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Training on mobile and tablet apps PowerPoint Presentation
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Training on mobile and tablet apps

Training on mobile and tablet apps

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Training on mobile and tablet apps

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  1. Delivering Training on Mobile & Tablets Apps Presenter : Presenter : Puneet Dhawan Vice President – Sales Hurix Systems

  2. In this webinar we will discuss   Why training needs to go mobile The challenges faced by trainers in the mobile world and how apps help overcome them  What should an ideal mobile learning platform allow you to do?

  3. Corporate training has transformed over the years… Majorly Driven by Modern Corporate Learner’s three demands: 2| 2| Device of their Choice WEB BASED WEB BASED 3| 3| At Time of their Choice DEVICE AGNOSTIC DEVICE AGNOSTIC 1| 1| With A Great Experience SOLELY INSTRUCTOR LED SOLELY INSTRUCTOR LED

  4. …And so has Content consumption on Mobiles & Tablets 50% Of employees will use their own devices at Workplaces by 2017 42% 42% 10 10 BN 70% 70% BYOD Increase in smartphone users globally Of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018 Personal mobile devices would be in use by 2020 51% Of digital media consumption on mobile devices INCREASE IN MOBILE DEVICES TIME ON MOBILE DEVICES WORKFORCE IS INCREASINGLY GOING MOBILE 59% ENTERPRISES ARE TRANSFORMING THEIR TRAINING STRATEGY AROUND MOBILE DEVICES Increase in mobile data traffic in 2015 vs 2014 MOBILE DATA

  5. Top 4 Challenges faces by trainers in the mobile world Mobile and Tablet usage trends provide a compelling case for mobile based learning but it also has its own challenges BYOD – Too Many Device Types Measuring Training Effectiveness Learner Engagement Enriched Content & Existing infrastructure / LMS

  6. Mobile Apps solve these problems (and actually better them!) Apps can enable you to achieve Performance Enablement Smooth User Experience Reach Targeted Audience Personal Learning Agent Pull and Push Training Content Allows Collaboration Offline Access

  7. What should your mobile learning platform do? How Modern Corporate Training Platforms (including KITABOO) enable organizations to easily deliver content on Mobile Apps

  8. Drive learner engagement using enrichments on your legacy content in your mobile environment Rapid enrichment Rapid enrichment of your legacy content Turn your static content Turn your static content into enriched interactive content Add Add Video, Audio Video, Audio, Highlights on top of your content DIY method DIY method of uploading your training content Easily create Easily create new mobile optimized training content

  9. Leverage social sharing within your training for better productivity Share notes Share notes with trainees UGC (User Generated Content) available at all times available at all times on the content Share notes with your instructor instructor UGC is stored safely stored safelyon the cloud Synchronize Synchronize notes/highlights/bookmarks across all user’s devices UGC is visible on all devices instantly on all devices, Consistent reading experience across across all all devices experience devices

  10. Measure learner engagement to drive desired learning outcomes Integrate with existing Learning existing Learning Management Systems Management Systems / existing infrastructure – No more learning in silos Know which content is performing better to keep employees employees engaged keep your engaged your Get valuable insights on valuable insights on time spent spent by your trainees on your training content time Powerful analytic data helps you to modify your t training content raining content modify your Extract precise ROI precise ROI from all your training sessions

  11. Deliver on mobiles and tablets with Your own branded Apps Audio Videos Hyperlinks Images Training Content Assessments Quizzes MCQ More Interactivities

  12. KITABOO –Delivering Interactive Training Content on Mobiles & Tablets Enabling Enterprises Corporate and Sales training Training Companies Interactive training content delivery Own branded Apps Learn even when Offline Interactive Content Super quick Turnaround Time Easy & Intuitive Interface Collaboration and Sharing Cost effective Distribution Analytics and Feedback Integration with LMS (LTI) Access based delivery

  13. Key takeaways Corporates should leverage easy availability and affordability of mobile devices availability and affordability of mobile devices Learners today are self-driven - empower need need arises arises empower the learner to learn as and when the the learner to learn as and when the Deliver on all devices to ensure training content is utilized training content is utilized seamlessly seamlessly Create device agnostic content Create device agnostic content – – HTML5 usage is on the rise. Embrace it For offline content delivery, use Native Apps for devices partner / platform that allows you to do that with ease Native Apps for devices. Choose a technology

  14. Thank You! To Know how KITABOO can transform your training needs: Drop a note at: Visit us at: