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Computer Networking!

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Computer Networking! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Networking! . By Julia Nguyen B2. What is it?. Networking is two or more computers linked together Two common types are Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN). Local Area Network!. LAN is small network area like an office or building

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computer networking

Computer Networking!

By Julia Nguyen B2


What is it?

  • Networking is two or more computers linked together
  • Two common types are Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)
local area network
Local Area Network!
  • LAN is small network area like an office or building
  • Information is stored in a file server
  • Print servers let many people use the same printer
wide area network
Wide Area Network!
  • WAN has a wide geographical area
  • Four types of Wide Area Networks are: Metropolitan Area Network(MAN), Public Access Network (PAN), Value Added Network (VAN), an Virtual Private Network (VPN)
more types of networks
More Types of Networks!
  • Though LAN and WAN are common types of networks, there are others!
  • Two types are Intranet and Extranet
  • Intranet is a private LAN that’s made to be used by everyone in an organization
  • It may have an internal e-mail system, message from board
  • Restricted by a firewall to have access to intranet’s web
  • Extranet connects people within company that is outside of the company
  • Is a secure password protected network that anyone can access
metropolitan area network
Metropolitan Area Network
  • MAN is two or more computers which are geographically separated but in same metropolitan city
  • For example: University, hospital, business
network topology
Network Topology!
  • Networks can be grouped into topology like: Bus topology, Star topology, and Ring topology
  • The topology shows the relation of the device and network
differences between topologies
Differences Between Topologies!
  • If a networked computer is connected to a hub, it has Star topology, instead of Bus topology
  • It depends on the physical layout
good things about network
Good things about Network!
  • Can share information
  • Share hardware
  • Share Software
  • Collaborative environment
bad things about network
Bad Things about Network!
  • Computer hackers
  • Virus attacks
computer science careers
Computer Science Careers

There are so many careers in computer science! One specific career isa web developer!

web developer
Web Developer!
  • The job of a Web Designer/ Developer has the responsibility of the Website’s looks and how it works
  • They program codes, test and upload the site!
  • They must also have a creative imagination
web developer1
Web Developer!
  • Web Designers have training on the job
  • Web Designers will have a salary of over £18,000 to £40,000 or more!
  • Mr. Webster’s PowerPoint on networking
  • Computer networks, author unknown
  • Web Design/Developer, Author: Creative Pool