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INDOOR 2013-14 MINI SOCCER COACHES & Parent MEETING PowerPoint Presentation
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INDOOR 2013-14 MINI SOCCER COACHES & Parent MEETING - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Communication with the office OFFICE INFORMATION Email: Website: Phone # 403-948-6260 Please refer to the Indoor Rules of Play booklet provided Schedules and will be posted on the website.

  3. Injuries You will have a medical kit in your equipment bag You can put on Band-aids and clean up a scrapes. Allow parents to tend to and serious injuries. Call 911 for emergencies please give the address of 800 East Lake Blvd, Genesis Place. You MUST email the office with details as soon as possible with any serious injuries.

  4. PHOTOGRAPHS It is up to individual teams if you want photos taken we will be providing a photographer but ADSA does nto assume responsibility for quality or missed session ADSA does not take any responsibility for photo sessions Remember it can be hard to get everyone present at the photo session on the scheduled day.....can lead to disappointments..

  5. Coach and Group Leader Training Coach resources can also be found under the “COACHING” tab on the website. Pre Season Coach letter with “ first session To Do List” will be sent to all coaches before the season. TD will provide on field support for U4. NCCP courses can also be offered if enough interest is received to offer the course. Minimum 10 coaches to run a course.

  6. CSA Pathway for Coaches

  7. Philosophy & Goals Mini Soccer A smaller field and less players per team means that each player gets more chances to touch the ball during play. Each session the players have a chance to touch the ball and improve their skills while they the play a game. This is a fun league, no one keeps scores, no one counts goals, or records statistics. “When no one keeps score everyone wins.”

  8. Team lists Once you have your team list it is your responsibility to contact each player on your team. You are the only contact person for your team/players. Rosters can be found using your Coach Login. You may also wish to schedule a parent/team meeting before your first session. If you have trouble contacting a player/family check with Steve Thomas, AFC Office Manager, at If you cannot contact a player or if a player fails to show up please contact the office.

  9. Website Information • League Information • Team Rosters • Team Coaches • Team Game Schedule • Team Practice Schedule • Coach Logins • Game Sheets • Field Locations

  10. Parent Meeting It is a good idea to start the season with a parent meeting at the beginning of the first practice. At the meeting you can meet the players and the parents. Discuss the goals and expectations for the season and answer any questions coaches may have. Please no snacks at indoor games. Water only permitted on the field as juice and athletic drinks mark the field.

  11. Coach Referees – U6 & U8 Coaches are to referee half a field each, and coaches are allowed on the field during the game to help the children play, during the season. Please be encouraging to all players from both teams. Promote fair play and positive cheer and language on the pitch. Teach as you coach. Please discourage rough play and excessive contact by using a time out at the side line for one rotation of play.

  12. ADSA – Zero Tolerance Policy This type of policy is in place to create a positive atmosphere for our Players and Coaches. Please talk to your parents about their code of conduct at games! And yes...this can happen at U8!

  13. COACHING....

  14. Number of Players • U4/U6 3 players, no keeper • U8 4 players, no keeper

  15. Home team is listed first on the schedule. The Jersey’s are reversible and home team is BLUE and away team is GOLD. Tim Bit League Format:League will be comprised of male and female teams. ADSA reserves the right to mix genders to create leagues based on registration numbers.20 minute Skill based warm-up practice.30 minute 4 v 4 game (no keepers)Games = 2 x 15 minute halves with 5 minute half time.

  16. Game sheets U4 / U6 / U8 Not required to provide game sheets.

  17. Substitution The Coaches will signal line changes roughly every 3 minutes. Please rotate which player gets the double shift and avoid the temptation to keep your best player on the field at all times. Coaches are allowed on their half of the field only (the half your team is defending). No fans or coaches shall be permitted behind the referee boxes please keep this area clear for the benefit of the players, coaches and referees.

  18. Goals! We don’t keep score at the Tim Bit level A goal is scored when the ball completely crosses over the goal line, on the ground or in the air, and into the Pug Net. Restart the game after a goal with a center kick off from half field. The team that was scored on kicks off after a goal has been scored.

  19. Free Kicks! An infringement of the Laws of the game when the ball is in play, the opposing team is awarded a free kick from where the infraction occurred. All free kicks are indirect. A goal cannot be scored directly from a free kick, must be passed first. Players must be 5 yards from the ball The player that has the free kick, cannot touch the ball a second time A goal cannot be scored directly from a free kick, must be passed first.

  20. Free kick from Sideline When the entire ball has crossed the touch line(marked with cones) on the ground or in the air, there will be an indirect free kick from the sideline in by the opposing team of the player that last touched it. Please let the play be as continuous as possible. A goal cannot be scored directly from a free kick, must touch another player first. Please refrain from excessive whistle use.

  21. Additional Information You can contact your age group director if you have any questions or need anything. You cannot have children that are not registered with ADSA, practice/play with your team as they are not covered by insurance. All players must have shin guards and clean indoor running shoes. No jewellery is permitted, earrings must be taken out. No taping is allowed. Coaches are asked to check for jewellery before each game and will ask the player to leave the field of play until it is removed.

  22. Airdrie FC Indoor Club Fundraising: Airdrie FC will be participating in the Purdy's Chocolate Christmas Catalogs fundraising program in the fall. The fundraiser is not mandatory but participation is greatly appreciated as the funds raised help to refurbish equipment, keep league fees stable and support the coach and volunteer evening planned March 2013 for the indoor coaches and volunteers. Information pkgs will be coming out when the league begins and all products will be in before Christmas for gift giving! Top seller awards will be given out again in each age group! Thank you for your support!

  23. Tim Bit Indoor Tournament: • U6 and U8 Indoor Tim Bit Tournament is tentatively scheduled for the last weekend of March 2014. (subject to change based on availability of indoor fields)U4 Groups will have wind up on field the last day of soccer in March with participation medals.U6 and U8 Teams will play 3 30 minute games with participation medals awarded after the final games. • Schedules will be posted under the DIVISIONS tab on the website when ready.

  24. Airdrie FC Tim Bits House League Players Uniforms All players are required to have a Reversible Jersey Tim Bits Player Kit. This kit includes a Reversible Jersey, Black Shorts and Black Socks. This Player Kit can be used for both the Airdrie FC Indoor and Outdoor House League Programs over multiple seasons. The Jersey colours are as follows:Blue - HomeYellow - AwayThe Reversible Jersey Tim Bits Player Kit can be purchased at the ADSA office located in Genesis Place during posted hours.Cash or Cheque is accepted.Sizes available in: Price: $35.00 / Kit (items are not sold separately)Small size 4-5Medium size 6- 6xLarge Size 7-8Adult Small 9 +

  25. Have a Great Season!