The ukettle project
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The UKettle Project. Group 3 Deepanwita Ghosh Ketav Mehta Shashank Sawant Vinoth VV. People. Bill Smith President (Great British Kettles) Scott S tropkay Head Industrial Designer (Polymer Solutions Inc)

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The ukettle project

The UKettle Project

Group 3


Ketav Mehta


Vinoth VV

The ukettle project


Bill Smith President (Great British Kettles)

Scott Stropkay Head Industrial Designer (Polymer Solutions Inc)

Michael Jaeb, Dave Privitera Co-Designer/Mechanical engineer (Polymer Solutions Inc)

Gavin Jewel Project Engineer (Polymer Solutions Inc)

UweWascher Senior Executive(GE plastics)

GBK Great British Kettles

PSI Polymer Solutions Inc., (JV of GE plastics and FRS)

FRS Fitch Richardson Smith (GBK's product development consultant)

GEP GE Plastics


The ukettle project

Bill Smith

British Interior Designer

Involved in eateries business which expanded to UK an US

Faced a situation where in he wanted to serve Tea or Coffee

to his customers but couldn’t find an appropriate kettle for it

  • Difficulty in finding an appropriate kettle in US market

  • The kettles he found in Canada did not turn off automatically

  • Which means there is a market for Electric Kettles in US

The ukettle project

  • The took up his idea in 1990 March and hired PSI as a Design Consultant.

  • The design brief in his mind

    • Should not look like a British Pitcher

    • Should have some resemblance to the traditional tea kettle

    • Emphasis on the electrical components

    • It should be a 1.5 quarts capacity

    • Project duration is 6 months

Scott and Jaeb are the design team in PSI - started the design project

with the time duration of one month

The ukettle project

  • Scott’s Approach Consultant.

  • Reliability

  • Cost effectiveness

  • And emphasis on the electric features

  • They started sketching and made models

The ukettle project

  • Dave Consultant.Privitera

  • DFD(Design for Disassembly)

  • Problems of DFD

  • UweWascher (Snr. Ex., GEP)

  • Stressed majorly on DFD

  • FRS changed strategy from DFA to DFD which will add value and make customer to pay 10-15% premium, due to low environmental impact.

The ukettle project

  • Problems in the process Consultant.

  • Public perception to DFD

  • Handle design

  • Plug and Cord

  • Base and Bottom plate

  • The Switch

  • Delay in deciding details for tools

  • No CAD engineer available

  • Tooling hiccups

The ukettle project

  • Post-Design Issues Consultant.

  • Branding and Packaging

  • Kettle is a public relations dream

  • British owned

  • New

  • energy saver

  • DFD

  • Named as UKettle

Focus Group

- younger Professional types

- older Traditional types

The ukettle project

USP Consultant. : Boils water faster and Cheaper than conventional kettles

“It goes to show that when people don’t see the need for a product they cant get very excited. “