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Daily Oral Language VII PowerPoint Presentation
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Daily Oral Language VII

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Daily Oral Language VII

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Daily Oral Language VII

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  2. 031 Daily Oral Language she arent to concerned bout reading the short story a rose for emily shell sea it in television next wednesday they would of rode the camel’s in the sahara desert but they could not stand the heat their She isn’t too concerned about reading the short story “A Rose for Emily”; she’ll see it on television next Wednesday. They would have ridden the camels in the Sahara Desert, but they could not stand the heat there. Home

  3. 032 Daily Oral Language the young kitten who was six months old was trapped in side of the empty closet which had nothing in it ms jones told us to do the following read the assignment take notes and to write a Report The six-month-old kitten was trapped inside the empty closet. Ms. Jones told us to do the following: read the assignment, take notes, and write a report. Home

  4. 033 Daily Oral Language rayburn music company 263 huntington avenue boston ma 02115 send the package to rayburn music co 263 huntingtonaveboston ma 02115 Rayburn Music Company 263 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02115 Send the package to Rayburn Music Co., 263 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115. Home

  5. 034 Daily Oral Language she dont want to leave we too kids attend the softball game weve been gone to much recently leave the book dragonwings lay on the shelf until your ready to read it said mrarnold She doesn’t want to let us two kids attend the softball game; we’ve been gone too much recently. “Let the book Dragonwings lie on the shelf until you’re ready to read it,” said Mr. Arnold. Home

  6. 035 Daily Oral Language we red the poem adam’s dying and than we started the novel the silent storm in english class one of picassos most famous paintings three musicians are at the philadelphia museum of art We read the poem “Adam’s Dying,” and then we started the novel The Silent Storm in English class. One of Picasso’s most famous paintings, Three Musicians, is at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Home