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nha production tool streamlining the nha estimation process n.
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NHA Production Tool Streamlining the NHA estimation process PowerPoint Presentation
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NHA Production Tool Streamlining the NHA estimation process

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NHA Production Tool Streamlining the NHA estimation process
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NHA Production Tool Streamlining the NHA estimation process

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  1. NHA Production ToolStreamlining the NHA estimation process Douglas Glandon, NHA Coordinator Abt Associates Inc. Prince Mahidol Award Conference Bangkok, Thailand WHO Side Meeting - January 24, 2012

  2. Overview • Introduction and Purpose • Development Process • Key Features • Summary and Next Steps • Software Demonstration

  3. Introduction and Purpose

  4. Problem Statement • Despite recognized value for policy, few developing countries routinely produce and use NHA estimates • Persistent challenges include: • Complexity of NHA methodology • High reliance on foreign technical assistance • Costly and time-consuming estimation process • Inconsistencies in recording decisions and assumptions

  5. What is the NHA Production Tool? A desktop software application that: • Guides teams through the steps of conducting NHA • Streamlines data collection and analysis • Simplifies data management and visualization Key benefits include: • Reduced time, cost, and TA needed to produce NHA • Improved data quality, consistency over time

  6. Who uses the NHA Production Tool? • Country NHA teams • Team Leads • Full functionality to set parameters, assign and manage tasks • Team Members • Limited functionality to complete specific tasks and submit to Team Lead • Providers of technical assistance • Easy import/export of data sets allows for remote support

  7. Development Process

  8. Broad-Based Input and Feedback • Developed by USAID’s Health Systems 20/20 Project with software developer Prognoz Corporation • Approximately 2 years to develop • Input and feedback from WHO, World Bank, NHA technical experts, country NHA teams • E.g., Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Liberia, Rwanda, Tanzania, others Demo at OECD/World Bank NHA meeting in Paris (Oct. 2011)

  9. Pilot Test in Tanzania • HS 20/20 team and Prognoz developers conducted field-based pilot test alongside Tanzania NHA team • In-country NHA team used the traditional, Excel-based method • NHA Production Tool was tested concurrently • Objectives of Pilot Test • Test application using actual NHA data to assess handling of data sets, assumptions, and methodological approaches • Identify bugs in the software that prevent proper functioning • Identify and define needed fixes to the software to increase functionality, flexibility

  10. Refinement and Completion of Version 1.0 • Platform performed well during pilot test, with a few bugs and needed fixes • Addressed issues and enhanced functionality for Version 1.0, including: • Ability to repeat specified analysis/”mapping” decisions • Ability for multiple users to work collaboratively • Version 1.0 completed in December 2011 – in English and French • Several remaining elements to be implemented before public release of software

  11. Key Features

  12. Step-by-Step Guidance Guiding the NHA Process Simple, intuitive navigation

  13. Easily Customize and Save NHA Codes Customize NHA codes to country context

  14. Simplified Data Collection and Entry Export and import user-friendly surveys

  15. Structured Mapping of NHA Codes Assign NHA codes Review survey data

  16. Interactive Diagram to Review Data Visualization of NHA expenditure flows

  17. Automatically-Generated NHA Tables NHA matrices can be easily exported in Excel or PDF format

  18. Summary and Next Steps

  19. Value-Add of the NHA Production Tool • Improved data quality, greater consistency and comparability over time make results more useful • Time and cost savings make conducting NHA more affordable and feasible • Reduced need for external technical assistance enhances country ownership and facilitates institutionalization of NHA

  20. Next Steps: finalize, release on WHO site • NHA Production Tool 1.0 (based on SHA 1.0 framework) is ready for in-country use and will be available for download on the WHO website in 2012 • Additional features, including a tutorial and PDF User Guide, will be introduced in the final version • HS 20/20 and WHO are working with Prognoz to accommodate the SHA 2011 framework

  21. Thank you www.HealthSystems2020.org

  22. Software Demonstration