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  2. Paradigm shift Turn the academic model upside down: write from the reader’s perspective Clearly state what you want to get done (bottom line) from the first paragraph Academic model Business model

  3. Bottom line • Bottom line = major point • Forecast the bottom line in the subject line

  4. WHAT does it mean to use a forecasting subject line?

  5. What is the recommendation? • = how your email affects them • includes key words from the bottom line • EG. You work in HR. Which of the following is more likely to pique your interest: • A general topic description: Benefits plan • A forecasting subject line: Recommendation for enhancing our benefits plan

  6. Use a forecasting subject line • Turns readers from passive to active • Determines whether your email is read or not ENTICING!!!!

  7. Examples • Review of... • Request for.... • Proper handling of..... • Recommended use of....... • Instructions for... • Comments about..... • Example of not-so-good subject line: “Notes”Example of not-so-good subject line: “Changes”

  8. Small steps that enhance your results • When should you write them, first or last? • How many words?

  9. Should be written last • No longer than 50 characters • Should not be a question or a sentence

  10. Create a professional image Make the Organization Visually Apparent • Use headings to forecast the content of your paragraphs. (Like we’re doing withthe paragraphs in this slide.)

  11. Write in the Style of Educated Professionals Bad grammar knocks readers off message and makes thewriter look uneducated and careless AVOID ALL CAPS. Readers will think you’re yelling—which you are. Avoid the use of smileys. ☺Reserve these for fun between friends and family.In business, they can easily be interpreted the wrong way.

  12. Page layout Words on a computer screen look different than on paper; people find it harder to read things on a screen than on paper Use shorter paragraphs

  13. Line length • Some software to read mail does not automatically wrap (adjust what words go on what line). • if there is a mismatch: I've got the price quote for the Cobra subassembly ready; as soon as I get a decision on the thromblemeister selection, I'll be ready to go. Have you talked to the thermo guys about whether they are ready to go with the left-handed thrombo or do they want to wait and check out the right-handed one first?

  14. Keep your lines under 70 characters • Are truncated by = (equals sign) • Keep it short

  15. salutations • Dear Sir/Madam • "Good Morning" and "Good Afternoon" don't make a lot of sense with email, as the sun may have moved significantly by the time your correspondent gets around to it. • Cultural differences: • Germans = formal; Americans less formal

  16. Intonation? Mild emphasis. Instead of: I said that I was going to go last Thursday. Say: I *said* that I was going to go last Thursday. Or: I said that I was going to to go last *Thursday*.

  17. Strong Emphasis CAPITALS ALLOWED – DANGEROUS!: Should I just boost the power? NO!!!! If you turn it up to eleven, you'll overheat the motors and IT MIGHT EXPLODE!!

  18. Return address = self introductions • What do the following tell you? ibm.com people may presume that you are adult, computer literate, and somewhat stuffy. washington.k12.ia.us - you are under 18. barbara@thromble.com female - even though barbara could easily be a man named Peter Barbara.

  19. steve@thromble.comvs steve9672@thromble.com A has probably been using computers longer than B. Barbara.J.Periwinkle@thromble.com versus barbiedoll@thromble.com A is more seriousn

  20. signature • Set up a default siganture Barbara J. Popescu MBA student in Tourism, Restaurants and Hospitality http://www.master-businessadministration.blogspot.com

  21. attachments Acceptable attachment name: “Joanna Spataru_Resume 2/5/08 .Pdf” Unacceptable attachment name: JS.pdf

  22. Ethics: Respect other people’s addresses • Do not forward messages with other people’s addresses