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Member Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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Member Portal

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Member Portal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Member Portal
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Member Portal

  2. Improved Member Experience Platform transformation improves the capabilities of the member portal and offers new self-service tools that make it easier for members to manage their benefits and make informed decisions about their health care. Streamlined Navigation Health Savings Account Management Member Portal Integration of Health and Wellness tools

  3. Member Login and Registration • Members access the familiar • Re-registration is not required. • Routing determines if the member is migrated and sends the member to the proper portal.

  4. Member Landing Page • The member landing page brings the most frequently used features to the member’s attention. • Standard navigation allows simple, alternate ways to easily accomplish the goals of their visit.

  5. Provider Search There are multiple ways to access the provider directory.

  6. Provider Search • Same provider directory. • Familiar search capabilities.

  7. Viewing Claims Member can also access claims information from multiple points.

  8. Viewing Claims • Historical claims from the old platform will be available for viewing. • New claims will display together with historical claims. • Slider bar and date picker allows easy claim searches for up to two years. • Payment Statements easily viewed, printed or downloaded via PDF format.

  9. My Benefits • Accessing benefit and member information is also easily found by the member. • SBCs will display to the member as well.

  10. My Benefits Summary Page • Access to benefit booklets. • Access to detailed member information and money saving suggestions. • Hover over key items for easy explanation of health care terms.

  11. Health and Wellness Information Powered by WebMD Health and wellness information is accessed from the landing page and through standard tab navigation.

  12. Health and Wellness InformationPowered by WebMD • Same wellness content provides a familiar user experience. • Wellness centers provide consolidated health information. • Existing wellness records will be converted at migration for continuityof information.

  13. ID Card Requests and Viewing ID Card requests and virtual ID card display is a highly utilized site feature.

  14. ID Card Requests and Viewing • ID cards can be requested and sent to any address. • ID cards can also be viewed online and printed.

  15. ID Card Requests and Viewing • ID cards can be requested and sent to any address. • ID cards can also be viewed online and printed. • Members can access a temporary ID card via their smart phone

  16. Member Landing Page • The RX link will transition to FutureScripts for pharmacy benefits and functionality. • The Go Green feature allows the member to eliminate paper EOBs.

  17. Referrals Page The list of referrals can be expanded to provide specific details.

  18. Spending Accounts Spending accounts can be accessed from many entry sites from the Home page and underlying pages.