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Awards & Scholarships

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Awards & Scholarships. Why apply?. Awards programs through the FFA help bring much deserved recognition, not only to your chapter but to the individual students who have outstanding SAEs. Chapter Awards. The National Chapter Award is given to chapters who have implemented an outstanding POA

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why apply
Why apply?
  • Awards programs through the FFA help bring much deserved recognition, not only to your chapter but to the individual students who have outstanding SAEs
chapter awards
Chapter Awards
  • The National Chapter Award is given to chapters who have implemented an outstanding POA
  • Every chapter that applies will receive a rating
  • This is a great opportunity to get your chapter recognized and give your students a chance to see their chapter’s name on the big screen!
chapter awards cont d
Chapter Awards, cont’d
  • The Golden Horizon award recognizes well-rounded chapter involvement that promotes maximum participation, in order to deliver all facets of the agricultural education program.
student awards
Student Awards
  • Proficiency Awards recognize students with outstanding SAEs
    • Can either be entrepreneur or placement
  • Star Awards
    • Recognize students in four areas at each degree level
      • Production
      • Placement
      • Agribusiness
      • Agriscience
  • The scholarship opportunities for students are numerous
  • National FFA scholarships are due earlier than state FFA scholarships
  • Keep in mind that Houston has very unique scholarship requirements with regards to who they will award scholarships to
    • Be aware of these so you don’t put a student in a bind.
    • This includes Go Texan Scholarships
tips for filling out applications
Tips for filling out applications
  • Follow the rubrics!
    • The applications and rubrics are available online either through state or national FFA
  • Pictures
    • Action photos are best
    • Make sure they are a true reflection of the student or chapter’s work
    • Don’t wait until the last minute
    • Staged pictures look staged
keep in mind
Keep in mind
  • There are so many award and scholarship opportunities both through the FFA and some of your community groups
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself trying to apply for everything
  • Visit with veteran teachers if you have questions about how to find or fill out applications
  • Always volunteer to judge to help learn what a successful application looks like!
record books
Record Books
  • Student awards, such as Star and proficiency require the students record books to be up to date
  • The record books should be kept up throughout the student’s SAE
  • They should be a true reflection of their work
record book tips
Record Book Tips
  • Have a record book day each week for students to update their books in class so you can help them
  • Have a record book workshop once a month after school
  • If the student is keeping up with them on their own, do spot checks on your own.
record book tips1
Record Book Tips
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to put record books together
  • Students should be maintaining their books throughout the year
  • The Star Awards and scholarships will require interviews
  • They will require official dress
  • Practice interviewing skills with your students
    • They will be very nervous, so being prepared can ease their nerves
    • A good first question to always begin with is “Tell us about yourself.”
      • Answering this should highlight not only who they are but their FFA involvement, especially as it pertains to this award
interviews cont d
Interviews, cont’d
  • Questions from judges
    • Scholarship questions rarely change much
    • Star award questions are SAE specific, so make sure that your student is adequately prepared to talk about their SAEs
    • Knowing key terms is essential
      • Some examples
        • Gestation for pregnancy
        • Lactation for milking
interviews cont d1
Interviews, cont’d
  • Sometimes students get questions they don’t understand
    • Train them that it’s okay to ask for clarification
  • Train them to deal with questions that they can’t answer
    • When a student gets a question that baffles them, it’s okay.
    • Never answer “I don’t know.”
    • Teach them to use their other knowledge to help address the question to the best of their ability to show that they still understand their SAE.
example of answering a tough question
Example of answering a tough question…
  • Jacob’s SAE is a placement SAE working for a beef cattle operation. He’s worked there for two years.
  • The judge asks Jacob, “What types of dewormers do you use and how often do you administer them?”
  • Jacob knows that they worm every six months, but is nervous and forgets the name of the dewormer.
  • What can he do?
what to do
What to do…
  • It’s okay to take a minute to gather your thoughts. Kids should not feel pressured to answer right away!
  • Jacob can explain how they gather the cattle every six months, and offer details about cattle handling and his exact job during the deworming process.
  • By explaining the details of what he does during the process, he shows that he has knowledge of his SAE
what to do cont d
What to do, cont’d
  • NEVER say, “I don’t know.”
  • The student may not be able to give them exactly what they want, but they can give them SOMETHING!
  • Award and scholarship opportunities are numerous
  • Don’t try to do it all
  • Take pictures throughout the year
  • Follow the rubrics
  • Have other people look over your applications for you to check for errors