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Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 28. America on the World Stage. 1899-1901. “Little Brown Brothers” in the Philippines. 1901 Philippine Commission: 1899 “Benevolent Assimilation” . Emilio Aguinaldo (c. 1869–1964) and Followers, 1900. Hinging the Open Door in China. 1894-1895: Russia and Germany move into China

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Chapter 28

America on the World Stage



“Little Brown Brothers” in the Philippines

  • 1901
  • Philippine Commission: 1899
  • “Benevolent Assimilation”

Emilio Aguinaldo (c. 1869–1964) and Followers, 1900

hinging the open door in china
Hinging the Open Door in China
  • 1894-1895: Russia and Germany move into China
  • John Hay
  • Open Door
  • 1900: China’s “boxers”
imperialism or bryanism in 1900
Imperialism or Bryanism in 1900?
  • McKinley: Election of 1900
    • Republican
    • “Bryanism”
    • Theodore Roosevelt: VP
  • William Jennings Bryan
    • Democrat
    • Anti-imperialism
  • McKinley Wins
teddy roosevelt brandisher of the big stick
Teddy Roosevelt: Brandisher of the Big Stick
  • Sept. 1901: McKinley murdered
    • Theodore Roosevelt President
  • No respect for the checks and balance system

Where’s Teddy??

colombia blocks the canal
Colombia Blocks the Canal
  • Atlantic Ocean to Pacific Ocean
  • 1850: Clayton-Bulwer Treaty
  • 1901: Hay-Pauncefote Treaty
  • Colombia
uncle sam creates puppet panama
Uncle Sam Creates Puppet Panama
  • Nov. 3, 1903: Bunau-Varilla
  • Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty
completing the canal and appeasing colombia
Completing the Canal and Appeasing Colombia
  • U.S. relations lurch downward with Latin America
  • Roosevelt defended himself all charges of doing anything wrong
    • Claimed Colombia wronged U.S. by not permitting itself to be benefited by the construction of the canal
  • 1904: Construction on Panama Canal begins
  • 1914: Completed
    • $400 million
tr s perversion of monroe s doctrine
TR’s Perversion of Monroe’s Doctrine
  • Latin American nations in debt to European nations
    • Roosevelt concerned Germany and Britain might stay if they bail out Latin America, violating the Monroe Doctrine
  • “Preventive Intervention”
  • Roosevelt Corollary
    • Future monetary problems of Latin America nations with European countries, the U.S. could pay them off
    • Became an excuse for numerous U.S. interventions
the great white fleet
The Great White Fleet
  • 1904 Japan and Russia were in a war
  • Russia refused to leave Manchuria
  • Japan was winning then began to run low on troops, so then asked Roosevelt to intervene and begin peace negotiations
  • 1905 Roosevelt arrives with his “Great White Fleet” and agreed to help Japan. Japan received no compensations for troops lost and received the southern half of Sakhalin
  • Tensions afterwards b/w the U.S. and Asia increased
japanese arrive to california
Japanese arrive to California
  • 1884 Japan repealed law prohibiting Japanese people emigrating to other nations
  • This lead to many Japanese people going to California, they were received harshly by the local white pop.(lots of racial tension)
  • 1906 San Francisco segregates schools from Asians.
  • This greatly offended the Asian pop. which lead them to thinking of war.

“Gentlemen’s Agreement”

  • Pres. Ted Roosevelt called the San Francisco Board of Ed. to the White House settling the segregation

Root-Takahira Agreement(1908)

Japanese and U.S. agreed to respect each others territories. Japan pledged to stop sending people to the United States