-4449 www.cfchildren.org . • Bully Busters: A Teacher’s Manual for Helping Bullies, Victims, and Bystanders, Horne, Arthur M., and Newman, Dawn A., and Bartolomucci, Christi L. Research Press (800) 519-2702 www.researchpress.com • Blueprints for Violence Prevention: Book Nine Bullying Prevention Program, Olweus, Dan and Limber, Sue University of Colorado at Boulder. (303) 492-8465. • Stop Bullying! Guidelines for Schools, New Zealand Police

  25. PRINCIPAL’S UPDATE Juan Rodriguez & Mari Kernan





  30. THIS YEARS FALL CARNIVALSaturday, October 12 (11-4 pm) • One of our biggest fundraising events • Purchase your pumpkin for Fall/Halloween • Amazing food booths with food made from our own Venetia Valley families • Our own Mr. C is the Master of Ceremonies for the day • Entertainment from VV alumni: Phoenix Uprising & Parent Band: Memory Laps • Affordable day of family fun for all with live performances from students, community band, games and rides

  31. VV FALL CARNIVALWhat we need from parents… • Parent Volunteers (125 Volunteers staffing booths to make the day a success) • We need 70 more parents to volunteer • Food Donations (Flyer went home last week) • Baked Goods for ‘Cake Walk’ game • Cupcakes, Cakes, Cookies that will serve as prizes for the winners of the games

  32. Venetia Valley PTA Renee O’Hare

  33. Volunteer Opportunities!

  34. Volunteers Needed!

  35. Volunteers Needed!

  36. PTA Board Members – Open Positions WE NEED YOU!

  37. Thank You PTA Volunteers!* • Jen Inouye (Book Fair) • Kari Francisco (Carnival) • Steve Litras (Carnival & Dad’s Club) • Claudia Garcia (Carnival Committee Lead) • TesLazzarini (After School Enrichment) • Jessica Bosch (Carnival Committee Lead) • Grace Dearborn (Newsletters) • Lynn Hernandez (Boxtops) • Amy Cosby-Frost (Falcon Fund) • Monica Stafford (E-Blast) • Renee O’Hare (Facebook) • Dave Roberts (Childcare for PTA mtgs) • Laura McCurdy (Childcare for PTA mtgs) • Laura Daniels (Teacher Appreciation Lead) • Sarah Hinkley (Falcon Fund & Electronic sign) • Julie Chan-Paloglou(Falcon Fund) • Helen Driscoll (Falcon Fund) • Max Espaillat (Falcon Fund) • Mayra Bueno (Falcon Fund) • Helen Reid (Roadway sign & Escrip) • Candace Langley (Information Board) • Holly Wipfler (Spirit Wear & Mural Project) • Juan Morales (Spirit Wear) • Monique Rutter (HeadsUp Representative) • Lura Flynn (Directory) • Delmy Rosales (PTA Copies) • Jacqueline Rivera (Falcon Fund) • MariCarmen Segura (Translation) *If your name is NOT on the list and you are volunteer, I apologize! Please let me know for the next THANK YOU message!


  39. What’s it Worth? LUXURY ITEMS COST: New Video Game Console……………. $300-$500 New video game………………………….. $50-$75 1 pair of brand name tennis shoes..$50-$100 Cup of coffee at a coffee shop………$3 - $5 Fast food meal for a family of 4……$20-$30 **Supporting YOUR child’s education** As little as $1 per day per family

  40. Falcon Fund Initial Campaign 8/23 – 9/2810/25 • Extension to give classrooms a bit more time to collect and win! • Incentives: • 20% of the falcon fund donations will go back to the classrooms the children are in (teacher acct) • Pizza Party • The class that raises the MOST money • Classes with 100% participation(includes teacher)

  41. Falcon Fund Leaders…So Far! Top Classes closest to 100%: • Mrs. Milano - 1st Grade • Mrs. Landin - 1st Grade • Mrs. Sulsberger – 2nd Grade • Ms. Rosecrans/Ms. Sakellariou – 2nd Grade • Ms. Smith – Special Education • Mrs. Detore – 5th Grade

  42. Falcon Fund Status Through 9/30 • 18.6% of VV Students have contributed • 40% of teachers/staff have contributed • Amount raised through 9/30/2013: $14,166

  43. THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTING! Erin and Adam Chaffee Maria and Thomas Larson Monica and Scot Stafford Holly Wipfler and Deryk Lee Amparo Lopez Soledad Ramirez and Alfredo Rivera Olvera Erick and John Benassini Maritz Lopez and Jaime Mazariegos The Patel Family Guadalup Reyes and Leonel Vazquez Tuan Tiet Martha Orellana Reina Gonzalez Jose Orozco and Marianela Reyes JianettaPuacara Maria Elena Reyes and Oliverio Calderon Alede Ruiz and Samuel Cardenas Teresa Alas and Juan Castellon Jorge Coronado Onelia Diaz and IlsoDeLeon Marisol and Erik Diaz Esmerelda Garcia-Flores and Samuel Morales Dora Ramirez and Manuel Gomez DelfinaRogel Irlanda Munoz Herlinda Martinez and Hector Garcia Matilde Cruz and Juan Florencio Judith Calderon and Jose Gongora Kathleen Brabo Jessica and Andreas Bosch Julian and SukhwinderSaban Alma Maldonado Aleksei & Lina Rajamachvili Max and Osvaldo Espaillat Alma and Rafael Pulido Marthand Jose Quintero Mary Kilonzoand Patrick Muithya Michael and Rebecca Hornick Berta and Francisco Calero Betty and Ed Shea LilianaMontejanoand Jorge Espejo Yolanda Camacho and Alejo Salinas Jeanine Changeux Ingrid and Francisco Galindo MariaElena Reyes Oliverio Calderon Henri Reyes Rosa Franco Kari Francisco and Steven Litras Aura Garcia Rosa Gramajo Berta Calero Lynn and Javier Hernandez Ingrid and Francisco Galindo Benjie Cortez Thuy Truong and Minh Le AmildaCifeuntesand Galindo DeLeon Rebecca and William Honick Cleotilde Calderon and RulamanMazariegos Kari Francisco and Steve Litras Eliasar Rodriguez and MarquinMaldonado Helen Reid and Samuel Gallegos Jennifer Stebbins and Matthew Griggy Isaac Urbano and Loyola Sedano Juan Arreagaand Marta Lopez Fernando Martinez Herlindaand Hector Garcia Jheny Jut Recinos Guadalupe Reyes and Leonel Vazquez Oriel and Chris Cook Amy and Josh Frost Elmer Gramajo-Rodas Norma Barrientosand Jose Ruiz Jessica and Andreas Bosch Amy and Josh Frost Renee and Shannon O’Hare Elba Jimenez and Jose Mazariegos Mariluciaand VlanderleyResende Elvira Lopez Torhalla and James Dabalos Grace and Paul Dearborn Sarah and Steve Hinkley Magdalena Ortiz and Roger De Leon Martha and Jose Quintero Dave Ross Sheila Torres and Jose Felix YessinaGiron Wendy De Leon Jorge Espejo Sara Mazariegos Graciela Chavez Mayra Romero Mayra Bueno and Miuel Godoy Dioneyraand Erik Diaz Duc-Tin & Thanh-NhanTo Francisco Chan/VilmaEscobar Roger and Pamela Harrell Laura & Wed Daniels

  44. Thanks to the Teachers/Staff Who Have Contributed to the Falcon Fund! STAFF Juan Rodriguez Mari Kernan Maria Bartlett Barbara Wing Leslie Ramirez Coach Carly Roxanna Guzman Laura McCurdy Margaret Anne Centrella Kindergarten – 4th Kristin Vandro – K Sheila Torres – K Yoana Landin – 1st Kim Press – 2nd AlexaSakellariou – 2nd Diana Mendoza – 2nd Michelle Rosecrans – 2nd Megan Sulsberger– 2nd Jessica Ferrar – 3rd Carolyn Kenneray – 3rd 4th – 8th Joy Conway – 4th Kim O’Brien – 4th Maggie Dawes – 4th Karen DeTore – 5th Marc Belmont – 5th Freddy Dominguez - MS Shannon McKown – MS Raleigh Yasinitsky – MS Mabel Bialik - MS

  45. 2013-2014 Approved BudgetRevenue Generated

  46. 2013-2014 Approved BudgetExpenses Paid Through 9/30/2013