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The Invisible Promotion. Learning Objectives . Develop a personal strategy for managing change Eliminate the mistakes that can come with an invisible promotion Use effective time management techniques Delegate effectively. 7. Five Incentives Workers Might Be Able To Negotiate. 8.

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Learning objectives
Learning Objectives

  • Develop a personal strategy for managing change

  • Eliminate the mistakes that can come with an invisible promotion

  • Use effective time management techniques

  • Delegate effectively


Five incentives workers might be able to negotiate
Five Incentives Workers Might Be Able To Negotiate


Evaluate your current position
Evaluate Your Current Position

  • To what extent has my role expanded over the past six months to one year with new responsibilities, broader scope, shifts in focus or other major changes?

  • How different is my current role from the job description that existed when I first started?

  • What skills do I need to have or to develop in order to succeed in my job today that perhaps was not as necessary previously?

  • If I was coming in to this job from the outside, what would I do differently?


A simple formula for prioritizing tasks
A Simple Formula for Prioritizing OrganizationTasks

Important x Urgent = Priorities


Keeping morale high when faced with difficult change
Keeping Morale High When Perspective Faced With Difficult Change

  • Look to yourself … take the lead … be thoughtful and inventive

  • Restate what you want clearly; success is impossible without clarity

  • Brainstorm ideas to increase your personal motivation and morale. Be honest about the causes of discontent.

  • Ask your team members to assess what everyone could realistically do to improve the work environment

  • Strive to inspire. You can become the light that guides others.

  • When you are away from work and have some quiet time, re-evaluate your situation and your options … distance leads to clarity


Eight strategies for successful delegation
Eight Strategies for Successful Perspective Delegation

  • Identify those tasks that should not be delegated

  • Entrust and enlist

  • Teach and trust

  • Familiarize and follow up

  • Praise the process

  • Participate in feedback

  • Guard against reverse delegation

  • Delegate up!


How to enlist your co workers help on a project by finding a common goal
How to Enlist Your Co-workers’ Help on a Project by Finding a Common Goal

  • Explain why you need help

  • Point out the benefits of helping to the co-worker

  • Promise to return the favor

  • Point out the benefits to the company of getting the project done on time

  • Thank sincerely


The most common obstacles to delegation
The Most Common Obstacles to Delegation Finding a Common Goal

  • “If I want it done right, I’d better do it myself.”

  • “It takes too long to train others.”

  • “They may do it better than I do it.”

  • “I’m not confident that they can do it.”

  • “I’m tired of getting flak, so I’ll just do it myself.”

  • “But that’s the way we’ve always done it!”

  • “I don’t have anyone to delegate to.”


How to avoid the most common delegation drawbacks
How to Avoid the Most Common Finding a Common GoalDelegation Drawbacks

  • Have a clear understanding of the task


  • Define the expected outcome


  • Budget sufficient time and money


  • Provide specific deadlines


  • Reward success



All you need is six
All You Need is Six Finding a Common Goal

  • What must be done?

  • Why must it be done?

  • When should it be done?

  • Who should do it?

  • Where should it be done?

  • How should it be done?


Five ways to make that extra work work for your career in the long run
Five Ways to Make That Extra Work Finding a Common GoalWork for Your Career in the Long Run

  • Prioritize

  • Ask for coaching or training

  • Fill résumé holes

  • Establish a time frame

  • Make your pitch for a promotion, salary increase or added incentives


The invisible promotion1
The Invisible Promotion Finding a Common Goal