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Silk Road\Clothing. By Emma Laurence and Tali Sigal. Introduction. Silk is very popular in China. There are many trade routes along the Silk Road. The Silk Road was a trade route between ancient China and ancient Rome.

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Silk road clothing

Silk Road\Clothing

By Emma Laurence and Tali Sigal


Silk is very popular in China. There are many trade routes along the Silk Road.

The Silk Road was a trade route between ancient China and ancient Rome.

Merchants traded silk and many other goods. Also, the Chinese were the first

to make silk.

Clothing was made from silk, too. Pattern were woven into the fabric.

If you want to learn more sit back, relax and read on!

Silk Fashion and Finery

Silk is a very popular fabric; clothing was made from silk. If rich merchants traded silk, they were not allowed to wear silk themselves. Belt hooks and plaques were popular jewelry for men in the early times. The popular hairstyle for women was hair pins and combs. The Chinese have been making silk for more then 3,000 years!!

One item make out of silk was the silk robe. A lady with good taste wore the flowing silk robe. On the silk robe there are many symbols. For example, the butterfly was a symbol of joy. The yellow lotus was a Chinese flower.

Transportation on the Silk Road

People travel in carvans to get to the Silk Road. People use Mules, camels, and many

other animals to pull the cart and/or carvans.

While you are going to the Silk Road you will go through the Taklimakan

Desert, one of the driest deserts. Also you will travel on high mountains. People travel

with many guards along with them. Carvans are actually covered wagons.

What is the Silk Road?

The Silk Road was not one route, but many paths. They traded many goods

other than silk such as: metal, spices salt, other fabrics, and of course, silk!!

It was called the Silk Road because silk was the main product traded on

The Silk Road. The Silk Road connected Ancient China and Ancient Rome.

The Chinese kept the secret of making silk for a long time. Today, lots of

people know the secret of making silk. Silk making is a Chinese art. For example,

they watercolor the fabric with beautiful designs. You would describe silk as a soft


Fast facts along the silk r oad
Fast facts Along The Silk Road

Silk was so strong that they used silk to make fishing lines and strings for bows

out of silk. Also, silk now is different from silk back then. Silk can come in any color you can

imagine today.

Silk is also used to make special kinds of paper. Sometimes silk was used as money.

It was used to pay taxes and government employees were paid with silk instead of gold.

Merchants that were allowed to by the government took control of the Silk Road.

The Silk Road is 4,000 miles long!


Overall, silk was and still is a very popular fabric. Silk is a very strong and soft material.

Silk was the main fabric traded on the Silk Road.

We hope you enjoyed this slide show!!