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Jason and the Argonauts and the Quest for the Golden Fleece

Jason and the Argonauts and the Quest for the Golden Fleece. Origin of the Fleece. Athamas and Nephele. Athamas was the king of Orchomenus His first wife was Nephele They had two children together – a boy, Phrixus, and a girl, Helle.

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Jason and the Argonauts and the Quest for the Golden Fleece

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  1. Jason and the Argonauts and the Quest for the Golden Fleece

  2. Origin of the Fleece

  3. Athamas and Nephele • Athamas was the king of Orchomenus • His first wife was Nephele • They had two children together – a boy, Phrixus, and a girl, Helle

  4. Athamas decides to divorce Nephele and marry Ino, daughter of Cadmus. • Ino wants to get rid of Phrixus and Helle. • She comes up with an intricate plan involving the parching of grain, the fear of famine, and bribery of servants who claim to have visited an oracle. • The result: Phrixus and Helle are to be sacrificed.

  5. Nephele is a cloud goddess with special powers. • She saves Phrixus and Helle by sending a golden Ram to save them. • Oh. Also, the ram can fly.

  6. Helle falls off the Golden Ram and into the sea which is now called the Hellespont.

  7. Phrixus survives. • He ends up in Aea in the land of Colchis. • Colchis is ruled by King Aeetes.

  8. Thank You, Golden Ram!!! No, thank YOU, Phrixus!!! • Phrixus sacrifices the ram to the Gods upon arrival in Colchis in order to thank them for his rescue. • He skins the ram and gives the fleece to King Aeetes as a gesture of good will.

  9. King Aeetes comes from an ‘interesting’ family. • Brother of • Circe • Pasiphae • Father of • Medea • Chalciope • Apsyrtus

  10. Chalciope hears wedding bells. That Phrixus is so dreamy!!! • Aeetes marries Phrixus to his daughter, Calciope. • Phrixus and Calciope have four sons. • Then, worried by a prophecy about a Thracian stealing the fleece, Aeetes kills Phrixus.

  11. Jason’s Background (from the front)

  12. Jason’s father, Aeson • King of Iolcus • Alcimede (or Polymede) was his wife • They had several children, including a baby, Jason • He is overthrown by his brother, Pelias, as Jason is born

  13. Pelias • Son of Poseidon and Tyro (wife of Cretheus). Has a brother named Neleus • Adopted by Cretheus, assumed the throne upon Cretheus’ death.

  14. That Creepy Pelias • Pelias, the half brother of Aeson, kills off Aeson’s family but either lets Aeson live as a private citizen, or puts him in prison.

  15. Chiron • Jason was smuggled out of Iolcus and sent to be raised by Chiron, a centaur that also trained: Asclepius, Ajax, Aeneas, Actaeon, Theseus, Achilles, Peleus, Telamon, Heracles, Oileus, and Phoenix

  16. Chiron teaches Jason the ways of heroes

  17. Jason grows up and decides to return to Iolcus to claim the throne which is rightfully his.

  18. Hera • Queen of the Gods • Angry at Pelias for not honoring her • Jason carries her, disguised as an old woman, across a river. He loses a sandal in the crossing, but gains Hera’s support.

  19. When Jason arrived, Pelias was sacrificing to his father, Neptune.

  20. Beware of a man wearing only one sandal.

  21. Pelias tells Jason he will give him the throne if he brings back the Golden Fleece. Jason accepts.

  22. Jason seeks out Argos, the greatest ship builder in Greece, to build a ship for his adventure.

  23. The Argonauts(notice the branch from Zeus’ oak tree in Dodona, which could talk and gave the Argonauts advice!)

  24. Argos • Jason assembles all the greatest heroes in Greece to accompany him on his quest. Argos is the first to volunteer.

  25. Orpheus • Orpheus could charm all of nature with his music. The Argonauts rowed to his playing.

  26. Zetes and Calais, the sons of Boreas, the North Wind.

  27. Peleus, father of Achilles. Peleus shown carrying off Thetis

  28. Telamon, father of Ajax

  29. Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux), brothers of Helen of Troy. • Castor was a famous horseman, Polydeuces a boxer.

  30. Lynceus (superhuman eyesight) and his brother Idas • Tiphys (the helmsman) • Euphemus (son of Poseidon who could run across water without even wetting his feet) • Mopsus (prophetic powers) • Idmon (prophetic powers – saw that he would die on the journey but went anyway) • Periclymenus – could change into various animals

  31. Acastus, son of Pelias, joins the quest at the last minute.

  32. Heracles Heracles is offered command of the expedition, but defers to Jason.

  33. Atalanta • Atalanta would have gone, but Jason didn’t let her.

  34. The Adventures on the Quest

  35. 1. The Argonauts depart from Iolcus.

  36. 2. Arrival in Lemnos

  37. Lemnos • Island nation • Women were not thankful to Aphrodite • She made them smell so bad their husbands cheated on them • The women then killed all the men • Jason and Argonauts repopulate Lemnos • Only Heracles does not participate in the repopulation efforts

  38. Hypsipyle • Queen of Lemnos • Has an affair with and sons by Jason • Jason vows to marry her • Leaves Lemnos for Colchis and forgets her • She gives birth to twins, Euneus and Thoas • She is later driven from Lemnos for having spared her father

  39. 3. The Argonauts land at Arctonessus (Bear Island) near the home of King Cyzicus, who warmly welcomes them.

  40. The six armed giants of Bear Mountain • Also called the Gegenees, they are sons of Gaia and live on Bear Mountain, Mysia.

  41. Heracles slays the giants with his bow and club.

  42. Cyzicus and the Doliones • King Cyzicus sends them off with gifts. • They sail away, but are blown back at night by a storm • The Doliones, thinking they are being invaded by pirates, attack the Argonauts and Cyzicus is killed

  43. 4. The Loss of Hylas at Cios • The Argonauts land in Bithynia so Heracles can make a new oar • Heracles’ young friend Hylas goes to fetch some water • He is abducted by water nymphs • Heracles leaves the quest to search for Hylas and does not rejoin it

  44. 5. King Amycus and the Bebryces

  45. King Amycus • Son of Poseidon and Melia. • Married Theona and had a son named Mimas • Refused the Argonauts any food or water unless one of them fought with him.

  46. King Amycus was a skilled boxer. He would stop all visitors and force them to box with them. They usually died. • Polydeuces kills Amycus • Argonauts are driven from Bebryces

  47. 6. Phineus in Salmydessus

  48. The Argonauts arrive in Salmydessus Here they find that the blind prophet Phineus is plagued by Harpies – part bird and part woman. The harpies were punishment from Helios.

  49. Phineus had angered Helios by choosing a long life, though without sight (thus never being able to see Helios’ sun), over a short life with sight.

  50. Phineus promises to help the Argonauts if they will rid him of the curse of the Harpies.

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