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Great Britain

Great Britain

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Great Britain

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  1. GreatBritain Britain is an island in the Atlantic Ocean and it is situated in the north-west of Europe. Starting from 1801 along with Northern Ireland. It forms the United Kingdom. The borders are Anglesey, Isle of Wight, the Hebrides Islands, the Orkney Islands and Shetland Islands. The currency of Britain is the pound. The population is 57.000.000. The language is English. Great Britain

  2. Capital and cities Oxford is located about 90 km from London and is one of the most important University in the world London, capital of the United Kingdom. Birminghamis the second city for its importance. Glasgow, one of the most important cities in the United Kingdom. Belfastis of the capital of Northern Ireland. Edinburgh, capital of Scotland. Cardiff is the capital of Wales.

  3. Economy and products • Well developed is the rearing of livestock, especially animals of quality, such as race horses and sheep for wool. Notable is the fishery conducted primarily in the North Sea. • Cultivation of cereals, legumes and fruit trees.

  4. Food *Breakfast -The traditional British breakfast is a hot meal of bacon, eggs and sausages. Most people have a bowl of cereals with milk and sugar or toast and marmalade, and they drink a cup of tea or coffee. *Lunch-is usually a light meal at about 1 o'clock. Sometimes people go to a pub,a snack bar or a self service restaurant *Snackssuch as biscuits, cakes, chocolate bars and crisps, are very popular in Britain. They are eaten at different times during the day. People often have a coffee break or a tea break in the middle of the morning or the afternoon. Some Britons drink six or seven cups of tea a day. *Dinner-it is usually one main course, which consists of meat or fish served together with vegetables, especially potatoes. Pre-prepared convenience foods, often from the freezer, are very popular and many homes now have a microwave oven. The main course is usually followed by a pudding, a dessert consisting of cake, fruit pie or ice-cream. Sometimes people eat cheese and biscuits (crackers) at the end of the meal Developed by Priscilla