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BU Early Learning Center PowerPoint Presentation
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BU Early Learning Center

BU Early Learning Center

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BU Early Learning Center

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  1. BU Early Learning Center By: Shelby Charney

  2. Where it is? • The BU Early Learning Centre provides a welcoming, emotional, physical and intellectual environment for the children. • Address: 303 21th street Brandon, Manitoba, R7B 1N8 • Fax: 204-726-4573 • Phone: 204-725-0968

  3. What the job is about? • The staff welcomes children, between the ages of 2 and 6, of students and staff of Brandon University and the community. Open weekdays from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., the Centre provides a secure physical, emotional, and intellectual environment for children.

  4. My Experience at BU Early Learning Centre • My experience at the Centre was very fulfilling and interesting. It taught me so many things while working and playing in a day-care centre. I loved talking, interacting and playing with the kids and getting to know the staff too.

  5. Week 1through Week 4 • When I would get to my placement the kids would be resting and listening to stories. • Everybody would have to wash their hands because of germs and bacteria in the Centre. • In the meantime I would be talking to the staff and getting comfortable with the environment. • After resting and stories I would play and interact with the kids and talk to the staff members. • I would prepare snack and wash tables and chairs. • Then after snack I would play with the kids some more. • After everything is cleaned up the staff would take the kids outside until their parents came and picked them up.

  6. Expectations and Skills • Expectations of a volunteer: Good positive attitude, be a good role model for the kids, good manners, be polite, respectful, honest and on time. • Skills of a volunteer: You would have to be able to respond appropriately to kids. Have a good temper towards kids and you would have to deal with kids’ attitudes.

  7. The Atmosphere • Clean • Fresh • Fun • Colourful • Loud • Messy

  8. Confidentiality • The confidentiality at the day-care is regarding to the kids and to their personal family situations. We can not speak about the kids or their parents outside of the day-care.

  9. What I learned • I have learned a lot of things at my work placement. I learned there is a set routine through out the week, dealing with situations, how to do things properly through the environment.

  10. What I loved • I loved getting to know the staff and kids, getting to know all the personalities through out the kids, helping out with the staff, getting to know the day-care environment, getting to know new people in the work world.

  11. Conclusion • My conclusion with my last work placement is that this is what I want to be doing when I am finished high school. I enjoy being around kids and getting to know new people in the work environment.

  12. Any Questions????????