the quest of the golden fleece
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The quest of the golden fleece

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The quest of the golden fleece - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The quest of the golden fleece. Emma, Claire, John, K eanna, Leigh. This story (the quest of the golden fleece) comes from Apollonius of Rhodes the poet, and tells a story of jealousy, family, betrayal loyalty. Heroic qualities and Flaws.

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the quest of the golden fleece

The quest of the golden fleece

Emma, Claire, John, Keanna, Leigh

This story (the quest of the golden fleece) comes from Apollonius of Rhodes the poet, and tells a story of jealousy, family, betrayal loyalty.

heroic qualities and flaws
Heroic qualities and Flaws
  • Qualities
  • He surrounded himself with friends and companions
  • He descended into darkness
  • He accepted the difficult quests
  • Flaws
  • Manipulative
  • Doesn’t keep his word to Medea
  • Ungrateful for what Aphrodite, Eros and Medea did for him
  • He only used Medea
journey quest task events
  • Jason, who is Pelias’s nephew, wants to take his place on the throne but he must get the golden fleece
  • (Pelias think this can’t happen and Jason will die)
  • But Jason had to do what he could because if he got the golden fleece then Peliassaid he would give the kingdom back
  • So Jason sets out with a crew of heroes on his first adventure and goes to the island Lemnos(but Hercules is left behind with another man)
  • The next island Jason traveled to was the island of where there were harpies which were winged animals who basically really smelly
  • While Jason was their he tried to help a man out who was cursed by Zeus and then it went bad because they couldn’t kill the birds but then they promised to leave the man alone as long as they didn’t kill the birds
journey quest tasks events
Journey/quest/tasks (events)
  • Jason travels some more and finally ends up where he need to get the golden fleece and finish his task
  • King Aetes doesn’t want to give up the fleece and sets a deadly task for Jason
  • Then Eros shot Medea (Aetes’ daughter) with an arrow and so now she is in love with him. She is also willing to anything to help him now because she in love with him
  • Jason had to take some time to think and in this time he thinks of the fact that Meada can help him
  • so Medea plans to help him and tries to do the best he can
journey quest task events1
  • Jason steals the golden fleece with the help of Medea
  • Medea learns of the king’s plan which was at this point to kill Jason she, so she tells her brother to meet her at the beach and she will kill Jason(but really she would do anything to protect him. She loved Jason so much she killed her own brother
  • They later go on to have 2 sons but when Jason goes to take the throne he leaves Medea behind and says he going to marry someone else
  • She becomes very bitter and kills her two sons
journey quest tasks events1
  • Where the Golden Fleece has been and where it landed:
  • King Athamasno longer wantedhisfirst wife named Nephele so he marries Inowhich would be his second wife. Ino when married to Athamaswant to have a child of her own to take the throne. So she will so anything she can to get that to happen even if it means killing Phtixus, Nephele’s son.
  • After this happen Phrixus and sister who is Helleare saved from dying when Hermes send the golden fleece. But the Hellefalls off and dies , and only Phrixus made it to Colchis. So the golden fleece lands with Colchis king.
  • Tasks:
  • Getting the golden fleece with the help of Medea
  • Jason has to work with the magical bulls and get them to plow the fields(with dragon teeth)
  • Quest:
  • To obtain the golden fleece and so that he get the throne back
  • He also helps people along the way and hurts many
motifs and themes
Motifs and themes
  • Motifs:
  • Helping others doesn’t always help you in the long run
  • What goes around comes around
  • Themes:
  • If you have love or passion for something then anything can happen
  • Pride goes before the fall
major archetypes
Major archetypes
  • Anti- Hero
  • character: Jason
  • Jason has a guest to get the golden fleece and
  • manipulates Medea
  • Doesn’t consider Medea feelings when decides to marry another women.
  • Earth Mother
  • character: Medea
  • Wasn’t a shrew the whole story
  • Became a shrew when she was excited and killed Jason's family
  • Island
  • the sea
  • Dangerous waves when they first started, calming by the end
major archetypes1
Major archetypes
  • Serpents
  • character: The happens
  • “hounds of Zeus”
  • Swooped down and defiled food
  • The armed men with teeth of a dragon
  • Defeated by Jason
  • Supernatural
  • Characters: Hera and Medea
  • Characters use powers to protect Jason
  • Medea charmed the terrible serpent to sleep when he was suppose to be guarding the fleece
  • The quest
  • The quest to get the golden fleece the task
  • The fighting of the bulls and the armed men with dragon teeth
  • The stepmother
  • Character: the princess
story summation
Story summation
  • Jason is a dark person, and he is somewhat unusual
  • Hero sets out on an adventure and must pass a number of obstacles and complete tasks to achieve the goals, face a usurper and retrieves the throne
  • Jason is heroic, Medea is villainous; stems from Greek bias against women and barbarous foreign civilizations
lessons or cultural values in story
Lessons or cultural values in story
  • Dominance of fate the hero's quest
  • Pride goes before a fall
  • Greek ideals
  • Heroism
  • Honor
  • Humility before fate
  • Humility before gods represents understanding of order in universe
  • Virtue of hospitality
  • Once one houses a guest you cannot harm that guest
  • Rational vs. Irrational
  • Consequences of jealousy