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The Invisible Garden

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A B C Y Z MYSTERIES. The Invisible Garden. BY OMAR ABDEL KADER. Table of contents. The Strangest Walk -------------------------------- 1 The Big Hole - ----------------------------- 2 Nick Figures It Out --------------------------------- 4

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table of contents
Table of contents

The Strangest Walk -------------------------------- 1

The Big Hole ------------------------------ 2

Nick Figures It Out --------------------------------- 4

Calling The Police man ------------------------------ 6

Back Home-------------------------------------------- 7

chapter 1

The Strangest Walk

One day Nick, Dink And Olivia were taking a walk and when they just entered the woods they saw a sign.It said : BEWARE DON’T ENTER. Nick, Dink and Olivia saw a big hole in front of them. They ran away from the hole. Nick said, “We need to figure out who is behind all of this just like the mummy zone it was somebody and we called the policeman.


chapter 2

The Big Hole

The next morning Nick had forgotten all about the hole so when Dink, Nick and Olivia were going to the woods Nick was confused why they were going to the woods and Nick fell right inside the hole and when Dink and Olivia tried to reach Nick, they fell too. The three of them saw a garden and a beautiful house. Nick decided to go inside so the three of them went inside and they saw his card Nick, Dink



and Olivia were thinking. The three of them noticed a ladder so they thought that somebody lived there. Just then they heard footsteps. Dink put the card in his pocket and ran to the ladder. Dink, Nick and Olivia circled the house so that the man doesn’t see them and hurried to the ladder. The three of them ran and gave the card to there moms and there mom said, Just before there mom could say anything Nick shouted,


chapter 3

Nick Figures It Out

“I know it, this card belongs to the person in the house so we can copy the email address but it was written with French and they knew it was an email address because it had the @ sign. Nick, Dink and Olivia were thinking how to read French. Dink said, “ We can learn French in a French school. That would take for ages. Just then a French man strolled by and then Nick gave the French man the card for him to read.



, as he was reading the e-mail Dink was copying it down then Nick shouted, “I’ve figured it out, I've figured it out!”


chapter 4

Calling The Policeman

The family called the police man and told him the email address and were they were. The police came hurrying and took the bad guy. The police ha a conversation about behaving well next time. While the police was driving the police car the bad guy groaned and moaned. The police told the bad guy, “ You are staying 20 years in jail”. That was a really really long time to stay a jail. The bad guy was sad.


chapter 5

Back Home

Olivia, Nick and Dink got a huge treat when they got home the other day. It was anything they wanted. Just then the lights turned off and there was a cake. Olivia turned off the candles so she got to have a wish. Olivia wished for having another mystery to solve but Nick and Dink didn’t want but Olivia’s wish came true and if you want to know what was the other adventure you’ll have to read the next book, The Mystery Tree House!


about the author
About The Author

The author's name is Omar Abdel Kader and he lives in Alexandria, Egypt in Lumumba Street in the 3rd floor. His dad was ahead of the building. He went to a school called Schutz American School. He was born in December 1 of 2013.

Here is a picture about Omar Abdel Kader when he was 8: