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AirMagnet Technical Update Session How to Equip Your Toolbox for WLAN Design, Assessments, Troubleshooting PowerPoint Presentation
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AirMagnet Technical Update Session How to Equip Your Toolbox for WLAN Design, Assessments, Troubleshooting

AirMagnet Technical Update Session How to Equip Your Toolbox for WLAN Design, Assessments, Troubleshooting

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AirMagnet Technical Update Session How to Equip Your Toolbox for WLAN Design, Assessments, Troubleshooting

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  1. AirMagnet Technical Update SessionHow to Equip Your Toolbox for WLAN Design, Assessments, Troubleshooting Jesse Frankel Director, Systems Engineering

  2. The AirMagnet Value – Wireless Network Assurance Security • Enterprise-wide protection from the unique risks of 802.11 wireless • Proactively identify and stop every wireless threat Performance • Critical for overall WLAN ROI • Reliably support end users and applications Wireless Network Assurance Compliance • Straightforward regulatory risk assessment • Tie enterprise security policy to compliance rules AirMagnet Confidential

  3. AirMagnet: Wireless Pioneer and Leader Pioneer of software and systems for wireless LAN management Track record of innovation 8,200+ customers worldwide • Customers include 9 of the Fortune 10, 75 of Fortune 100 "AirMagnet provides the best tools available today for network management and security assessment.”– Deloitte Security Services • 1st to deliver wireless & wire-side threat blocking • 1st to automate intrusion prevention • 1stand only to include spectrum analysis for Layer 1 attacks and interferers • 1stand only VoWLAN analyzer for encrypted WLANs • 1st and only 802.11n mobile toolset AirMagnet Confidential

  4. Midwestern Region US / Manitoba Canada Skip Bayro – Sr. Systems Engineer (248) 467-1780 Eastern Time Zone Southeast Region US Pam Gillmore – Sr. Systems Engineer (727) 501-3379 Eastern Time Zone AirMagnet Systems Engineering Global Coverage Map – Jan 2009 Corporate HQ AirMagnet, Inc. 830 E. Arques Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94085 (408) 400-0200 Jesse Frankel – Director, Systems Engineering (440) 318-0888 Eastern Time Zone Northeast Region US / Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes Canada Robert Correa – Sr. Systems Engineer (408) 431-7563 Eastern Time Zone MT ND WA ME MN NH SD WI OR WY VT ID NY MI MA Western US / Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan Canada Bruce Hubbert – Principal Systems Engineer (408) 431-5287 Pacific Time Zone [Jesse Frankel for Utah, Colorado] IA CT RI NE PA CA OH IN NV IL NJ UT CO WV DE KS MD MO KY VA DC TN OK NC AR AZ NM SC AL MS TX GA LA Asia / Pacific Region Bruce Hubbert for Japan, Korea, all other Southeast Asia; Jesse Frankel for Australia, New Zealand, misc other FL Federal Region US Jeff Henry – Dir Fed Sales / Principal Systems Engineer (719) 963-9034 Central Time Zone EMEA Tom Woodyer – Sr. Systems Engineer +44 7824 862 530 British Time Zone Oct 08 AirMagnet Confidential

  5. Products Overview

  6. WLAN Operating Process Model Assess RF Environment and Existing WLAN • Interference? Existing WLAN coverage? Design WLAN According to Needs and Guidelines • Understand and follow vendor design guidelines Post-deployment Validation • Confirm that commissioned network meets design Monitor / Optimize • 24/7 visibility to track health metrics, detect problems Problem Resolution Methodology • Process, people, tools for quick RCA, corrective action AirMagnet Confidential

  7. Mobile Product Suite AirMagnet Confidential

  8. KEY USES • Greenfield site surveys • Coverage assessment of existing WLAN • Post deployment validation • Periodic preventive maintenance of coverage- key for manufacturing, health care, etc. where structure changes are common KEY FEATURES • Measure / analyze a/b/g/n coverage with clear graphical display • Includes unique Active and iperf modes to most accurately predict real device behavior • Comprehensive reporting and simulation • Integrates with Spectrum Analyzer Mobile Product Suite – Survey Pro / Planner AirMagnet Confidential

  9. KEY USES • Troubleshoot connection / throughput problems • 802.11 network assessment for performance optimization and security posture • Plan / verify 802.11n networks performance KEY FEATURES • Analyze 802.11 devices and traffic • Detect security state of all connections • Comprehensive tools for 802.11n simulation and optimization • Reporting, AirWise alerts Mobile Product Suite – WiFi Analyzer AirMagnet Confidential

  10. KEY FEATURES • Full spectrum analysis for 2.4 and 5 GHz 802.11 bands • Pattern match classifier to pinpoint device causing potential interference KEY USES • Clearly identify and locate RF transmission sources which interfere with 802.11 data communications Mobile Product Suite – Spectrum Analyzer AirMagnet Confidential

  11. KEY USES • Validation of VoWLAN network deployments • Troubleshooting VoWLAN audio or connectivity problems • Optimization of WLAN configuration for growth in VoWLAN device inventory or density KEY FEATURES • Real-time end-to-end call quality analysis • WiMOS score gives true user audio experience • Visual correlation of impact on call quality due to voice and 802.11 metrics • Integration with syslog from 792X, logs from CCM for complete story Mobile Product Suite – VoFi Analyzer AirMagnet Confidential

  12. WLAN Coverage Design / Assessments

  13. WLAN Assessments – Benefits All Over • Benefits to Customer: • Understand root causes of potential existing WLAN problems • Understand logical path to increasing coverage, throughput, device support • Benefits to Partner (services): • Accelerate development of WLAN Practice expertise • Immediate credibility via professional technical review of existing environment • Benefits to Partner (product sales): • Drive meaningful discussions about WLAN expansion, problem resolution, upgrade (11n, etc.) AirMagnet Confidential

  14. WLAN Assessments – Leading Questions • Do you ever have WLAN connection or performance problems? • Do users need coverage in areas currently not served? Expansion needed to new building / area? • Are you considering VoWLAN? • Are you aware of all the benefits of 802.11n? • Do you perform regular security sweeps to detect potential rogue devices or ad-hoc clients? AirMagnet Confidential

  15. Why Survey? • Signal propagation is hard to predict • Interference is impossible to predict • Walls, doors, elevator shafts, people, and other obstacles offer varying degrees of attenuation • It’s absolutely necessary to perform a wireless site survey… • To determine how many APs • To determine placement of those APs • To determine the channel plan • To determine to power settings • To determine which antennas to use AirMagnet Confidential

  16. What is AirMagnet Survey? • Site survey software for professional RF and Wi-Fi performance mapping • Complete, Accurate Wi-Fi Visibility • See coverage areas, dead spots, and interference • Measure real-world client performance in terms of connection speed, packet loss, and end-user capacity • Key Applications • Pre-installation site survey • Post-installation: verify coverage and performance • Ongoing network optimization • Design for additional users, new applications, performance requirements AirMagnet Confidential

  17. Superior Analysis • View by SSID or Channel • Easy channel planning • Ensure appropriate coverage/throughput for VLANs • View Signal, Noise, Signal/Noise, Interference, Frame Speed, Retry Rate and Packet Loss Rate • View total Interference to any AP AirMagnet Confidential

  18. Visualize differences between surveys Displays wireless environment changes over time Obtain differences in Signal, Noise, SNR, Speed, Channel Interference, Packet Retry and loss rate Side-by-side comparison between surveys Color indicator for selected stronger/weaker data type Compare/Contrast Surveys AirMagnet Confidential

  19. Simulate “What if?” Scenarios • Built-in Simulator • Find the optimal AP placement, power and configuration settings • View how another adapter would view the survey environment • Built-in Tools • Signal Quality Tool, Ping, DHCP, Survey Calculators AirMagnet Confidential

  20. Reporting and Integration with Spectrum Analyzer • Professional Reporting • Generate professional survey reports in a variety of formats • Base reports on actual, simulated or Planner results • Layer 1 (Physical layer) site survey • Displays spectrum FFT for any location visited during the survey • Visualize RF spectrum heat-map • Displays a history of where interferers were detected AirMagnet Confidential

  21. Multi-floor Surveys and Design Requirements (Survey PRO only) • Multi-floor planning • View up to 4 projects in one consolidated view • See the effects of APs across multiple floors • AirWISE: Set Design Requirements • Set WLAN design specs and automatically find underserved areas • End user capacity planning • Works with actual, simulated or Planner data AirMagnet Confidential

  22. Outdoor Surveys (Survey PRO only) • Outdoor Support • GPS Support • Integration with Microsoft Map Point & Microsoft Virtual Earth to load street maps for any city • Integration with Google Earth for detailed city wide coverage view • 4.9 GHz band (US Public Safety Band) support AirMagnet Confidential

  23. Supported 802.11n adapters • Dual-Band Adapters (2.4 GHz /5 GHz) • Tier 1 (tested and verified) • AirMagnet 802.11 a/b/g/n Wireless PC card (Recommended adapter) • NEC Warpstar Aterm 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless adapter WLC300N (TELEC regions only) • Tier 2 (supported) • Gigabyte AirCruiser N300 Dual Mini Card (GN-WI06N-RH) PCI Express/MiniCard • Multiple vendor 802.11b/g/n adapters • Check here for details on supported adapters: • supported_adapters AirMagnet Confidential