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A dream job PowerPoint Presentation
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A dream job

A dream job

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A dream job

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  1. A dream job

  2. Once it was a little witch. Her name was Blacky.

  3. All women in her family were witches.

  4. They lived in an old castle with ghosts.

  5. Every day she can hear here strange sounds .

  6. The wind blew: [u:].

  7. The doors creaked: [i ].

  8. The windows clapped: [b].

  9. The bats flew: [ f ].

  10. Black cats purred: [ r].

  11. The snakes hissed:[ ∫ ].

  12. The walls cracked: [t∫].

  13. The chairs creaked: [i:]

  14. The ghosts cried: [a:].

  15. The owl cried: [u].

  16. Such strange sounds she can hear at home. The doors creaked: [ i ]. The wind blew: [ u:]. The bats flew: [ f ]. The windows clapped: [b]. Black cats purred: [ r]. The snakes hissed:[ ∫ ]. The chairs creaked: [i:]. The walls cracked: [t∫]. The ghosts cried: [a:]. The owl cried: [u].

  17. One day the little witch found a key , took a candle and opened a door in a dark room.

  18. She found some magic books.

  19. The little witch began to read one of them.

  20. There were interesting pictures in it.

  21. a cook a secretary a nurse

  22. a teacher a sportsman anaccountant

  23. a mechanic anactress a litter man

  24. a librarian a doctor a clown

  25. a flyer a businessman a housewife

  26. a sailor a nanny a correspondent

  27. a film maker a soldier a designer

  28. a painter a gardener a lawyer

  29. a musician an engineer a driver

  30. a postman a worker a model

  31. a salesperson a zoo keeper an officer

  32. This people lived in the town Happy.

  33. Blackydidn `t notice an old witch. She spied on her.

  34. The old witch was angry.

  35. Blacky decided to visit the town. The old witch followed her.

  36. In the town Happy was a party.

  37. People danced with Bob the builder.

  38. Bob the builder built new houses. It is a hard job.

  39. The witch made a magic drink.

  40. She put the magic drink into juice.

  41. People drunk juice and lost their memory.

  42. Blacky wanted to know all about the people on the pictures . She wanted to be one of them. ?

  43. But they couldn`t remember about theirselves.

  44. A fairy came to help them.

  45. You have to prepare tasty dishes. It is not easy to do. You have to answer the telephone. It`s easy! You have to take care of ill people. It is a hard job! I am a cook ! I am a nurse! I am a secretary!

  46. You have to explain lessons. It is poorly paid. You have to take part in competitions. It` dangerous. You have to plan what to do with money. It is boring. I am a teacher! I am anaccountant! I am a sportsman!

  47. You have to repair cars. It is interesting. You have to collect litter. It is so important. You have to act in plays. It `s so exotic. I am anactress ! I am a mechanic! I am a litter man !

  48. You have to give books. It is poorly paid. You have to treat ill people. It is important! You have to take part in performances. It is exotic. I am a librarian! I am a doctor! I am a clown!

  49. You have to visit a lot of places. It is interesting. You have to plan business. It is well paid. You have to organize the house. It is not easy. I am a flyer ! I am a housewife ! I am a businessman !

  50. You have to meet a lot of people. Your job is dangerous. You have to look after children. It is very hard to do. You have to write about news. It is popular. I am a correspondent! I am a sailor! I am a nanny!