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“Google Adwords for IT Consultants and Tech Businesses.” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Google Adwords for IT Consultants and Tech Businesses.”

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“Google Adwords for IT Consultants and Tech Businesses.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Google Adwords for IT Consultants and Tech Businesses.”. Spring 2012. Background. *Arizona State B.S. Marketing ’95. *Columbia University M.B.A. ’03. *10+ Years Online Marketing Experience.

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“Google Adwords for IT Consultants and Tech Businesses.”

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*Arizona State B.S. Marketing ’95.

*Columbia University M.B.A. ’03.

*10+ Years Online Marketing Experience.

*Certified Google Adwords Professional (>1000), SEO, Social Media. 1000+ sites. Top 1% Power Affiliate 5.5 Hour Course on Traffic & Driving Sales Online.

* President.

1 keyword science
#1: “Keyword Science.”

*#1 Element Of Driving Traffic Online Is Keyword Research. What Exact Phrases Are People Searching For?

*99% Do It WRONG!

*DozensOf Free & Paid Tools To Generate Keywords. Keywords Can Be Used In Hundreds Of Ways To Make Money Online.

*Keyword Research Is A MASSIVE Topic:

1 keyword science1
#1: "Keyword Science."

*Strategy: Generate A List Of Seemingly Highly Qualified Keywords, & Track The Results Meticulously Using Google Analytics….

*Because Even After Generating The List, You’ll Still Find That Some Words FAR Outperform Others For Unknown Reasons. – Who Cares! We Just Want The Revenue.

1 keyword science2
#1: "Keyword Science."

*3 Levels Of Keywords:

1 keyword science3
#1: "Keyword Science."

Geographic Segmentation:

1 keyword science4
#1: "Keyword Science."

*Generally: The More Specific The Keyword Phrase, The Higher The Conversion RATE! (Getting A Sale).

*Even Google Says Target 2-3 Keyword Phrases For Maximum ROI In Adwords.

*E.G.“Programmer” Could Have 10,000 Different Meanings & 1,000 Different Audiences Looking For “Programming” Related Terms! We Want BUYERS. (Cont.)

1 keyword science6
#1: "Keyword Science."


1 keyword science7
#1: "Keyword Science."


*Get Creative To Find The Real Keyword Gold.

*Integrate Multiple Free & Paid Services.

*After Mastering Keyword Research, You Will Find That Many Of The Words You Target Have Little/NO PPC COMPETITION. – AMAZING: This Is 2012! Especially in B2B Markets. 10 Years Behind.

2 google adwords
#2: "Google Adwords."

Adwords=P.P.C.=Pay Per Click. You Pay For Every Visitor You Get. 3 Big Players…

  • Google.
  • Yahoo!
  • BING (MSN).

(2&3 Now Merged).

-Google Has 65%+ of Market + An Extensive Content Network Too. Higher % In Technical Markets Probably!

2 google adwords1
#2: "Google Adwords."

PPC Math: Comes Down To How Much You Make Per Customer Vs. How Much You Pay To Get Him To Buy.

2 google adwords2
#2: "Google Adwords."

*Extremely Important To Track PPC: Adwords/Analytics Integration & Watch Conversions/Keyword!

*Critically Important to Watch Your Metrics Closely in PPC.

*Google System Continually Changing, Bid Prices Change, Profitable New Opportunities Appear. Grab Them for Profits!

2 google adwords3
#2: "Google Adwords."

3 Main Ways To Take Advantage Of Pay Per Click:

  • In House (Do It Yourself). 75% of Companies Manage PPC Themselves, But Most (80%?) LOSEMoney b/c Of Complexity!
  • Hiring Consultants.
  • Outsource Campaigns To 3rd Party Ad Agencies (Some Are Huge-$200MM Companies).
2 google adwords4
#2: "Google Adwords."

*Pay Per Click EXTREMELY LUCRATIVE A)in The Right Markets B)with The Right Keywords. Money Losing inOthers! (Upside Down Markets)

*Scalable Too. Some Companies Spend $1MM/Mo!

*2 Things That You Need For Pay PerClick To Work (For Direct Response: A.K.A. “Making Sales” Vs. Branding)…

2 google adwords5
#2: "Google Adwords."

1)High Ticket Items. Some Tech Consultants Good Fit For PPC.

(Pay Per Click Somewhat Limited In How High People Will Bid For A Click: Probably Psychological.)

2)Avoid Effectively “Upside Down” Markets. (Forex, Many Local Markets, Cosmetic Dentists, Satellite TV).

2 google adwords6
#2: "Google Adwords."

*Pay Per Click Takes Time To Figure Out- Not For Amateurs…But HIGH ROI If PPC Fits Your Market.

*Google Has Extensive Training Material Online About The Google Adwords System:

2 google adwords7
#2: "Google Adwords."

*There Are Other Sometimes Ways To Get Around High PPC Costs. Video Ads:

2 google adwords8
#2: "Google Adwords."

*Sometimes OK to lose Money On PPC if Your Backend Is Strong Enough. Many Markets Like That Online.

*Keyword Research Is Critical For PPC, Maybe Even More So Than SEO Traffic.

*Professionals Take the Time and Spend $$$ to Learn About Their PPC Market. Hot Keywords, Trends, Buyer Psychology.

2 google adwords9
#2: "Google Adwords."

*PPC Is VeryFlexible - “Edit” Out Non Performing Keywords & Geographies. And TARGET DIRECTLY!

2 google adwords10
#2: "Google Adwords."

*Google’s Content Network Sometimes Produces Better Conversions Than Maybe Less Competition as Everyone Scared Of “Click Fraud” On The Content Network (Historical Problem).

Search Network VS: Content

2 google adwords11
#2: “Google Adwords."

Case Study: Niche IT Consultant:

3 mass integration
#3: “Mass Integration."

*Integrate All Marketing Efforts (SEO, PPC, Social Media, Offline) Create A TON of Ways For People To ReachYou…

The Goal: Targeted Buyer TRAFFIC= Leads = Sales = Money.