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Bosu Balance Trainer

Bosu Balance Trainer

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Bosu Balance Trainer

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  1. Bosu Balance Trainer Marco J. Luzuriaga, Marni C McSween-Farmer, Ross J Ryan, Annemarie Yoos

  2. “The Bosu Balance Trainer was born of passion to improve my balance. In my lifelong pursuit of enhanced athleticism, I have come to understand that balance is the foundation on which all other performance components are built.” David Weck, Bosu inventor

  3. Bosu Background • Invented in 1999 by David Weck. • “Bosu” stands for “both sides up” because you can use either side of the equipment.

  4. Bosu Balance Trainer • Not only a training device, but also reflects a new philosophy in athletic conditioning that focuses on balance. • In order for Bosu to succeed over the copycat competitors, it must be used and recommended by coaches, personal trainers, and other significant purchase influencers. • Can be purchased at

  5. What information systems can Bosu create to enhance its product or differentiate it from existing emerging competition? • Establish Alliances • MIO Motiva Heart Rate Watch • • Create a New Product or Service • Weight Management System

  6. MIO Motiva Heart Rate Watch • On demand, ECG accurate heart rate without a chest strap • Patented calorie management system records the calories you eat during the day against the calories burned during exercise to help you manage your weight effectively • Visual indicator of exertion level • Percentage of maximum heart rate • Heart rate recovery test designed to measure your fitness level • Get results faster with the MIO 3500 Calorie Club program • Five (5) exercise timers:  Count up, Count down, Count up with warm-up, Walk/Run and Repeat • User accessible battery hatch • Interchangeable watch band with colors to fit your every mood (BONUS Band Included) • BONUS MioSense Guide Included

  7. Nutrisystem Eat healthy and track your weight loss. Follow the Meal Planner provided, and combine Nutrisystem® foods with grocery items for a healthy, balanced diet. Access FREE online community and weight loss trackers Choose your planand food. Select the plan that's right for you. Create your own 28-day menu (choose a breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert for each day), or simply start with our pre-selected Favorite Foods Package. Get delicious food delivered to your door. Receive your order in days, along with a valuable Nutrisystem® Results Kit. Relax with our "no brainer" meal plan—no counting calories, carbs or points.

  8. Weight Management System • Could create a health data analysis and management system for Fitness professionals for use at training facilities or at home. • 1) The information system can be pleasing, with intuitive interface allowing users to input information such as their name, age, gender, weight, height, and workout program. Once you enter all data, the program will generate facts such as growth percentiles, your BMI and risk of elevated heart rate. • 2) The system could be created so that automatically adds client's information on growth charts. • 3) This information system could provide data and calculate results in a summary report with fitness community to share tips and ideas.

  9. 2.) What information systems can Bosu develop to create barriers to entry to the competition and to lock in customers? • Customer Databases • Allow for distribution news on new products, allied products of Bosu and promotions • Workout Logs • Provides motivation and an easy way for users to track results thus enhancing the product • Customer Forums • Allows customers to offer their own advice, support and introduce questions • Having quick and useful feedback will enhance and add value to the product

  10. 3.) What information systems can Bosu develop to establish alliances? • Customer Databases • Can be used to distribute info and offers on products allied with Bosu • Simplifies customer shipping info and billing • Fitness Results Tracker • Displays results to clients and can show impact of utilizing one or more of allied products • Motivates clients to purchase products to use in conjunction with Bosu

  11. 4.) How can Bosu develop programs similar to those used by Microsoft to provide customer support and create a competitive advantage? • Allow customers to directly communicate through forums to provide user support • provides motivation • direct advice and tips • timely responses • creates customer loyalty • enhances product value • Sponsor User Groups or Classes • creates a circle of customers loyal to Bosu • locks in customers to regularly scheduled classes

  12. 5.) What information systems will Bosu need to develop to support the programs identified in your answer to question 4? • Customer Forum Pages on Website • to allow customer communication • post hints, successes, and questions • Bosu Training Class Registration • allows for customers to register for classes in their area • allow for gyms and fitness centers to attract business by hosting Bosu classes

  13. Marco J. Luzuriaga Marni C. McSween-Farmer Ross J. Ryan Annemarie F. Yoos