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  1. A DREAM EDUCATION FOR A DREAM JOB Talesfrom 2022 bytwofuturists Team “Positive Future” Members: -Angela Ferrari & Josè Miguel MolinaFernàndez

  2. A dreameducation & a dream job • I’ve just opened my eyes… I’m enjoying a wonderful view of the forest through my window as I’m getting dressed. So, let’s see how my day look like.. I have classes in the morning..I have to take my tablet with me, I have to compare notes about the last economic lesson with my classmates..I didn’t grasp the material quite well...Before lunch, I have a meeting with my professor and my boss to discuss my ideas for a research paper for the class..My idea seems quite strong, I hope the feedback I receive will be beneficial. In the afternoon I’ll go to work: I can’t wait to hear about the development of the new project in Asia, maybe my research for the paper can contribute to it… • I’m working as a counselor in a development project in the eastern side of my country. The project’s goal is to stop monocultivation, that’s actually erosioning the ground, causing enormous damage in the environment and stopping production of many other important goods, that might be even more competitive that the one being sowed. A normal day in this job goes like this: - Explain the farmers the advantages of sowing more that one thing at a time. - Thinking about new ways to produce and sell farmer’s food, in order to make them earn some more, which would be a motivation for them not to use toxic products or monocultivating. - Give the government real data about food production in the countryside, so they can plan useful projects to raise the nation’s economy. 

  3. A perfect day in university would be half-presencial, half online • Online-studies offered by universities will be improved and will include more fields of study, so economical situation won't be an obstacle when it comes to studying. Furthermore, it would allow people to get access to a global education and to interact with other cultures. • Today, growing number of university offer online programs, both for undergraduate and graduate education. The problem is that not all employers are familiar with this type of education, even it would be beneficial for them. Nowadays, employers tend to offer training on the job, investing time and money on the recent graduate. In a view of the development of better and more coherent university programs, it would be useful to join both theory and practice, reducing the gap between education and industry. The cooperation between them should begin to enhance research in those sectors connected with a certain industry and getting students ready for the job at the same time. This would give them skilled professional, while decreasing the number of youth unemployment. • Being able to connect what they study what they do almost on a daily basis will make the industry more competitive and therefore ready to deal with global challenges, without having to catch up.

  4. Importance of post-grade studies • To be able to compete in the global job market we will need further knowledge and fine critical thinking skills given by post graduate education. Post graduate studies will become very important, not only in matters of learning, but especially in learning how to do things. • According to an UNESCO report, the next 30 years will see more people go through formal education than in combined history of Modern Age. We live in the so called era of “Digital Enlighten”.

  5. Skills expected from the future education • Education used to be the platform where the required skills for the available jobs were provided. Education and training are hence considered a core factor in determining the chance of a successful transition into work. • Programming skills (not also for websites but also for mobile apps) will be useful, because there will a lot of web related professions, English will become the vehicular language when working internationally, together with online project management working skills, because it will make team working easier, as well as intercultural knowledge skills, since we will interact with people from all over the world and good research skills because we will need to navigate through a lot of information during our daily tasks. • Employers should also be consulted regarding the design of vocational schooling curricula. This requires a systematic coordination with networks or associations of employers.