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Culture of Great Britain PowerPoint Presentation
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Culture of Great Britain

Culture of Great Britain

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Culture of Great Britain

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  1. Culture of Great Britain

  2. Architecture The main style of architecture is gothic. We can see gothic in a many different ways from XII to XIX centuries. • In Great Britain therearelots • of interestingbuildings, like: • Tower Bridge • Humber Bridge • Blackfriars Bridge • Forth Bridge • Severn Bridge • Buckingham Palace • Big Ben • London Eye

  3. Tower Bridge Severn Bridge This bridge is on the river Severn and it joins the county Gloucestershire with south Wales. Severn Bridge was ceremonially opened by the Queen Elizabeth II . This bridge is over Thames river. Tower Bridge is next to the Tower of London and its name comes from the tower. The bridge was designed by Horace Jones in 1872 and the building was finished in 1894. At night it is illuminated and we can see London Eye and other buildings from it.

  4. London Eye London Eye is a sightseeing circle. It’s in London in the Lambeth province. London Eye is near Thames river. It was projected by David Marks, Julia Barfild, Malcolm Cook, Mark Sparrowhawk, Steven Chilton and Nick Bailey. It is 135 metres high. London Eye is one of three buildings built for the occassion of the new millennium.

  5. Tower of London Its offical name is Her Majesty’s palace and Fotress, The Tower of London. It was built in 1078 for Wilhelm the Conqueror. The Tower of London was prison from which there was no escape. The most famous prisoners were king of England Henry IV, queen Anne Boleyn, Thomas Moore, Thomas Cranwell, Lady Jane Grey, Walter Paleigh and in 1941 Rudolf Hess. Now this building is used to store armours, guns, diamonds and Crown Jewels. It is closely guarded and built from the thick wall, because very precious things are displayed here.

  6. Buckingham Palace Buckingham Palace was built in 1709 for John Shieffield (prince Buckingham). In 1846 and 1911-1913 it was extened by John Nasha. It’sbetween St. Jacob’s Park, Green Park and privateQueen’s Garden. Inside the palace is richly ornamented, unfortunetly it isn’t possible to tour it. But every day at 11.30 am the ceremony of changing of the guards takes place.

  7. Music In Great Britain music is very important entertainment. There are many famous people whichareknown around the world. The legendarybands and singers are: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Guns and Roses, Queen and many more great people whocreatedamazing music.

  8. Music inthe 70s and the 80s Queen Pink Floyd Queen was formed by Braian May, Roger Taylor, Freddi Mercury in 1970 in London. Style of music this band is very hard to determine, because they plated all sorts varities rock and metal. In 1991 the main vocalist Freddie Mercury died. But Queen did not split up. Famous Songs are: „Show must go on”, „We are the champions”(which is used in many films), „Who wants to live forever”( from „Highlander”). Pink Floyd was formed by Syd Barrett, Bob Klose, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and Richard Wright in 1965 in Cambridge. This band created rock and psychodelicmusic.Pink Floyd is famous for philosophical song lyrics. They sold over 200 million CDs, for which they went down in history. Unfortunetly in 2005 theysplit up. Their hits are amongothers„Another brick in the wall” and „Money”.

  9. U2 DepecheMode Depeche Mode was estabished in 1980 in Basildon in Great Britain. In theband thereare four musicians: main singer David Gaham, Vince Clarke, Andrew Fletcher, Martin Lee Gore and Alan Wilder. They play: punk, rock, pop, and other type of music. Their most popular song is „Enjoy the silence”. U2 are Irish band which play rock music. They came into existence in Dublin in 1976. In theband thereare: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. They have a lot of great songs, which are well known in theworld. The most known hit is „With or without you”. U2 are still playing concerts for their fans.

  10. Modern Music Muse SinéadO'Connor She was born in Dublin on 8 December 1966. Sinead is a singer, a composer and lyricswriter. Muse are: Mattew Bellary, Chris Wolstenholne and Dominic Howard. They were formed in 1994 in England. The band play alternative rock, progressive rock, classical music, funk, and electronic music. They recorded 5 CDs, and are still giving concerts for their fans. She’s famous for unconventional appearance and the controversial behaviour. Her first well-known song and the biggest hit is „Nothing compares to you”. Sinead didn’t stop her music career and still she’s giving concerts.

  11. Film Highlander ThreeMusketeers Three musketeers was made in 1993 in Great Britain, Australia and USA. It takes place in France at the times of Ludwik XIII. It’s about three musketeers: Atos (Kiefer Sutherland), Aramis (Charlie Sheen), Portos (Oliver Palott) and young nobleman d’Artagnan (Chris O'Donnell) . They must hand over something very important to prince Buckingham. It’s something which they must take in secret. But there is someone who wants to disturb them – it’s Cardinal Richelieu. Highlander was made in 1986 in Great Britain. It takes place in Scotland in 1518. Connor Macleod (Christopher Lambert) is immortal. It appears during the war, when someone kills him, but he stays alive. One day he meets Ramirez (Sean Connery) who is immortal too and he teaches Connor. There are only a few people like him in the world. He must learn to be ready to fight with the stronger immortal man – Kurgan (Clancy Brown).

  12. Wuthering Heights Wuthering Heights is a film made on the book by Emily Bronte. This film was made in 1992. Action of the film takes place in 1801, but the main character moves in time 25 years lbefore. The housekeeper is ttelling him thestory of thefamily that lived in thehouse in Wuthering Heights. The main character in thehousekeeper’s storyis Cathy Earnshaw. When her dad comes back from travel hebrings with himself a boy. Nobody knowstheboy’sname, so they call him Heathcliff. From this moment in Wuthering Hights interesting things happen. Adolescent Cathrine falls in love with Heathcliff, he falls in love with her. But one of day everything changes. Cathrine has an unhappy accident, after which she falls in love with another man. Heathcliff begins to be gloomy, cruel and malicious. Things become more and more complicated.

  13. Finding Neverland Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Finding Neverland is a film made in 2004. This is biography movie about a writer who wrote Peter Pan – James Matthew Barrie (Johnny Depp). Barrie livesinhis own imaginary world. One day when he was walking with his dog he met a woman - Sylvia Llewelyn Davies (Kate Winslet) and her four sons. From this time everything changed. One of Sylvia’s son – Peter (Freddie Highmore)was inspiration for James. The film has wonthe Oscar. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was made in 2005. It’s a story about a boy, calledCharlie(Freddie Highmore). One day thechocolate factory in Charlie’s city startsworking. Charlie dreamsaboutchocolate but istoopoor to buy it. The chairman – Will Wonka (Johnny Depp) sends five tickets in chocolate barsto children around the world to visit his factory. For one of thechildren therewas a prize. Charlie finds the Gold Ticket. When he entersthe factory, he isveryimpressed. However nobody, except for Will Wonka, knows what the prizeis.

  14. Literature Emily Brontë William Shakespeare William Shakespeare was born in 1564, he died in 1616. He was an English poet, actor and playwright. He is the most Emily Bronte was born on 30 July 1818 in Thornton, she died in 1848 in Haworth. She was an English writer. outstanding writer in English history of literature. He founded the legendary Globe theatre in London. His most important plays are: „Hamlet”, „Romeo and Juliet”, „A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and „Macbeth”. When she was young, she wrote stories and poems with her sisters. Later she published the volume of stories with her sisters. In 1835 she left home city to studies in Poe Head. In 1837 she worked as a teacher. In 1847 Emily publishedher first and only book, „Wuthering Heights”.

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