reconciliation with creation n.
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Reconciliation with Creation

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Reconciliation with Creation. An Experiential Workshop Along the Mekong River Jesuit Conference of Asia &Pacific. Participants: 44 Jesuits and Collaborators. Held July 11-15, 2011 Kampong Cham, Cambodia. On the banks of the Mekong River. Experiences of Participants.

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Reconciliation with Creation

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reconciliation with creation

Reconciliation with Creation

An Experiential Workshop Along the Mekong River

Jesuit Conference of Asia &Pacific

experiences of participants
Experiences of Participants
  • Gratitude for the gift of creation,experienced in the Mekong River
  • Visiting farming and fishing villages
  • Sharing reflections
  • Learning
  • Ecological crisis of the Mekong River
  • Our Jesuit ecological way of proceeding
mekong river crisis
Mekong River Crisis
  • Dams have been built and many more are planned.
  • The dams will adversely affect the migration of fish, inhibiting their feeding and spawning, threatening the economy of fishing communities.
  • The dams will reduce the beneficial seasonal flooding and harm agriculture.
  • 60 million people live in the basin of the Mekong River.
jesuit ecological way of proceeding
Jesuit Ecological Way of Proceeding
  • In brief –
  • Practice what we believe
  • Teach what we practice
  • Action for good governance
workshop action planning
Workshop Action Planning
  • Planning ecologically responsible lives and communities
  • green campus projects for Jesuit schools
  • training for Jesuits and collaborators
green campuses at jesuit schools
Green campuses at Jesuit Schools
  • Evaluate campus buildings and management – energy efficiency, alternate energy, waste management – using a checklist of 38 points developed by Pedro Walpole, S.J.
  • Promote this evaluation at the annual meeting of AJCU (Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities-Asia Pacific Annual Meeting).
  • Promote conferences on ecology.
  • To the workshop planners, organizers, translators, guides, facilitators, recorders, material providers, funders, etc.
  • And especially to -