welcome to the fall 2007 candidates meeting n.
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Welcome to the Fall 2007 Candidates’ Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Fall 2007 Candidates’ Meeting

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Welcome to the Fall 2007 Candidates’ Meeting

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Welcome to the Fall 2007 Candidates’ Meeting

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  1. Welcome to the Fall 2007 Candidates’ Meeting Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

  2. Any Questions At All… Colleen Donovan (518) 858-9018 donovanc@sas.upenn.edu Do not run a campaign that would embarrass your mother. -Robert C. Byrd

  3. Tonight’s Agenda • Calendar of Events • Midnight Breakfast • Publicity • Poster Policy and E-mail Policy • Spending Forms and Violations • Voting • Position Breakdown • Officially Becoming a Candidate • Any Remaining Questions

  4. Elections Calendar Wednesday, September 19 – Spending Period Begins at 6:00 AM Sunday, September 23 – Midnight Breakfast 10 PM – 12 AM *Change in Location: Houston Market, Houston Hall Monday, September 24 - Online Elections Begin on Penn inTouch at 12:01 AM Friday, September 28 – Elections Conclude at 5 PM Candidates MUST turn in their Spending Forms between the hours of 5 PM and 7 PM at the NEC Office in Houston Hall. Charges of Violations of the FPC will be accepted at this time as well. Saturday, September 29 - Election Results Announced, if no violations are filed This meeting will be held at 2 PM in the Golkin Room, Houston Hall. Sunday, September 30 - Fair Practice Code Hearing, if violations are filed This meeting will be held at 5:00 PM in Logan Hall 17.

  5. Midnight Breakfast Sunday, September 23 10 PM – 12 AM Houston Market, Houston Hall Voting Begins at MIDNIGHT RAFFLE: Pick up your tickets before you leave tonight!

  6. Publicity • DP Spread • Online Candidate Statements • Posters • Flyers • DP Website

  7. “What do you think is the most effective form of publicity?” Source: Spring 2007 Voter Demographic Report.

  8. Postering • NEC Policy • Freely Accessible Areas • No Windows or Balconies in Residential Rooms • No Tampering with Other Candidates’ Posters • “any action that directly interferes with or reverses a candidate’s postering efforts” • University Policy

  9. Poster Policy • $1 fine for each poster in illegal area • Each College House has different rules • 1 poster per kiosk • 1 poster per tree • 1 poster per side of Bridge (2 posters max on Bridge) • STRING must be used on trees • MASKING tape acceptable for Bridge • DUCT tape is NOT acceptable anywhere • Staples are only acceptable for bulletin boards The University’s Poster Policy is in the Candidate’s Pack and on the NEC Website. You MUST Read It!!!

  10. Posters Are Never Allowed: • On any trees in the Quad • On the silver name plates OR stainless steel posts on the 38th St. Bridge • On lampposts and benches • In College House bathroom stalls Also Note: No spray chalk is allowed

  11. E-mail Policy You and your surrogates may e-mail all listservs EXCEPT: • The official Class Listserv (ex. Class of 2011 listserv) • The official School Listserv (ex. School of Nursing) • The official Class/School Listserv (ex. Nursing Class of 2011) • The UA or Class Board listserv • You may use academic listservs if (and only if) you get permission from the instructor

  12. Spending Forms You may spend an absolute MAXIMUM of $50. You will not be reimbursed. This spending form and accompanying receipts MUST be turned in on Friday, September 28th between 5 pm and 7 pm in the NEC Office. Spending forms may be printed off of the NEC website. Failure to turn this in, even if you spend $0 on your campaign, will result in disqualification.

  13. What Should Be On My Spending Form? ANYTHING related to your campaign must be accounted for on your spending form (with the exception of tape, glue, staples and string). • What if I already own markers or buttons or a machine that will spell my name in lights? • They must still appear on your spending form! • What if I don’t know how much something I already own costs? • If you do not have receipts for your items (whether they were bought before or during the election cycle), you may submit a price for consideration, but the NEC reserves the right to ultimately determine the item’s fair market value • You may contact the Vice Chair for Elections at any time during the cycle to determine the fair market value of the items in question

  14. Also, Please Note:If you purchase advertisements on Facebook, print out and submit your receipts. If you do not, you will be charged the highest daily rate for flyers ($45/day)

  15. In other words, all of this means: Do NOT lose your receipts! It is to your benefit to keep them all and include them with your spending form!

  16. Spending Forms, Continued • What if I print out copies on my printer? • You must still account for the copies on your spending form. Use the set prices found in the Candidate’s Pack. • What if I spend nothing on my campaign? • You must still turn in a spending form! • What if I can get a deal on some materials? • The deal must be a sale open to the public. If it is not, you must use the standard fair market prices.

  17. What if I campaign with other people? Each candidate may still spend a maximum of $50. Any materials supporting your campaign must be accounted on each candidate’s spending form. VOTE Rudy Hillary US Couple of the Year Spending Forms, Continued Rudy Giuliani’sSpending Form Bumper Stickers - $9.64 Hillary Clinton’s Spending Form Bumper Stickers - $9.64 Rudy and Hillary spent $9.64 total on the joint bumper stickers, but both must record the full cost.

  18. Violations of the Fair Practice Code • Anyone may file a charge that the FPC was violated. • All charges must be based on a specific rule found in the FPC. • All charges must be turned in on Friday, September 28th between 5-7 pm at the NEC office. • Charges/notification of FPC hearing time will be emailed by 10 pm. • It is the candidates’ responsibility to prepare to defend themselves at the FPC hearing if a charge is filed against them. • If there is a violation, a hearing will be held before the elections results are announced. • Grievance Officer: Erica Jahnle • Public Advisor: Kristin Brinkley

  19. Voting • Polls are open on Penn inTouch under the Elections tab from 12:01 am on Monday, September 24 through 5 pm on Friday, September 28. • Make sure your classmates vote… there are lots of votes out there; it is your job to find them! • 65% voter turnout last year: let’s beat it!

  20. Position Breakdown 2011 Class Board • President - 12 • Vice President- 6 • VPCS- 3 • Treasurer- 3 • Secretary- 4 • SAS Rep (2 spots)- 3 • Wharton Rep- 3 • SEAS Rep- 4 • Nursing Rep- 3 Undergraduate Assembly Freshman Representatives (8 spots)- 33

  21. Officially Declaring Your Candidacy • The Official Acknowledgement of Candidacy confirms you are a candidate. • By signing it, you agree that you have read the FPC. • It must be handed to members of the NEC along with your candidate statement before you leave. • Please make sure that your name is spelled CLEARLY in print.

  22. Before You Leave • Official Acknowledgement of Candidacy turned in(right front) • Raffle tickets picked up (right front) • Candidate statements checked or revised and turned in (back) • Picture/name checked (podium) • Pictures needed (left front) • Siler Bryan • Elad Golan

  23. Good Luck!Questions? And one more time… Colleen Donovan (518) 858-9018 donovanc@sas.upenn.edu