5 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck on Kitchen and
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5 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck on Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 tips to avoid getting stuck on kitchen and bath remodeling projects

5 Tips to Avoid Getting Stuck on Kitchen and

Bath Remodeling Projects

Kitchen and bath remodeling projects ought to be fun and rewarding for both the client and

home improvement franchise owner, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Everybody

seems to have a horror story about a fly-by-night contractor who stretched a week-long plan

into months of dysfunctional living space, budget overflow, and headaches.

In today’s post, the Kitchen Solvers team shares 5 tips to help both clients and home

improvement franchisees avoid getting stuck on their kitchen and bath remodeling projects.

Read on to learn all you need to know, and find even more tips and tricks at


Stick to your budget! Whether you’re hiring a home improvement franchise or running

one of your own, adhering to a fixed budget is as tough as it is important. There is no

quicker way to lose a client’s trust (and word-of-mouth referral!) than to report that

you’re gone over-budget and will need more money before the job can be completed.

On the other hand, under-spending is also a problem, since it often means the finished

product is underwhelming – or worse, unnoticeable!Before you start planning, take time

to sit down with your client and work out how much they want to spend. Their bank

account balance isn’t the only consideration to make; consider the local market and

decide whether a low, medium, or high-end kitchen overhaul is suitable for the area. Be

honest and forthright with your client, pulling no punches at this stage, or you’re at risk!

Keep your kitchen or bathroom from having an identity crisis. Every single home has a

certain character and architectural style, and while these don’t need to handcuff your

design dreams entirely, they should certainly be factored into your planning. It doesn’t

5 tips to avoid getting stuck on kitchen and bath remodeling projects

matter how good your home improvement franchise may be; trying to transform a

1950’s-style ranch into a sleek, ultra-modern cook space is probably going to feel “off.”

Besides, deviating too far from the home’s character and architectural style will be

extremely expensive compared to a more complementary approach. Again, be

forthright about what will and won’t work during the initial design consultation, and

your client will thank you in the long run!

Stay mindful of trends. Staying apprised of hot design trends is part of the job as a

home improvement franchisee. There’s always something new and exciting on the

horizon, and contemporary trends are typically less expensive and more eco-friendly

compared to more traditional approaches and materials. We posted a blog last month

discussing some eco-friendly design options, so be sure to check it out if you want to

add a few tools to your design arsenal!

Try not to displace the plumbing. Moving water and gas lines is no simple task. Doing so

will drastically increase the time and money involved, especially if your client owns an

older home. Do your best to keep pipe-connected elements in place, and your client will

feel the difference in their wallet and their project timeline.

Embrace the glory of cabinet refacing. The Kitchen Solvers franchise family built itself

largely on the back of cabinet refacing, and thousands of our franchisees have used this

method to speed their own success. The benefits of cabinet refacing are similar for the

client and home improvement franchisee: it’s a fast, cheap, and efficient way to make a

huge impact on a kitchen or bathroom remodel. If you want to avoid getting stuck in the

mires of a complete cabinet overhaul, familiarize yourself with the thousands of options

that our cabinet refacing process puts in your arsenal.

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