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  1. Virtualization Barry Hutt Virtualization Consultant LGEexecs

  2. Agenda • Virtualization Opportunity & MarketPlace • The many faces of Virtualization • Virtualization Definitions • Case Study • Discussion

  3. What is the Opportunity? • Virtualization is here to stay, in the future everything will be virtual, this includes Servers, Networks, Storage and the last frontier Desktops • If you are a product manager at a minimum you should be testing and certifying your product in Virtual Machine’s • As the legacy PC model runs out of steam, Desktop Virtualization presents the next stage of evolution for end-user computing. Hundreds of millions of PCs sold every year are up for grabs. • The market opportunity is massive • Gartner: 600+ million virtualized PCs by 2011 * • IDC: VDI to exceed $2BN by 2011 * • 10% of Servers/Host have been virtualized • 1% of Desktops have been virtualized • Benefits of Virtualization • Data Security • Availability (software / hardware fault tolerance) • Scalability/Time to Deployment • Power Consumption • Disaster Preparedness and Recovery • Manageability (Break/Fix, Policy Compliance, Device Provisioning/Deprovisioning, Move/Adds/Changes, and Software Deployment)

  4. IDC Assertions 2006 – The impact of Virtualization on Operating Systems • Virtualization should be recognized as a disruptive force that will significantly change the rules of the game for operating system vendors. The ability to support low-cost "software appliances" is just one of the new dimensions that will emerge over the next 24 months. • Where there is change and challenge, there is also significant new opportunity. Creating short-life or completely disposable operating systems could be disruptive to the traditional business model. • System management vendors will find they are no longer managing physical servers but physical servers and virtual servers. • This is not just a server phenomenon. There is also significant potential for • disruption in the client operating system space, both through the inclusion of • virtual machine software aboard client devices and through the advent of virtually • hosted client operating environments housed aboard remote servers and • accessed through inexpensive mobile or thin-client devices.

  5. More Computing Power in a Single Box Moore’s Law Marches on Intel to ship 6 Cores on a single processor early next year making virtualization even more attractive IDC Predicts that Virtualization combined with Multicore Technologies will continue to reduce customer spending on x86 servers

  6. Myths, Facts & Entertainment • Virtualization is an overused term to describe & imply higher utilization and ….efficiencies of technologies in the enterprise, promising: • Higher utilization of Server & Storage Hardware & fewer Servers • Faster deployment of applications and software maintenance • Reduced administrative cost • Reduced Energy & Space • High demand for virtualization knowledge to sort out a strategy and the vocabulary • Cloud Computing, what is it? Will it replace or complement Virtualization? • Marco Economy conditions is stretching commercial sales cycles and there is anticipation that state and local, education budgets will be squeezed in 2009 & 2010…… • HP, Dell, IBM, Sun have already made major technology bets in virtualization technologies…..

  7. The Many Faces of Virtualization • EMC • Lefthand • 3Par • Cisco • NetApp • VMware • Microsoft • Citrix • Virtual Iron Server Virtualization Storage Virtualization • Cisco • HP • IBM • Provision • VDM • Citrix Network Virtualization Desktop Virtualization • Many Players • Lots of Technology • Plenty of confusion

  8. Virtualization Defined Presentation Virtualization Application is Hosted on another Physical Machine & the UI is displayed else- where. Virtual Sessions Applications running inside a Virtual Machine OO OO Operating System Operating System Operating System Application Virtualization Just the application is hosted in a virtual session User Interface Thin Client Hardware Virtualization Hardware Virtualization separates work from the underlying physical machine or entity allowing for multiple instances of a task and the ability to easily move work. In a word Virtualization creates Flexibility. Physical Machine

  9. Where’s the Data? Virtual Sessions User Data Application Data Databases Virtual Machines OO HDD Operating System e Storage Virtualization Operating System Operating System e Network Virtualization HDD Hardware Virtualization HDD Hardware Virtualization separates work from the underlying physical machine or entity allowing for multiple instances of a task and the ability to easily move work. In a word Virtualization creates Flexibility. Physical Machine

  10. Things to Consider & Questions Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) • What is a Virtual Machine? • What is a Hypervisor? • What is a Connection Broker? • How do I define the end user Experience? • What about licensing? • How do I sort out all the products and who should I use? • Why do I care about the Protocol? • What is VM Pooling? • What about performance? • Can I use existing hardware? • How much storage do I need? Virtual Servers

  11. VDI Case Study 130+ Schools 5400 seats • Current PC’s at least 3 years old • Out of warranty, becoming expensive to maintain • Becoming obsolete • Some PC’s not operating at all • Inconsistent Distribution of PC’s between Campuses • Some campuses average 1-2 PC’s per classroom • Not enough instructional labs • Employing 10 Full-Time PC Technicians • Spending most of their time responding to hardware/software issues • Most service calls require a physical touch with the PC, interrupting class • Energy Consumption • Traditional PC’s consume large amounts of electricity • Technicians travel between campuses consumes time and gasoline • Abuse From Users • Accessing, downloading or uploading inappropriate content • Removing system components (memory, hard drive, etc.) • Damaging external system components

  12. Short Term/Long Term Savings • Asset Recovery - $150-200K Up-Front Credit • Partner Will Credit $40 for Every Existing PC Towards Virtual Desktop Solution • Asset Recovery Includes Properly Recycling any Obsolete Equipment (zero landfill) • Deskside Support – Estimated $800K 4-year Savings • Approximately 50% reduction in deskside support (10 current FTE’s) • Assumes $40K Fully Burdened Cost for Technician (salary, benefits...) • Energy Savings – Estimated $252K 4-year Savings • Thin Client Terminals Consume are 90% more energy efficient • Supports House Bill 3693 Mandating 5% Energy Reduction Annually • Future Refresh – Estimated $400K 4-year Savings • Thin Clients can be refreshed every 5-6 years • Core Technology Resides on Servers (4 year refresh cycle)

  13. VDI Education Solution Virtualization Management S/W