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Oil Spills

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Oil Spills. By: Tori Reid. What are oil spills?.

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oil spills

Oil Spills

By: Tori Reid

what are oil spills
What are oil spills?

Oil spills occur when boat owners are pretty much careless and let the oil from the boat tanks leak out into the ocean; causing major problems to marine life. They pollute the water, ruin wild life, and harm animals. All from one little mistake.

plant life is harmed
Plant Life is Harmed!

When oil spills happen, they can have a huge impact on the way the plants grow. It can be very poisonous. It has toxic fumes that are released into the water that can harm any plants or wild life. Not just in the water, but outside the water too, because the oil gets washed up. But because the plant life is affected, it affects the animals too! With out food, how can they eat? Sometimes, animals are unaware that there is oil on their food they’ll eat it anyway. That’s how animals can get poisoned. But the chain goes on: if small animals eat the plants, and if bigger animals eat the small animals, that’s how they can be affected too!

animals are harmed too
Animals are Harmed too!

Because the plants are being killed off, that can have a major effect on the lives of the animals living in or around the water. They can’t get the food they need, but that’s not the only harm. Because the oil from the tanks are so toxic, they kill off the animals living in the water, such as sea turtles, orcas, seals and a lot of others. But the animals living around the water are affected too. Like Eagles, pelicans, and other birds and land mammals. They are affected, because they eat some of the sea creatures that have oil in or on them.

what is done to help
What is Done to Help?

Lots of things are done to help the situation of oil spills. We have volunteers that help to clean up the oil by roping he oil, cleaning the water out with pom-poms, trapping the oil with sand, and just trying to scoop it out. There are also vets, zoologists, and other volunteers that help clean the animals that are affected, and by helping them get better if they’re sick. Those are the ways we, as humans can help wildlife and nature!

oil spill organizations
Oil spill organizations

Here are some oil spill organizations that are working right now to help resolve with this issue:

  • Oil Spill Response organizations (OSRO)
  • Islands Oil Spill Association (IOSA)
  • World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
  • Greenpeace USA