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Polyurethane injection is a technique to fix the cracks in the foundation walls of buildings, garages or basements. This technique provides a long lasting solution to water leakages and also it is very cost efficient and this process of injection take no time to complete.

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Polyurethane Injection To Repair The Basement Cracks Permanently!

The leakages in basements or foundation walls are common after a certain period of time the

basements are constructed. Eventually, most of the basement starts to leak after a few years if no

waterproofing was done at the time of building construction. Especially to repair the these leaks

and cracks, a mechanism is designed that is Polyurethane injection, this is a fixed and durable

solution to close and stick all kinds of basement cracks.

Solution of basement leaks- Polyurethane Injection!

Polyurethane injection refers to the process of filling basement cracks with a foam rubber seal.

PU injection is widely used to repair the basement leakages as it is inexpensive and provides a

long lasting solution to leaking problems without any need of digging or chiselling the floors.

This technique is being used all over the world because of its irresistible qualities such as

extremely durable, easy to implement, fast and comparatively cost effective, etc.

It is considered as the best option for basement waterproofing, the elastomeric nature of PU

allows the small concrete to set and adjust with PU injection so that the seal stays unbroken, it

also starts to harden and foam instantly that prevents any material from coming out of the

injected cracks and in case any material leaks out, the foam fills the empty the space up


As soon as the urethane liquid fills in the cracks of foundation walls, the liquid starts to expand

and foam. The foam entirely fills the cracks and seals it against future leakages as the water will

not be able to enter these basement walls after the injection process.

Buy Polyurethane Injection Machines

If you are about to purchase high quality Polyurethane Foaming Machines, you can find some

excellent manufacturers and exporters on the internet after giving some time to research.

Purchase only from a reputed supplier as a fine quality machine will give more output than that

of a lower quality machine. These machines are easy to install and operate, you will also be


provided a detailed manual of guidelines to use them. Nowadays, the machines available in the

market have touch screen and user friendly interfaces that anyone can easily operate them.