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The Life of Johnny Cash PowerPoint Presentation
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The Life of Johnny Cash

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The Life of Johnny Cash
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The Life of Johnny Cash

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  1. The Life of Johnny Cash

  2. Young Johnny Cash This was Johnny Cash at the young age of ten. He was born to poor farmers that could barely feed there seven children. The one thing that Johnny says he remembers as a child, is singing and playing music every night with his family.

  3. Johnny Cash Joins the Air Force • Johnny Cash graduated high school in 1950. He went to the air force during the Korean war. He was stationed in Germany when he bought his first guitar.

  4. Johnny Cash’s life in Memphis After the Air force Cash moved to Memphis with his new wife Vivian Liberto. Him and his newly formed band “The Tennessee Three” began recording at Sam Philips’ Sun Records. This is when his career began to take off.

  5. Becoming Popular His first popular song was cry cry cry. This was recorded with the Tennessee Two. This peaked at number 14 on the chart. This is when a long succession of popular singles began.

  6. Early 1960’s By the early 1960’s Johnny was a musical superstar. He was on the road over three hundred nights a year. He became a heavy drinker and was addicted to drugs. His wife Vivian filed for divorce in 1966.

  7. June Carter Cash married June Carter in 1968. He went to rehab with the help of June Carter. He then became a devout Christian fundamentalist.

  8. The man in black And The Johnny Cash show In 1969 Johnny became the host of The Johnny Cash Show . In 1975 he published a bestselling autobiography called Man in black. Among many other acting projects he did in movies such as A Gunfight and The Pride of Jesse Hallam.

  9. Death of Johnny Cash In 2002 Johnny released American IV : The Man Comes Around. In this was his extremely popular cover song Hurt. He died on September 12, 2003 from complications with diabetes. His final album American V: A Hundred Highways was released on July 4, 2004 after his death.

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