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Welcome IFLA

Building Strong Library Associations Regional Convening Asia and Oceania Jakarta Indonesia, 4-7 March 2014. Welcome IFLA. This morning’s programme. Introduction (09:00-10:00) What is the BSLA convening? Learning outcomes Icebreaker Housekeeping Opening ceremony (10:00-11:00)

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Welcome IFLA

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  1. Building Strong Library Associations Regional Convening Asia and OceaniaJakarta Indonesia, 4-7 March 2014

  2. WelcomeIFLA

  3. This morning’s programme • Introduction (09:00-10:00) • What is the BSLA convening? • Learning outcomes • Icebreaker • Housekeeping • Opening ceremony (10:00-11:00) • Guest address • Welcome from National Library Indonesia

  4. What is the BSLA convening?

  5. Objectives 1. Assess association needs Think strategically about the library and information needs of your association, country and region

  6. Objectives 2. Understand the landscape for library associations • Understand the issues affecting associations in your region • Understand how associations can work together across borders to achieve goals

  7. Objectives 3. Prepare proposals for development • Identify the priority need for your association, and produce a draft development proposal • What is the issue? • Define the purpose of the development proposal and who will be involved • Why is this important and for whom? • Explain what the development proposal is intended to achieve • What will my library association achieve and how? • Develop an action plan • How do I gain support for the proposal?

  8. Objectives 4. Understand the steps for moving their development proposal forward • Understand the significance of partnerships and advocacy to improve the position of your library association • How can my library association obtain support? • Strategies for assessing and evaluating project outcomes, whether funded and unfunded. • How will my library association know if a project has been successful? • Understand how to ensure the long-term viability of a project, beyond the life of any funding • How can my library association sustain the project and its outcomes?

  9. Follow up • After you return home, you will have a proposal and an action plan for your association. • We will invite you to submit a project proposal which could support a range of activities such as: • Co-sponsored BSLA workshops at existing events eg national library association conferences, regional meetings (CONSAL), international events (CDNLAO) • Small projects in-country, such as workshops based on the BSLA training package, advocacy capacity building • Support to implement IFLA policies and manifestos • Projects with a number of countries working together (eg Francophone countries) • You will have several opportunities to submit a proposal between 2014-2016.

  10. Icebreaker: True or Not? Fun facts about your country

  11. “You can keep koalas as pets in my country”

  12. Objectives for Day 1 By the end of this day, participants will be familiar with the: • BSLA programme objectives, • values and ethics they share of librarians and of library associations.  • role of library associations, • governance of library associations, • partnerships and collaboration. Participants will also have identified the priority issue for their association for the proposal.

  13. Housekeeping • House rules • Dinner: Wednesday 5th March at National Library of Indonesia

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