organization awareness of the business continuity plan n.
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Organization Awareness of the Business Continuity Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Organization Awareness of the Business Continuity Plan

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Organization Awareness of the Business Continuity Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Organization Awareness of the Business Continuity Plan. How Did You Do That?. The Underlying Support Network for a Business Continuity Program. First Things First. Example of External Facing Policy What is your internal facing policy?.

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Organization Awareness of the Business Continuity Plan

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Example of External Facing Policy

What is your internal facing policy?

Business Continuity Management Policy ABC’ Business Continuity Management System is designed to address any significant business disruptions affecting its business operations conducted at its worldwide locations. ABC’ contingency planning is to ensure the continuous reliable delivery of service to customers while maintaining regulatory corn pliance. The management systems maintained by ABC include business and site specific business impact analysis, crisis management plans, disaster recovery plans, business continuity plans, analysis of key business risks and compliance monitoring systems. The plans incorporate the company’s critical systems, processes and related employees that are essential for the continuity of business during a business interruption. Every important aspect of ABC’ business is addressed in the plans with the goal to recover its critical processes with minimal interruption, as quickly as possible, depending on the nature of the business disruption. ABC has taken significant steps to reduce the impact of potential business disruptions resulting from a variety of events, including the Loss of facilities, resources and pandemic events. ABC has developed site specific business continuity plans in light if possible scenarios in an effort to minimize any business interruption, including off-site electronic back up of our data, alternative communications systems and physical workspace, process facilities and process critical data. ABC’ strategic partners have also adopted similar continuity plans to address significant business interruption affecting operations, thus enabling ABC to maintain its robust supply chain. Customers will continue to have access, through normal channels (via telephone, fax and email), to their key contacts within our organization, and the ability to make purchases and sales despite the fact that ABC may be experiencing a significant business disruption, unless the disruption is industry wide in scope. The ABC business continuity management systems are regularly reviewed and updated and a formal test schedule is carried out and reviewed by senior management within the organization.


Who are you Communicating to?

Communication Audience

business continuity at
Business Continuity at _______

Business Continuity is the ability of _______ to provide service and support for its customers and to maintain its viability before, during, and after a disruption. It identifies potential impacts that threaten _______ and provides a framework for building resilience which safeguards the interests of key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value creating activities. BCM is the management of recovery or continuity in the event of a disaster.  It includes the management of the overall program through training, testing and reviews, and ensuring the plan stays current.

How is it operationalized at ________?

Risk Assessments

are performed to determine critical vs. non critical businesses

Critical businesses complete in depth plans vs. non critical complete call trees

Plans are socialized with the business and testing and training is provided

Senior Management and Business Continuity Management Sign off and plans are kept_________

SAMPLE of Senior Communication

What is the current status of the program?


Business Champions and Planners Identified

Risk Assessments completed_____________

Critical Plans in new template are in process for the following areas ______,_____,

Testing/Training in process


Sign off in process___________