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Student Success .

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Student Success .
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  1. Student Success. Revised 2/10/14 FARB FIREBIRDS ALWAYS DOING THEIR BEST!!!

  2. Academic Expectations • Binders: Students are expected to use the black Farb Binder. If lost, the student will need to purchase a new black binder for $5.00. • Planners: Students are expected to write in their planner daily. If no HW then write in something that you learned. If lost, the student will need to purchase a new one for $6.00. • Homework Club: Help is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. • Lunch time tutoring: Tuesday & Thursday 8th grade • Self-Advocacy: Ask your teachers what you need to do to be successful in there class…Today!

  3. Expectations to participate in end of the year activities, including 8th grade promotion/activities. • Must have a 2.0 GPA • No F’s, including PE • Must have a 2.0 in citizenship • No U’s in citizenship • No Suspensions during the 2nd semester • No truancies/Ditching • No more than 12 tardies all year! • No Library fines (8th graders) • Fewer than 4 times on the LOP List

  4. Passing Periods • Move quickly and safely towards your next class. • Do not stop and meet in groups. • Walk and Talk! • Keep your hands and feet to yourself. • Be on time to class.

  5. Morning Rules • Wallball can only be played on Bungalow B3 • No Football at all in the morning • Only 2 hand touch when playing football at lunch. DO NOT TACKLE • Do not play on pull up bars (PE only) • Do not bounce or play with football/ basketballs in the quad. • All breakfast food/drink must be consumed in the lunch court.

  6. Lunch Time Reminders • Must be in a seat when tardy bell rings • No one will be dismissed to eat until EVERY student is sitting down! • Walk to lunch line on the outside of the arbor • Walk to the line and NO cutting • NO standing or walking around while you eat/drink • Throw away all trash

  7. Lunch time reminders cont… • Wait to be dismissed to field/library • NO food or drink past the lunch arbor • Students enter field between 200 & 300 • Once you have been released you may NOT be in the Quad, behind the 500 building, or near 400 bldg • Please do not loiter • Students may not be behind the backstops/bleachers or on the hill

  8. Physical Education • Suiting up is necessary to participate safely in PE. It is also part of your grade. • At the beginning of PE you will suit up in the locker room and wait for further instructions.. • Please do not stand on benches, throw items, or yell in the locker room. These behaviors can create safety issues. • You must use the restroom in the locker room and not during PE • You must stay with your PE class at all times • You may not walk in the quad, only behind the main buildings • Lock up all belongings- Farb is not responsible! • Locks and PE Uniforms: 8:30 – 8:55 @ Finance Window

  9. Important rules each student must follow: Electronics • Don’t bring expensive electronics on campus • NO cell phone use between the time you enter campus and 4 pm. • The phone must be OFF (Not Vibrate) ALL day. • If you must make a phone call to a parent, you may do so in counseling. • If the phone is out for ANY reason during these hours, it may be taken away and a parent will have to pick it up. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  10. PDA or Public Display of Affection Students are NOT to be hanging on each other, holding hands, kissing, or hugging/ latching on to each other. • Students will be given: • 1st Offense: A warning • 2nd Offense: Parent Phone call • 3rd Offense: Suspension (Violation of Student Code of Conduct/Defiance)

  11. Respectful Behavior • If someone says good morning return the greeting and smile. • Smile and say thank you when given a compliment. • Stop and listen when any adult gives you directions. • Listen without interrupting or talking back…this will only provoke the adult to provide you with further consequences or continue to remind you of what you need to improve for your future.

  12. More Safety Reminders • No play fighting • No running or chasing on campus • Keep your hands and feet to yourself • Be responsible for your belongings (especially in the locker room) • Listen and follow the directions of ALL adults on campus. • No put downs or making fun of people. • Do not call each other names.

  13. Loss of Privileges – LOP List Reasons to lose privileges Below 2.0 Citizenship on the 6 week progress/semester report card Any U’s on the 6 week progress/semester report card More than 4 tardies in a 6 week period (beginning and ending at the progress/semester report card) Any out of school suspensions (Please note that a student will be placed on the next LOP list if their suspension is in the last two weeks of the current LOP cycle.) Students who fall into one of the following categories will be unable to participate in school activities including: • ASB activities, School Dances, Special Assemblies, Field Days, and 6th,7th, and 8th End of the Year Activities, • Monthly Gold Card Events • Monthly Prize Wheel • Or any other special events that may occur on campus.

  14. Loss of Privileges – LOP List • Students are placed on the LOP List for 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks, if the student does not have one of the following infractions, then the student would be eligible to participate in all activities. A letter will be sent home with the student if they are placed on the LOP List.

  15. Zero Tolerance Each of the following offenses will lead to expulsion from SDUSD: • Weapons (Guns, knives, tools, etc…) • Fighting (3 fights) • Bullying/Cyberbullying (Repeated offenses) • Threatening a teacher or adult • Sexual harassment • Firecrackers or Poppers