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October Sky
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October Sky

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  1. Chapter 12 October Sky THE MECHANIST By: Karah James, Maha Esaleh, and Caleigh Moore

  2. They called there newest design Aux XIV Timeline On Christmas morning Sonny gets a signed picture and a handwritten note from Dr. Von Braun saying congrats. Sonny and Mr.Ferro trade rocket help for gravel. Quentin teaches Sonny that good things will come from building his rocket. Like “ a better way to organize your thoughts” She punished him and makes him clean the house and cook dinner. Jim and Sonny get into another fight. Sonny goes upstairs to apologize tohis mom. Sonny goes to the Bykovski’s house to talk. They also mention their daughter who was sent away, but used to be in Sonny’s class. Sonny then ask Mr.Bykovski about Dr. Von Braun (the head scientist for Germany’s rocket. She excepts his apology. Sonny’s mom threatens him. Telling him that if he ever goes down in the mine she will shoot him dead in the chest. Sonny contemplates what he should say to his father to make up for lying and going to the mine. Sonny falls deeper in love with Dorothy. He asks her to the dance but she says no, that she already had a date. Mr.Bykovski offers Sonny a trade for the heavy duty machine work he can’t do by himself on his rocket. Mrs.Bykovski tells Sonny his dad is jealous of Dr. Von Braun.

  3. These are the pictures that represent each page in our chapter!!

  4. Important Quotations- “Our rockets will change us in ways we could not have predicted. You, for instance, have actually learned an orderly way to think. When I first met you, I wouldn’t have ever seen that as a possibility.”-Quentin (page 209) “Ike Bykovski spoke then of the way a man can change and how it is possible to forgive if not perhaps to forget. “This is not your sin Sonny” He said. “If your asking for my permission to admire Dr. Von Braun for what he has become you don’t need it.” (page 212)

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uVHsnBcdOs&feature=related • We picked Spaceship from Barny because in our chapter it talks about how high Sonny’s rockets have gotten!

  6. Questions and Answers

  7. Sonny’s mom makes him cook dinner and clean the house. #2-Why is Sonny’s mom mad? #1-What has Sonny’s mom done in retaliation from him going to the mines? Sonny’s mom is mad because he caused trouble at the mine. #3-What did she do with Sonny’s rocket things? She washed them off and put them away. #4-What does she tell Sonny will happen if he ever goes down to the mine again? She tells Sonny she will take his grandfathers gun and shoot him in the chest. #5-Why was Sonny having difficulties working things out with his dad? He’s can’t work things out with his dad because he can’t think of what to say, he knows He’s disappointed him before and doesn’t want to do that aga

  8. #6-How did Mr.Bykovski feel about Dr. Von Braun? He felt that he was messing up the way humans worked but thought it was okay that Sonny admired him. #7-Why does Mr.Bykovski think Homer doesn’t like Dr. Von Braun? He thinks that Homer is jealous of Dr. Von Braun. #8-What does Mr.Ferro say Sonny will have to do before he will help him? He will have to bring him gravel for his backyard. #9-What could Mr.Dubonnet do to stop Sonny if he wanted to? He threatened to tell John L. Lewis that Sonny was making a rocket. #10-What does Roy Lee tell Sonny regarding Dorothy? Roy Lee tells Sonny that he will never be able to date her. #11- What does Sonny get for Christmas? Sonny gets a signed picture from Dr. Von Braun and a hand written note telling him how he was inspired by Sonny building a rocket.

  9. Any more qeustions?

  10. THE END.