Design coat of arms
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Design: Coat of Arms.

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Design coat of arms

Design: Coat of Arms

Coats of Arms date to the early Middle Ages. In the early twelfth century, helmets and other armor began making it difficult to tell armed warriors apart. The solution was for each knight or soldier to paint something personal on their shield. These designs were important in battle, but they also functioned like team uniforms when knights met in tournaments. Over time, shield emblem designs became enduring symbols of their owners, and of their owners' families.

It became quite fashionable to have a "coat of arms", so people hired artists to design them. The designs weren't just used on shields. They were applied on tunics, saddle blankets, banners and tapestries. They were duplicated in sculpture and architectural features. They were used in signs and advertisements. They were carved into coins, jewelry (e.g. signet rings) and the personalized stamps for sealing letters.

Design coat of arms1

Design: Coat of Arms

Soon, Coats of Arms weren't just for soldiers! From about 1210 A.D., some priests are known to have had them. The first women known to have had their own coat of arms got them around 1220. Around 1230 towns and cities began having coats of arms. Tradesmen and even peasants started using coats of arms around 1250. In an era when few people could read or write, coats of arms made it easier for people to recognize each other's marks.

Today’s “coat of arms” usually means a team logo for sports or a logo design for a business or school…

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Design: Coat of Arms

Before you design your own coat of arms, it'll be useful to look at a few traditional heraldic designs. Observe the traditional design elements. What do you think they symbolized for the people who chose to wear them? Below is a list of some elements you may want to include in your designs…

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Design coat of arms



Directions: Use regular copy paper to brainstorm your ideas and make a rough draft (pencil). When ready, create your Final Design on the parchment card stock—use ink and lots of color!! Be CREATIVE!! You can use any shape for your shield. On the back of your Final Design: (1) Print Name/Period and (2) include a brief explanation of your design (minimum of three (3) complete sentences).

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Design: Coat of Arms

The Language of Heraldry

Heraldic Colors:Yellow or Gold – Generosity / HappinessWhite or Silver – Peace / SincerityBlack – Constancy / Solidarity / sometimes GriefBlue – Loyalty / TruthfulnessRed -- Military Fortitude / PowerGreen – Hope / Joy / sometimes LoyaltyPurple – Royalty / Sovereignty / Justice

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Design: Coat of Arms

Heraldic Animals:Bear -- ProtectivenessBee -- IndustriousnessCamel -- PerseveranceDog -- LoyaltyDouble Eagle & Eagle --

Leadership / DecisivenessDragon -- Defender of TreasureFalcon or Hawk -- EagernessFox -- ClevernessGriffin (part Eagle/part Lion) – Bravery >>

Horse -- Readiness to ServeLion -- CouragePelican -- Generosity & DevotionRaven -- ConstancySnake -- AmbitionStag, Elk or Deer -- Peace & HarmonyTiger – Fierceness / ValorUnicorn -- Extreme courageWolf -- Constant Vigilance

Design coat of arms5

Design: Coat of Arms

Heraldic Symbols:Axe -- DutifulBridge -- UnityCrescent -- EnlightenmentCrosses -- Christian sentimentsCrown -- AuthorityFire -- Zeal / EnthusiasmFlaming Heart - PassionFleur-de-Lis -- Purity >

(associated with France)Hand -- Faith, Sincerity, JusticeHeart -- SincerityHorns & Antlers -- Fortitude

Lighthouse -- Hope

Lightning -- DecisivenessMoon -- SerenityOyster Shell -- TravelerRing -- FidelityScepter -- JusticeStar -- NobilitySun -- GlorySword -- WarlikeTower or Castle -- Fortitude & Protection / Security

Design coat of arms6

Design: Coat of Arms

Common Design Features (heraldic terminology):Bend -- a diagonal stripeChevron -- upside-down "V"Chief -- broad stripe across top of shieldDexter -- the right hand side of the shield (from its user's perspective)Ermine -- a white fur pattern (with black tail tips)Fess -- broad horizontal stripe through centerPale-- broad vertical stripe through centerPassant -- an animal shown walkingRampant -- an animal standing on hind legsSinister -- the left hand side of the shield (from its user's perspective)

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Design coat of arms7

Design: Coat of Arms

Be CREATIVE!! You can use any shape for your shield…

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Design: Coat of Arms

Examples of logos/coats of arms…