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ACEs Work Group Meeting Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health April 25, 2018

ACEs Work Group Meeting Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health April 25, 2018. Welcome and Introductions. Introduce yourself: Name , organization , and county. Review Proposed Agenda Items. Review Overall Timeline and RFP Release Date CPAA Assessment Review Draft Logic Model

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ACEs Work Group Meeting Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health April 25, 2018

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  1. ACEs Work Group Meeting Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health April 25, 2018

  2. Welcome and Introductions • Introduce yourself: Name, organization, and county

  3. Review Proposed Agenda Items • Review Overall Timeline and RFP Release Date • CPAA Assessment • Review Draft Logic Model • Make a Strong Connection to Pathways • Review Technical Assistance Opportunities • Next steps and closing

  4. CPAA Transformation Timeline 2018

  5. CPAA Assessment Respondents 20 Respondents for Reproductive – Maternal Child Health Additional Respondents want to participate in activities such as reproductive education in organizations. Review of the Assessment will occur at the CPAA Council meeting in May

  6. Project 3B: Reproductive, Maternal and Child Health – Logic Model 2018 Target Population: Men or women of reproductive age, pregnant women, mothers of children ages 0 – 3, and children ages 0 – 17. CPAA Inputs: Training/Technical Assistance • Assistance with clinic workflows • LARC training for providers • Bright Future Training • EMHI Training • Trauma Informed Care Training • School Based Health Services technical assistance Population Health Management • Connect with Pathways HUB systems to monitor the population. Financial Sustainability • Activities are billable in a Value Based Contract • Activities are woven into everyday workflows Vision: “Childhood abuse, neglect and family dysfunction in our communities is reduced; children are raised in a healthy, safe environment. Our communities’ resilience to social trauma is strengthened. There are early intervention and prevention services which provide our communities with strong social-emotional, behavioral, and physical health care allowing children and adults to better manage adverse childhood experiences.” Who: • Consumers • Tribes • Parents • Teachers • Public Health • Community Based Organizations • Primary Care • Behavioral Health • Hospitals • Managed Care Orgs Activities: • One Key Question or Reproductive Screenings are happening in primary care, reproductive health, and • LARC Training and Counseling • Home Visiting • (NFP, PAT, & Healthy Families) • Bright Future or EMHI Screenings are provided • Train practices and community organization in Trauma Informed Practices • Pilot: School based health services are provided • Oral health education is included in home visiting. Outcomes: Short Term • Increase LARC utilization • Increase well child visit rates • Increase chlamydia screenings • Improve immunization rates • Reduce unnecessary ED visits Long Term • Reduce teen pregnancy • Increase Birth Weights • Reduce Chronic School Absenteeism • Reduce reported neglect due to reported deaths • Improve high school graduation rates • Improve Kindergarten Readiness Goals: • Reduce Adverse Childhood Experiences passed down to the next generation. • Care is provided at the right time at the right place. Cross Project Areas Transitional Care • Work with children with special care needs • Transition Coach does who home visit with adult could provide referrals for family for care • NFP RNs see postpartum moms for six weeks after they are released • Nurse for every mom who has delivered Opioid Response • Distribute naloxone during home child visit • Provide safe prescription disposal to increase child safety • While parents are served substance clinics, children could be treated for primary services Chronic Disease • Ongoing case management in behavior health • Integrate routine follow up through home visiting • Make connections for mothers after birth Care Integration • Initial screenings for depression & anxiety for home visiting • Telehealth for behavior health • Developmental screenings at well child visits • Family planning for folks with SUD diagnosis • Maternal mental health screenings @ pediatric visit • Developmental screenings at home visits will be shared w/ primary care • Integrate care at treatment centers that includes family planning Pathways HUB • Train care coordinators about existing resources • Flag children with special health care needs • NFP makes referrals for pregnant and or parenting moms • Include reproductive health and maternal child health in the Pathways assessment • Identify kids w/ special needs due to special funding set aside • Coordinate with NFP nurse to receive care and connection to services • Make referrals to NFP for pregnant/parenting moms

  7. Domain 1 Strategies

  8. Connection to Pathways • Pathways Target Population • Pathways HUB as point of coordination for multiple services? • Data and planning

  9. Technical Assistance Opportunities • Upstream USA • Opportunity from HCA about Primary Care Connection and Head Start • Pilot project to explore how the Health Care Coordinators can build on their current care coordination activities to support primary care providers to complete opportunistic well child visits by providing documentation of developmental screenings performed at Head Start/ECEAP settings. • Potential opportunities to build the Head Start/ECEAP and primary care provider partnership in care coordination and service delivery

  10. Next Steps and Closing • Next Meeting May 30th, 2018 from 3:15-4:45pm • Fairfield Inn and Suites 6223 197th Way Southwest, Rochester, WA 98579

  11. Thank You!

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