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Writing Academic E-mails

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Writing Academic E-mails. Discussion questions. How often do you write emails? Who do you usually write for? What are the difficulties you once encountered while writing emails?

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discussion questions
Discussion questions
  • How often do you write emails?
  • Who do you usually write for?
  • What are the difficulties you once encountered while writing emails?
  • Can you identify the different aspects of casual emails and academic emails? (What differences do you think of when you write emails to your professor and to your family or friends?)
  • What types of topics do you usually write about to your professor or advisor?
  • Have you ever encountered any similarities or differences in the conventions of writing emails in your native language and English?
effectiveness of writing e mails
Effectiveness of Writing E-mails
  • Effective communications medium in support of academic advising
  • Convenient, fast and accessible

Subject : give help!

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 09:20:25

From: xxx@psu.edu

To: yyy@psu.edu



small group activities
Small group activities
  • Read through these Emails written by ESL students.
  • Analyze them in terms of appropriateness and inappropriateness with your teammates
  • Be prepared to share what you think, what you find, and what you believe as a group.
  • Each member of the groups are strongly recommended to make a contribution to the team presentation.
  • 10-15 minutes discussion
in class composition activity 20minutes
In-class Composition Activity 20minutes

2.Email to your instructor Ronald Boben to ask for more details about Assignment #6 below.(deadline, word limit etc )

Assignment #6:

Write a reaction paper about “I have a dream”

1.Email to your academic advisor, Sally Grey, to cancel the appointment which you had made with her to discuss your future academic plan.

useful websites
Useful Websites
  • http://advising.psu.edu/email.htm
  • http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/636/01/
  • Phrase Bank, Checklist