jamming with eap nashville tennessee usa october 6 8 2006 l.
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EAPA 2006 Annual World Conference SOS Consultants PowerPoint Presentation
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EAPA 2006 Annual World Conference SOS Consultants

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EAPA 2006 Annual World Conference SOS Consultants - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Jamming with EAP” Nashville, Tennessee USA October 6-8, 2006. EAPA 2006 Annual World Conference SOS Consultants. Human Behavioral Risk Management SOS Consultants. Robert B. Johnson Ed.D., CEAP Reidar Hansen LCSW, CEAP EAPA – Nashville October 7, 2006. SOS Consultants.

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EAPA 2006 Annual World Conference SOS Consultants

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Presentation Transcript
human behavioral risk management sos consultants
Human Behavioral Risk Management SOS Consultants

Robert B. Johnson Ed.D., CEAP

Reidar Hansen LCSW, CEAP

EAPA – Nashville

October 7, 2006

sos consultants
SOS Consultants

The Abilene Paradox

Jerry B. Harvey

the abilene paradox sos consultants
The Abilene Paradox SOS Consultants

“Organizations frequently take actions in contradiction to what they really want to do and therefore defeat the very purposes they are trying to achieve”

the abilene paradox sos consultants5
The Abilene Paradox SOS Consultants

“The inability to manage agreement is a major source of organization dysfunction”

codependency sos consultants
Codependency SOS Consultants

“We lose the ability to confront, challenge, or intervene on each other – seduced by the temporary pleasure of agreement and meeting someone’s perceived needs”

codependency sos consultants7
Codependency SOS Consultants

We Lose:


Our ability to risk

Our ability to challenge

Our opportunity for thinking “Out of the box”

The possibility of a useful paradigm shift

sos consultants8
SOS Consultants



historic eap sos consultants
Historic EAP SOS Consultants

Designed to identify, confront, treat, and RTW alcoholic employees

Holistic flavor

Part of the “fabric” of the organization

next generation eap sos consultants
Next Generation EAP SOS Consultants

Expanded Problem Base

Expanded Client Base

managed care generation of eap sos consultants
Managed Care Generation of EAP SOS Consultants

Becoming just “X” free counseling visits

EAP external to the organization

Not integrated into the fabric of the organization

employees as assets sos consultants
Employees as Assets SOS Consultants

Three kinds of assets in all organizations




the 7 habits of highly effective people sos consultants
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - SOS Consultants

Stephen Covey

P/PC Balance

human assets sos consultants
Human AssetsSOS Consultants

Predictable Maintenance

Risks Risks

Human beings are either

useful contributions to

the organization or

accidents waiting

to happen

behavioral risk management
Behavioral Risk Management

“Behavioral risk management applies to risks connected with the workplace behaviors of employees and organizations that have a (potential) negative impact on the productivity of an organization”

Rudy Yandrick, 1996, Behavioral Risk Management

historic approach to human behavioral risk management sos consultants
Historic approach to Human Behavioral Risk Management SOS Consultants


Minimize -“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

Blame the Employee – HR Example


(Theory of Management)

managing human behavioral risk sos consultants
Managing Human Behavioral Risk SOS Consultants

Identify risks

Develop plan to address

Identify resources within organization

Develop proactive maintenance schedule

human beings in the workplace sos consultants
Human Beings in the Workplace SOS Consultants

What are the



predictable risks of human assets in the workplace sos consultants
Predictable Risks of Human Assets in the Workplace SOS Consultants

Relationship issues

Physical health

Emotional health

Safety on/off the job


Problem Solving / Conflict Resolution

predictable risks continued sos consultants
Predictable risks – (continued) SOS Consultants

Threat of Violence

Sexual Harassment


Diversity Issues

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Stress – at home and work

predictable risks continued sos consultants22
Predictable risks (continued) SOS Consultants

Worker’s compensation

Union Grievance/arbitration

STD management

ADA – disability issues

FMLA – dealing with family health issues

predictable risks continued sos consultants23
Predictable risks (continued) SOS Consultants

Lost time and productivity as a result of a safety incident

Health insurance benefits design, utilization, and claims

LTD Management


systems thinking sos consultants
Systems Thinking SOS Consultants

“Thinking in terms of wholes

rather than parts”

Peter Senge

“The Fifth Discipline”

systems thinking sos consultants25
Systems Thinking SOS Consultants

A conceptual framework that allows

consideration of overall patterns rather than individual events

or parts in order to address

and provide support when


systems thinking sos consultants26
Systems Thinking SOS Consultants

We tend to focus on snapshots of

isolated parts of the system,

and wonder why our

deepest problems

never seem to

get solved

sos consultants27
SOS Consultants

Moving From

Parts to


oil refinery otj accident rates sos consultants
Oil Refinery – OTJ Accident RatesSOS Consultants

EAP clients followed for 5 years

Control group matched to EAP group

EAP clients 7 x OTJ accident rate of control group at point of EAP entry

Average OTJ accident rate same as control group 2 years post EAP referral

conoco inc systemic approach to mental health managed care sos consultants
Conoco, Inc – Systemic approach to Mental Health Managed CareSOS Consultants

Behavioral Health $$ increased 18-27%/year over several years

IHC Created – Integrated Health Care teams for Medical, Wellness and EAP at each worksite

EAP managed MH benefit and participated in its initial design.

$12 million savings over 5 years

eap is not sos consultants
EAP is NOT: SOS Consultants

A solution for poor management practices

A condescending service for weak humans

Just free counseling to appease the employees

re engineering the eap function sos consultants
Re-engineering the EAP function SOS Consultants

From “Parts to Wholes”


eap has always had two clients sos consultants
EAP has always had two clients:SOS Consultants

The individual Employee

or family member

The organization

or workgroup

The Individual Employee

Or Family Member

The Organization or


what are our resources sos consultants
What are Our Resources?SOS Consultants

Who can we partner with in the

organization in order to move

from parts to wholes in Human

Behavioral Risk Management?

human behavioral risk management program
Human Behavioral Risk Management Program

Identifying the organization’s behavior related risks

Reviewing programs, policies and services that affect risk

Compiling data to measure impact of current risks on the organization

Introducing programs to address HBR holistically

a human behavioral risk management program provides
A Human Behavioral Risk Management Program provides:

Focus on behavior, not healthcare

Global management of behavioral risks

Organizational “Ownership” of risks and management of solutions

Computerized information management

Integration of organizational and individual problems and solutions

the potential eap of the future sos consultants
The Potential EAP of the Future SOS Consultants




when employees are valued as part of the solution they become sos consultants
When Employees are valued as part of the solution – they become:SOS Consultants


Creative and flexible

Responsible and Accountable

Healthy, Safe, and Productive

sos consultants40
SOS Consultants

“We must not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploration

will be to arrive where we

began and to know

the place for the

first time”

T.S. Eliot

sos consultants41
SOS Consultants

“It is better and braver to engage and inquire than to assume there is nothing we do not know or that it is not important to know that which we do not know”


uncertainty is fertile ground
Uncertainty is Fertile Ground

Uncertainty is the fertile ground of pure creativity & freedom. Uncertainty means stepping into the unknown in every moment of our existence. The unknown is the field of all possibilities. Without uncertainty & the unknown, life is just the stale repetition of outworn memories. You become the victim of the past, & your tormentor today is your self left over from yesterday - 7SLOS