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Using your library’s Online Catalog: “My List” feature PowerPoint Presentation
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Using your library’s Online Catalog: “My List” feature

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Using your library’s Online Catalog: “My List” feature - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Using your library’s Online Catalog: “My List” feature. You loved the new 3-D movie Coraline , and now you want to read the book that inspired the movie! Does your library have it? Check the Destiny Quest catalog.

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Presentation Transcript

You loved the new 3-D movie Coraline, and now you want to read the book that inspired the movie! Does your library have it? Check the Destiny Quest catalog . . .

You notice on the drop down menu that there are 2 results in the library for Coraline! Click Go! to find out what the different results are.


There are two results, and one of them is a graphic novel! You decide that you’d like to look at both of them when you get to school tomorrow , but you don’t have a pencil to write down the call numbers!

What can you do???


Create “My List!”

The Drag and Drop function makes it easy! Just “grab” the book you want by clicking and holding the mouse button and dragging it to the Drag + Drop box.


Drag and Drop

to here!

Drag from here . . . .


Notice that “My List” now shows two titles. You can continue adding titles to this list so you can remember what you want to look for when you get to school.


Since Graphic Novels are so cool, you decide to look at this book more closely. Clicking on the book cover brings up this title screen:

Oh no! It’s been checked out! And you had really gotten in the mood to read a graphic novel. Now what?


Luckily, you remember that your friendly librarian has shown you the “Shelf Browse” feature of Destiny Quest. Clicking this will show you other books—in this case Graphic Novels—that are on the shelf near the book you are looking at.

Click Here!


The “Visual Shelf Browse” shows pictures of other graphic novels on the shelf with Coraline. There is a graphic novel of Dracula! There are several others you are interested in. Let’s add them to your “My List”!

Click and Drag the slider left and right to see more of the shelf!


Since you can’t drag and drop from the Visual Shelf, click on Dracula to get to the title screen.

Notice the button that says “Add to List”. Click here to add new titles to your List.


After adding a few books that interest you, notice that the “My List” box shows how many titles you have. Click on “Titles” to see them.

A “My Info” window appears. Here you can see the books you have added, delete any you may not want, and print a list to bring with you to the library so you can locate the books!


Clicking on the “Print Options” button will bring up the print screen. Select the General Title list—this will give you the name of the book and the call number so you can find it in the library. Then click “Print Preview”.

Your “My List” will pop up in a new window. You can print it from this screen.


You arrive at the library the next day with your List in hand, and quickly find all of the books you were interested in. And guess what? The graphic novel version of Coraline is much better than the movie!

Remember, “Never judge a book by its movie!”