bei pu hakka lei cha n.
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Bei-pu Hakka Lei-cha

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Bei-pu Hakka Lei-cha - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Da Zhi Senior High School, Taipei, Taiwan. Bei-pu Hakka Lei-cha. Team members: 30420 Rita 30422 Julia 30425 Tina 30429 Ian. Teacher : Momoko Tu. The History of Bei-pu Lei-cha.

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bei pu hakka lei cha

Da Zhi Senior High School, Taipei, Taiwan

Bei-pu Hakka Lei-cha

Team members:

30420 Rita

30422 Julia

30425 Tina

30429 Ian


Momoko Tu

the history of bei pu lei cha
The History of Bei-pu Lei-cha
  • The manager of Bei-pu agricultural corporation club, Mr. Chen, encouraged the farmers to popularize and promote the local tourism in Jan., 1999.
  • In March, 1999, the Lei-cha was popularized in front of the Ci-tian temple. And through media, it became a newly competitive industry.
the role of lei cha
The role of Lei-cha
  • It was a kind of tea that the Hakka in early times honor guests.
  • It is acceptable for the Hakka to treat their guests with no water nor food, but they have to treat them with Lei-cha.
the tools of lei cha 1
The tools of Lei-cha (1)
  • Lei-bowl: A kind of hand-made bowl. There are lines in it to help users squash the materials more easily.
  • Lei-stick: A kind of stick that is made of guava trunks. It is wearproof because of being made of hard wood.
  • Bamboo spoon: A mixing spoon that is carbonized in 248℉ (=120℃) and disinfected.
the tools of lei cha 2
The tools of Lei-cha(2)
  • Tian-mu bowl: A kind of dark bowl that used to be imported from Mt.Tian-mu, China. It is good at keeping heat, and the dark bowl makes it apparent to see the texture and shades of tea.

↓The bowl and the stick.

↑The Lei-stick and Tian-mu bowl

the material of lei cha 1
The material of Lei-cha(1)
  • Materials:
  • Green tea leaves, sesames (raw), peanuts,
  • pine kernels (raw), sunflower seeds (raw), pumpkin seeds (raw).
  • And the proportion in them is: tea leaves: sesames: others=3:3:1
the material of lei cha 2
The material of Lei-cha(2)
  • Dark rice:A kind of easily preserved and instantly edible rice through the process of being soaked, steam, exposed, and fried.

Dark rice→

the process of making lei cha 1
The process of making Lei-cha (1)
  • Grind the basic materials, such as peanuts, sesames, and tea leaves into powder. (It is better to grind out oil from them. And grinding them into paste is the best)

Lei-cha powder↑

the process of making lei cha 2
The process of making Lei-cha(2)
  • Add hot water circularly along the edge of the bowl, and then mix it. (It is better to go clockwise.)
the process of making lei cha 3
The process of making Lei-cha(3)
  • Finally, pour water twice to balance the density.
  • Spread dark rice on it, and eat with some dessert.
how to eat lei cha 1
How to eat Lei-cha(1)
  • With dessert:
  • It can be eaten with rice cookies, rice cakes, cookies and cakes.
how to eat lei cha 2
How to eat Lei-cha(2)
  • With meal:
  • In tradition, Lei-cha should be eaten with rice cookies or rice. As main meals, it can be fried with green vegetables, like lettuce, cauliflower, dried tofu, peanuts, dried sliced radishes, kidney beans. Even shrimps can be included.
q a 1

Q: What is the difference between Lei-cha

and green tea?

A: Lei-cha is a kind of tea with all ingredient

grinded into powder.

Tea is just fermented tea leaves.

q a 2

Q: Is there any etiquette while

drinking Lei-cha?

A: Yes. You should rise the cup to

the height of your mouth to show

the respect for the host.

Q: When shall we drink Lei-cha?

A: Anytime.

q a 3

Q: Is there any dessert suggested while drinking


A: Yes. You can choose cookies, sweetmeats (like

dried slice guavas and plums) or melon seeds to


Q: What is the difference between Lei-cha and

other tea?

A: People “eat” Lei-cha but “drink” tea.

q a 4

Q: Does Lei-cha must be

made in hot temperature?

Is it possible to add

some ice in it?

A: It is okay to be made in

both hot and cold

temperature. Also, some

people pour milk or soy

milk inside instead of hat

water while making it.

That is another flavor.

q a 5

Q: How long can Lei-cha

powder on the market be


A: About 6~7 months, but it is

necessary to keep it in the

shade. Don’t make it

exposed to the sunlight or

put by the heat. And it is

suggested to be drunk as

soon as possible after being


q a 6

Q: Is there anything different

among Lei-cha in different


A: Ingredients are different.

Besides sesames, peanuts and

tea leaves, other ingredients

are added in according to


  • Many thanks to Jin-Jiang Tea House (1 Jin-Jiang Street, Zhong-zheng Section, Taipei, Taiwan) for interview!!
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