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3U ATCA Shelf October 2007

3U ATCA Shelf October 2007. -Proprietary and Confidential-. General description. 3U ATCA Shelf 2 slot Mounting systems 19'' Cabinet 23'' Cabinet ETSI Cabinet (600 mm width) Operating temperature from (-5°C) – (+55°C) Altitude - 1800 meter above sea level (NEBS requirement).

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3U ATCA Shelf October 2007

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  1. 3U ATCA Shelf October 2007 -Proprietary and Confidential-

  2. General description • 3U ATCA Shelf • 2 slot • Mounting systems • 19'' Cabinet • 23'' Cabinet • ETSI Cabinet (600 mm width) • Operating temperature from (-5°C) – (+55°C) • Altitude - 1800 meter above sea level (NEBS requirement)  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  3. 3U ATCA Shelf Front View  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  4. 3U ATCA Shelf Rear View  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  5. Mechanical Chassis Material • Material: Steel 1010-1016, zinc plated, Painted. • 90% of the parts are assembled by riveting – reduce assembly costs & complexity  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  6. General description Front view Shelf manager x2 Shelf ID EEPROM x2 Rear view  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  7. Mechanical Height: 130 mm (3U) 385.8 MM 448 MM  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  8. Mechanical Fan tray Front View Top View Power supplies Rear View Power inlet Shelf managers Air Filter  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  9. Mechanical Mechanical Components: • Chassis • Air filter • Shelf managers • Power Supplies • Cable management • Fan tray • Backplane  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  10. Air Filter • Meet NEBS requirements • Filters all the air which is flowing into the shelf, both front and RTM areas. • Easy maintenance Captive screw, locking filter to chassis Easy to open and replace the air filter material  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  11. Air filter Air filter presence is detected using a switch on the fan card  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  12. Shelf Manager Front LEDs Ethernet Alarm Serial Alarm Clear Reset switch  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  13. Shelf Manager  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  14. The Shelf manager Board Main functionality: • Compliant with PICMG 3.0 • Fan tray control • Temperature monitoring • Discrete alarm outputs • LED Alarms display • Pigeon point ShMM500 module • Front and rear Ethernet connection. • Application blades control and power-up • Hot swappable and redundant • Remote access via Web interface, SNMP, RMCP and CLI  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  15. Power supply • Dimensions: • Width –114 mm • Depth – 278 mm • Height – 44.45 mm Air Filter Hot Swap Lever Status LEDs  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  16. Power supply Main features: • Field replaceable and hot swappable • IPMI controlled • Each units supplies 1200 watts; 48VDC, 25Amp • Power inlet: 90 VAC to 240 VAC • Two AC Power inlets for redundancy • Two power supplies for redundancy • Each power supply has its own front-back independent cooling • In order to comply with NEBS GR63 Core, the power supply has a separate removable air filter  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  17. Cable management Cable management - optional • Left • Right  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  18. Fan Tray • Fan tray • Front insertion • Comfortable and rigid extraction handle • Push concept for superior cooling 80x80x25 fan (x4) Locking screw Front View  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  19. Backplane Zone 1 Zone 2 FRONT VIEW Left Shelf manager Right Shelf manager Left Power Supply Right Power Supply  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  20. Backplane E²prom and fan tray connection Rear VIEW Left Rear Connectivity Right Rear Connectivity  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  21. Backplane Main features: • Two AdvancedTCA slots • Fabric interface with full mesh interconnect. • Dual-star Ethernet signalling environment on the Base interface. • Bussed IPMI • Two hub slots. • Update channel between slots 1&2. • Full compliance with AdvancedTCA™ electrical and mechanical specifications • Rear connectivity for the shelf managers enables to route the Ethernet and serial links to the shelf rear area.  -Proprietary and Confidential-

  22. E²prom’s • Redundant and hot-swappable. • Easy access and removal. PluggableE²prom cards disintegrableE²prom cards E²prom Cards Rear view  -Proprietary and Confidential- Zoom view

  23. RFI EMC sealed chassis The RED lines represent EMC sealed areas. Sealing is being achieved by the use of EMI gaskets, springs and proper EMC design practices.  -Proprietary and Confidential-

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