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Jeopardy. Ms. Daughenbaugh. 100. Question : ____ is a commonly used term for someone who uses the Internet to develop inappropriate relationships with kids or teens. Answer : Online Predator. 200.

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  1. Jeopardy Ms. Daughenbaugh

  2. 100 • Question: ____ is a commonly used term for someone who uses the Internet to develop inappropriate relationships with kids or teens. Answer: Online Predator

  3. 200 • Question: ____ is a safe, responsible, and ethical approach to functioning in the digital world. Answer: Digital Citizenship

  4. 300 • Question: True or False: Only things that you post online about yourself affect your online image. Posts about you by other people don’t matter. Answer: False

  5. 400 • Question: Tommy has not been in school for the past few days and his classmate, Sam, thinks this is unfair. Sam posts the following message on his social networking page: “Tommy S. thinks he’s special and doesn’t have to go to class.” • True of False: Sam’s post is irresponsible. Answer: True

  6. 500 • Question: Your digital footprint is all of the information about you: Answer: that can be found online, posted by you or by others

  7. 600 • Question: True or false: Most people who ask teens to talk about sexual things online are older adults. Answer: False

  8. 700 • Question: Mimi just signed up for online chat. How can she avoid getting into risky online chat situations? Read the following choices and then select the best answer. • a) Avoid chat during evening and night • b) Tell others she meets online that she is older than she actually is • c) Avoid flirting with people online • d) Tell others she meets online that she is already in a relationship Answer: Avoid flirting with people online

  9. 800 • Question: During the Evaluation phase, you need to evaluate _____________ . • Answer: Your use of the design cycle and your product against the design specifications

  10. 900 • Question: True or False: You should write down the steps to your plan while you are creating your product. • Answer: False

  11. 1000 • Question: Which of the following behaviors is not ethical? • a) Searching for information online • b) Giving a friend credit for using their song in a video that you created • c) Posting a mean message online about a classmate • d) Asking your friend before you post a picture of her Answer: Posting a mean message online about a classmate

  12. 1100 • Question: ____ means trying to influence somebody to do something they might not otherwise do. Answer: Manipulate

  13. 1200 • Question: Before you post about someone else online, it’s important to: Answer: Ask that person if it’s okay to post, consider if you will upset anyone by posting, think about who might see what you post

  14. 1300 • Question: The word retouching means: Answer: To improve a photo by adding or changing small details

  15. 1400 • Question: John is Instant Messaging Lisa. Lisa asks John to send a sext of him to her. John says no, but Lisa is very persistent. What should John do? Answer: John should tell Lisa that he does not feel comfortable and log off without sending the picture.

  16. 1500 • Question: True or False: During the plan phase, you need to create several different designs of possible solutions, evaluate all designs against the design specifications, choose one and justify why you chose that design. Answer: False

  17. 1600 • Question: Tyler is editing a photo of the basketball team for the yearbook. Which of the following photo alterations would probably be considered deceptive? • Making some of the players look taller • Cropping the photo to fit on the yearbook page • Adding the team’s name at the top of the image Answer: Making some of the players look taller

  18. 1700 • Question: True or false: Changing an image in any way is always a bad thing to do. Answer: False

  19. 1800 • Question: Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete _____ program that allows you to produce professional-looking slide shows. Answer: presentation graphics

  20. 1900 • Question: True or False: The Ribbon contains tabs, scroll bars, and the status bar. Answer: False

  21. 2000 • Question: This type of view is helpful when you want to see all slides in the presentation. A thumbnail (small) version of each slide is displayed, and you can rearrange order, add transitions and timings. Answer: Slide Sorter View

  22. 2100 • Question: You learned that online ethics is a set of rules or ideas that guide your behavior. Choose the answer below that is an example of online ethics. • a) Making sure your seatbelt is on • b) Working on a class project • c) Being in the first row of a concert • d) Asking your brother before posting a funny photo of him online • Answer: Asking your brother before posting a funny photo of him online

  23. 2200 • Question: Ashli is at school standing at her locker. Every day she sees Mike bullying a boy in their class named Jake. Ashli has witnessed this but has never said anything. Ashli is a(n) ______. Answer: Bystander

  24. 2300 • Question: ________ means using digital technology to change the content or appearance of a photo. Answer: Digital Photo Manipulation

  25. 2400 • Question: The ______________________ are the essential and desirable characteristics they want their end product to have. Answer: design specifications

  26. 2500 • Question: A(n) ____________ helps to de-escalate, or lessen the impact of online cruelty by supporting and standing up for the person who is bullied. Answer: upstander

  27. 2600 • Question: Determines how one slide is removed from the screen and how the next one appears. Answer:Slide Transition

  28. 2700 • Question: This type of view fills the entire screen and allows you to see the slide show just as your audience will view it. Answer: Slide Show View

  29. 2800 • Question:Shannon is a student at Steinmetz. She does not like Mark because he said he didn’t want to go on a date with her. Shannon and her friends have been sending mean, threatening messages to Mark and harassing him on Facebook. In this example, Shannon is the _______ and Mark is the _________. Answer: Offender, Target

  30. 2900 • Question: What does digital citizenship mean? Answer: Using digital media safely, responsibly, and ethically

  31. 3000 Question: The font defines the appearance and shape of the _________. Answer: letters, numbers, symbols

  32. 3100 • Question: PowerPoint gives you the option to change the line ____, or thickness, starting with ¼ point. Answer: Weight

  33. 3200 A round button appears at the top of the PowerPoint screen with the Microsoft Office 2007 logo on it. This button replaced the File menu. What is the name of this button? • Question: Mei keeps getting mean comments on her Twitter posts. Cara, Mei’s good friend, has seen the comments and wants to help. What can both girls do to make the situation better? Answer: Mei could ignore and block the bully. Cara could comfort Mei.

  34. 3300 • Question: Which of the following is an example of oversharing online: • a. Posting a message on your friend’s wall that says you dislike your basketball coach • b. Posting a photo of you playing basketball • c. Inviting your friends and family to your next basketball game by email Answer: Posting a message on your friend’s wall that says you dislike your basketball coach

  35. 3400 • Question: True or False: Including a list of steps to create the product is a sufficient plan. Answer: False

  36. 3500 • Question: While you are creating the product you must keep a ____, in which entries document in detail your work on the product/solution, including progress, adherence to deadlines, revisions to the design or plan. Answer: Process Journal

  37. 3600 • Question: The final stage of the design cycle is: Answer: Evaluate

  38. 3700 • Question: The _____________ is a brief statement of what you’re going to make, why you’re going to make it and who you’re making it for. Answer: design brief

  39. 3800 • Question: The first stage of the design cycle is: Answer: Investigate

  40. 3900 • Question: _____ refers to an area of the slide shown to the speaker but not the audience. Answer: speaker’s notes

  41. 4000 • Question: The mouse pointer changed shape by adding a paintbrush to indicate that the Format ____ function is active. Answer: Painter

  42. 4100 • Question: Using the example below, determine what the word consequence means. • Ivan emails his friend about something secret that happened at school. Later, Ivan notices that the email has been posted online. A consequence of Ivan sharing the information through email is that the information was shared publicly online. • A consequence is: Answer: The effect of something that happened earlier

  43. 4200 • Question: Some ____ are shadows, reflections, glows, bevels, and 3-D rotations. Answer: Effects

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