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Gasses. By Louis Evans. What is air mainly made of?. Air is mainly made of 3 main gasses, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon. Argon.

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By Louis Evans

what is air mainly made of
What is air mainly made of?

Air is mainly made of 3 main gasses, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Argon.


Argon is the 3rd most common gas in the earths atmosphere. It is 2.5 times as soluble(easier to disintegrate)in water than nitrogen which is approximately the same solubility as oxygen. It has no colour or smell in its liquid form or gas form. There are no known chemicals that contain argon. It is used for non reactive blankets in the making of titanium. Argon is also used in scuba kits to help inflate them. It was discovered by Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsey in 1894. 0.94% of the earths atmosphere is argon.


Nitrogen is a colourless odourless gas and makes 78% of the earths atmosphere. It is non-reactive and has a form of liquid and gas. It was discovered in 1772 by Daniel Rutherford.

Someone at Ripley St Thomas High School was tricked into drinking a liquid nitrogen cocktail and had to have her stomach removed!


Oxygen is a colourless odourless gas. Everything needs oxygen to stay alive. Oxygen reacts In liquid form oxygen is blue. It was found by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. But Joseph Priestley found it 2 years later and started spreading the word. Every one thought that Priestley had found it first but they were wrong.

what is the most dangerous gas
What is the most dangerous gas?

Carbon Monoxide is the most poisonous gas in the world. It comes from petrol from cars. It first sends you to sleep then it kills you.