will hyper v change the virtualization game l.
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Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game? PowerPoint Presentation
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Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game?

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Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game?. Microsoft’s First High Quality Foray Into Virtualization. Nelson Ruest Technology Futurist and Author Resolutions Enterprises Ltd. Web: www.Reso-Net.com Email: nelson@reso-net.com. Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game?. Agenda.

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Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game?

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will hyper v change the virtualization game

Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game?

Microsoft’s First High Quality Foray Into Virtualization

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.


Nelson RuestTechnology Futurist and AuthorResolutions Enterprises Ltd.Web: www.Reso-Net.comEmail: nelson@reso-net.com

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

Will Hyper-V Change the Virtualization Game?


Best of breed virtualization scenarios

Hyper-V Features

Hyper-V versus market leaders

Hyper-V workarounds

Top Hyper-V deployment scenarios

Final thoughts

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

best of breed virtualization scenarios
Best of Breed Virtualization Scenarios

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

architect virtualization
Architect Virtualization

Most organizations rely on a Seven-Layer Virtual Architecture

achieving best of breed infrastructures
Achieving Best Of Breed Infrastructures

VMware has been at work in the virtualization realm for over 10 years

They have offered a firmware-based hypervisor for more than one year and it is now free

Their virtualization management and administration toolkit is ripe and complete

They pretty well invented x86 virtualization

With a 10-year lag behind, can Microsoft really make an impact?

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

missing elements in hyper v
“Missing” Elements In Hyper-V

Much of the industry claims Microsoft’s Hyper-V is missing key features

VMware offers VMotion — a technology that moves Virtual Machines (VMs) from host to host while they deliver services to end users

VMware offers Distributed Resource Scheduling —policy-based resource allocation to VMs

VMware offers special RAM management features

Microsoft Hyper-V does not offer any of these features

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

hyper v features just what does hyper v offer
Hyper-V FeaturesJust what does Hyper-V offer?

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

hyper v features
Hyper-V Features

Built on Windows Server 2008

Enables Hyper-V to support a multitude of devices and server configurations

Guest OS Support

Supports different types of 32- or 64-bit operating systems that run simultaneously (Windows and Linux)

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

hyper v features continued
Hyper-V Features (Continued)

SMP Support

Supports up to four processors in a virtual environment

Virtual Networking

Includes a new virtual switch — VMs can be configured to run Windows NLB or Failover Clustering

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.



Hardware Sharing Architecture

Provides access and utilization of core resources (disk, networking and video) using the virtual service provider/virtual service client (VSP/VSC) architecture

Quick Migration

Can move a running VM from one system to another with minimal downtime with Windows Server and System Center management tools

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

Hyper-V Features (Continued)


Virtual Machine Snapshot

Can take up to 512 snapshots of a running VM


Can support several VMs within a given host

Runs exclusively on x64 platform


Includes WMI and APIs that allow ISVs to build custom tools or utilities

Hyper-V Features (Continued)

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.



Come in two flavors:

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Standard edition supports one virtual machine

Enterprise and Datacenter editions support failover clustering and therefore high availability for all virtual machines

Windows Hyper-V Server

Free version (download from Microsoft Web site)

Based on standard edition

Does not support high availability (HA)

Must run a host re-installation to obtain HA (replace with complete Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V version)

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

Hyper-V Features (Continued)

hyper v versus market leaders how does hyper v rate
Hyper-V versus Market LeadersHow does Hyper-V rate?

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

market leader hypervisor metrics
Market Leader Hypervisor Metrics

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

* 32 MB for Standard edition, 1 TB for Enterprise and Datacenter Editions

** 32 MB plus 30 MB plus 15% of allocated RAM per VM plus VM memory

*** 512 MB Server Core plus 32 MB for each VM plus the VM memory

**** License does not limit number of sockets or number of running guests. However, physical resources will limit these numbers to 32 cores and 50 VMs.

***** Only for Windows Server 2008

market leader hypervisor metrics17
Market Leader Hypervisor Metrics

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

memory management
Memory Management

VMware supports key memory management features

RAM Over-Commitment lets you allocate more memory to VMs than exists on a host

Relies on policy-based VM management to move machines if they need it

Transparent Page Sharing stores only one copy of a duplicate file in host RAM

Min/Max Memory Settings on VMs let you assign a minimum and a maximum memory setting to a VM

Memory Ballooning lets you recover memory from VMs that are not using it and allocate it to others

Hyper-V does not support any of these features

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

hyper v configurations
Hyper-V Configurations

Typical Host

Two CPUs with four cores each (eight cores)


With VMware, this host can run up to 64 virtual machines running a single virtual processor core each; more if they are virtual desktops

Each VMware machine can be assigned amounts of RAM that total more than the physical RAM in the host server because of ESX’s memory features

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

hyper v configurations continued
Hyper-V Configurations (Continued)

With Hyper-V, this host can potentially run up to 56 virtual machines, but because the VMs cannot use memory over-commitment, the actual number will be limited by the host RAM and the amount of RAM allocated to each VM

To run 56 VMs on this configuration, each VM could only have access to 512 MB of RAM

However, Windows Server is certified on thousands of server configurations and hosts can potentially have up to 2 TB of RAM

VMware is only certified on hundreds of server configurations

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.


market leader management tools
Market Leader Management Tools

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

Market Leader Management Tools

market leader lab management tools
Market Leader Lab Management Tools

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

hyper v management
Hyper-V Management

Microsoft offers almost as many virtualization management tools as VMware

However, Microsoft’s interfaces are all different —Hyper-V Manager, SCVMM, SCOM, SCCM and so on — and even some terminology is different

Administrators must relearn each tool and interface

VMware uses one single interface for all tools: VirtualCenter (now vCenter)

Each new added function simply adds more functionality to the tool

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

hyper v workarounds can hyper v meet high availability requirements
Hyper-V WorkaroundsCan Hyper-V meet high availability requirements?

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

achieving ha with hyper v
Achieving HA With Hyper-V

High availability is a must for any hypervisor

VMware’s HA function relies on two key tools:

The HA feature links host servers together into a cluster-like formation

The Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) creates a sharable virtual machine file system

Note that the Network File System (NFS) can also provide sharable VM file storage

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

achieving ha with hyper v cont d
Achieving HA With Hyper-V (Cont’d)

Windows Server 2008 — even Server Core — includes Failover Clustering

Can create both single site and multi-site clusters to link hosts together for high availability

Must use a third-party replication technology for multi-site clusters

Note that the free Hyper-V Server does not include the Failover Clustering feature

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.


rely on shared storage for single site ha
Rely On Shared Storage For Single Site HA

Store all VMs on shared storage subsystem

Supports high availability through ‘clustering’ — one system can hand off VM workload to another without moving files

Provides site-level redundancy

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

host server configurations
Host Server Configurations

The very best host server configuration is:

64-bit server (up to 2 TB of RAM and 16 TB of virtual memory)

Minimum two quad-core CPUs

Minimum 32 GB of RAM (64 GB or more preferred)

Minimum four 1 Gbit/s NICs, two for iSCSI, two for VMs

No DAS, boot from SAN or firmware

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

server configurations for multi site ha
Server Configurations For Multi-Site HA

Hyper-V can provide multi-site HA through its built-in Failover Clustering feature, however a third-party replication tool is required

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.


Site B

Site A

configure for high availability
Configure For High Availability

Make sure you configure your host systems to support high availability and virtual workload mobility

This means having spare host servers in each pool

Each host should be a backup for another host(active-active clusters)

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

achieve vmotion with hyper v
Achieve VMotion With Hyper-V

VMware achieves VM mobility through VMotion

VMotion offers zero downtime

Hyper-V uses Quick Motion which saves the state of a VM and then restarts it

Quick Motion offers minimal downtime when moving machines (less than 4 seconds in some host configurations)

However, virtual machines running Windows Server can rely on Failover Clustering or Network Load Balancing to provide VMotion-like machine mobility

Host each VM cluster node on a different host server for maximum availability

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

dynamic machine movement with hyper v
Dynamic Machine Movement With Hyper-V

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

VMA is hosted on ServerA

Workload from VM A is failed over to VMB on ServerB

Virtual workloads are highly available because of Windows features

Clustering at the Virtual Layer lets you move workloads without impact to end users while running in any hypervisor!

policy based resource management
Policy-Based Resource Management

Management through policies is also highly useful when you need to patch or update host servers

Given the right tools, you can even turn off the secondary host server once the job is finished

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

policy based vm management
Policy-Based VM Management

VMware uses Distributed Resource Scheduler along with VMotion to move VMs and reallocate resources as needed

All you need to do is create the policy

Windows Server 2008 relies on SC Operations Manager and SC Virtual Machine Manager together to perform a similar activity

But, since it does not support memory over-commitment, there is little point in moving VMs except for host maintenance purposes

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

top hyper v deployment scenarios does hyper v fit in the dynamic datacenter
Top Hyper-V Deployment ScenariosDoes Hyper-V fit in the Dynamic Datacenter?

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

best uses for hyper v
Best Uses For Hyper-V

VMware is a more dynamic solution than Hyper-V since it supports resource over-commitment

After all, low resource usage is the reason you transform physical servers into virtual machines

VMware hosts can run more machines on any given host than other hypervisors because of this feature

But you must have additional hosts with spare resources to support machine movements during peak loads

Because of this, VMware supports Variable Resource VMs

Both XenServer and Hyper-V are limited to Fixed Resource VMs

Because of this, host RAM is a hard limit for the supported number of VMs per host

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

understand os licensing
© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

Windows Server R2 Enterprise Edition includes 4 Virtual Instances

Old License Model

Total: 5 Windows Licenses

Windows Server R2 and 2008

Total: 1 License + $28

Windows Vista Desktop

Windows Vista Enterprise Centralized Desktop

4 running instances per user

License includes physical host OS and up to 4 guests

Each additional license gives you up to 4 more guests

Windows Server Datacenter Edition allows unlimited guests

Valid on any hypervisor

Use the Microsoft Virtualization Calculator at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserver2003/howtobuy/licensing/calculator.mspx

Learn about VECD at: http://www.microsoft.com/virtualization/solution-product-vecd.mspx

Understand OS Licensing





Virtualization Layer

‘Any’ Hypervisor


hyper v virtualization scenarios
Hyper-V Virtualization Scenarios

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

Production Server Consolidation

Business Continuity Management

Test and Development

Despite its higher hardware overhead, Hyper-V supports every virtualization scenario

Dynamic Datacenter

potential and real hyper v cost savings
Potential And Real Hyper-V Cost Savings

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

the bottom line
The Bottom Line

Small and medium businesses will be very attracted to Hyper-V

No relearning; built into Windows

Integrated license

Can run on Server Core or Full Install

Can run on thousands of low-cost hardware configurations

Can even rely on DAS to create HA configurations

Remote offices can also rely on Hyper-V to keep costs down

Datacenters that are serious about VM mobility will continue to rely on VMware, not the first version of Hyper-V

This is one reason why large organizations will most likely run at least two, if not more, hypervisors

© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.


© 2008, Resolutions Enterprises Ltd.

Nelson RuestEmail: nelson@reso-net.com


Senior enterprise consultant with over 20 years experience in migration, planning and network, PC and server design, MVP Failover Clustering, MCSE + Security, MCT

Free eBook: The Definitive Guide to Vista Migration Free Chapters are available at: http://www.realtime-nexus.com/DGVM.htm

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