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Qualified Clinical Data Registries

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Qualified Clinical Data Registries - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Qualified Clinical Data Registries . April 2013. ATRA 2012 and Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDR). SATISFACTORY PARTICIPATION IN A QUALIFIED CLINICAL DATA REGISTRY.—

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atra 2012 and qualified clinical data registries qcdr
ATRA 2012 and Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDR)


  • “For 2014 and subsequent years, the Secretary shall treat an eligible professional as satisfactorily submitting data on quality measures under subparagraph (A) if, in lieu of reporting measures under subsection (k)(2)(C), the eligible professional is satisfactorily participating, as determined by the Secretary, in a qualified clinical data registry”
  • Secretary must recognize physicians that are “satisfactorily participating”  in “qualified” clinical data registries for payment programs
  • Requires the Secretary to establish how to recognize a registry as qualified and suggests the following attributes:
    • ‘(I) has mechanisms for the transparency of data elements and specifications, risk  models, and measures;
    • ‘‘(II) requires the submission of data from participants with respect to multiple payers;
    • ‘‘(III) provides timely performance reports to  participants at the individual participant level; and
    • ‘‘(IV) supports quality improvement initiatives for participants.
cms rfi on qcdr 2013
CMS RFI on QCDR 2013
  • Reporting entity requirements for qualified registry under the PQRS for 2014 and subsequent years or the EHR Incentive Program
    • What types of entities should be eligible to submit quality measures data on behalf of eligible professionals for PQRS and the EHR Incentive Program? Examples might include medical board registries, specialty society registries, regional quality collaborativesor other entities. What qualification requirements should be applicable to such entities?
  • Measure Selection for PQRS and EHR Incentive Program
    • Should we require that a certain proportion of submitted measures have particular characteristics such as being NQF-endorsed or outcome-based?
  • Participation Reporting Criteria
    • How many measures should an eligible professional be required to report to collect meaningful quality data?
ditt tasks
DITT Tasks

Contribute recommendations on what additional attributes related to:

1. Privacy and Security

2. Data quality (completeness, timeliness, etc)

3. CEHRT Standards alignment (consume/produce CCDA or QRDA Level 3)

4. Business Rules (Do or Do Not Share Data, Do of Do Not Sale Data, etc)

guiding principles of ecqm development
Guiding Principles of eCQM Development

Measures will be valuable.

Measures will be updated frequently.

Development will be democratized.

eCQM Programs will align.

eCQMs and CDS will be harmonized.





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